If you can speak with spirits telepathically


Ive been wandering the same thing that this topic is about. Lately ill be thinking about what im going to ask ot call a spirit for and as im writing these things down its like an answer just pops in my head without even thinking much about the question… idk if its my intuition or a spirit. Lol i have no idea


Yes.They can read your mind/thoughts.
Easy peasy for them.
And as you open your senses you can do it too but reading human thoughts is a specialty but focus should be on learning so much more before you reach that level.
Don’t distract yourself with circuss tricks because you are not a monkey.
All best to you :fist:


I generally never use words to speak with them. I hear them in my head usually. So id say yes. I find it honestly more unsettling when i hear them in the physical world. Example. I was half asleep, laying on my right side. And a spirit whispered “remember…” into my ear. Didnt mean much at the time and i thought i imagined it. But when i realized i felt breath pass over my ear and move my hair, i became wide awake and nervous. I’ve slept with a blanket over my head since.

Meanwhile I prefer to speak with my mind to them because its easier to not show emotion with your internal voice. Only time i actually speak is when enoughs been enough. So, yes. They definitely can. Id wager all spirits can, honestly.


I very much enjoy this statement.


The thought of it is kind of disturbing (at least for me). So, this does mean if one has a huge imagination that they can see one’s personal ‘‘blockbuster’’? I am not too sure if I am happy with that. If I recount the stories & original characters that I am forming in my mind - then I would rather leave them & my fantasy to myself. How would I even know if it’s one of my daydreams or a spirit speaking to me whilst I have these fictional daydreams?