If you are highly psychic,please do not ignore this post

So apparently my dad’s friend son who was in 8th Std just vanished on 2011.Police and everyone has been searching him since.Though sad his parents somehow managed to act stable since they have one more child to look after but now the mother is getting mentally unstable,lost all hopes of finding him,talks about killing herself.
I am not psychic enough so please help out they have another child who is younger and it is worrying me.
Please please if anyone of you can locate him.
I will give you the guy’s name.Please help.

I’m sorry, but I think he may have passed.


Oh god😞

I wouldn’t take what @Mulberry for fact, of course. It would be wisest to assume the worst and that the person has died, but it is of course a possibility they are alive, albeit a small one. You would need to provide way more details on the target in order to get an accurate reading. That would be better shared over PM though. I personally don’t have the skill to do such a thing, but probably someone on here does. I think the most beneficial thing to do though would be to try and get them to move on.


I can do a Rune reading for you if you want. I’m still fairly new to it so I might not be 100% accurate but it’s worth a shot


So why are you telling this after 10 years?

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Because he told me after 10 years.

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So sorry bro, wish I could help

Try this. It is always better not to give up hope. Moderator of this forum Evangeline shared this, so i would suggest you to do what is written in here:

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Photos are more accurate that just word posts as far as getting readings.

He can get a photo if he asks his dad

Can you get the name and if possible, a photo, and PM them to me?

I cannot promise anything but I’ll do my best.