If you can speak with spirits telepathically


OK sending now.




Dude, you are killing it!


Holy fuck man.


This time I’m going to send and tell me when you see it but don’t tell me what it is. I’m going to tell you what you saw so you can know I’m not just fucking with you, and telling you, you got hits.


I remember this


Alright I think I see it.


You saw a diamond.




Yup. Screens his head off because he’s proud of himself


Mind if i try my hand? Ive playedthis before


Yeah its a free for all, whoever gets it first.
Sending one out now.


Sent you something


I wss thinking something with spikes


Sent it to me? Circle


Sending out another one now!


I thought flower


Ah i think I got 2 hits. Not so good.
Wpu6Would it b5better in darkness at night


We are kind of just sticking to 5 basic shapes of a circle, star, triangle, diamond, and square, just to keep it less confusing.


Diamond maybe i need to add more oomph