"If I Could Pass This On To My Younger Self" - Magick Tips & Things

This sentence gave me a sense of “déjà vu” dunno why

Else an advise for myself as I’m still my younger self : be more patient and look more at the bigger picture

Also :
Remember that most people have no idea what they’re doing and it just work, that’s how success happen in a lot of matter quite often, so keep following your intuition and trust in yourself, you’re as much capable of not knowing what you’re doing and still make it work like a charm

The importance of the Signs and get the meaning of it: birds, strange people, colours, sounds, smells and especially numbers. Synchronisity is the Gods talking.


don’t wait


Simple yet so true

aye it looks like I’m paradoxal to say that along my “be more patient” but it’s patient toward getting results not taking actions :wink:

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  1. Don’t buy stake in psychiatric education system after it abused you your whole life.
  2. Personal thoughtforms are part of your intuition system (MBTI Ni cognitive function), take them seriously.
  3. Don’t trust other people’s good will, build a portfolio you can walk away with and point to instead.
  4. Play more video games to get your brain attuned to gaming systems, including ones you are in. It also gives you a world class education in art, programming, and physics when you start to reverse engineer them to get more leverage.
  • Do whatever you want. Let no one stop you from experimenting.

  • Your gnosis is valid.

  • Follow Belial’s advice and resist your resistance. Accept that truth about Lucifer and yourself.

  • Everything you are obsessed with has an important message for you.

  • Trust the signs.

  • You are much more than what you were told you are.

  • You will remember this crow and its eyes, which were filled with love. Remember that crows are looking after you.

  • Stop limiting yourself. Angels and dæmons are eager to work with you.

  • Trust your abilities. Know that you can accomplish greater things than you allow yourself to imagine.

  • Be merciless with your enemies.

  • Shadow work will improve your well-being significantly.

  • Do not let people who barely know you tell you that you are arrogant. Do not trust them in any way and have fun wrecking their lives for trying to hurt you psychologically.


Listen to your intuition.
Don’t listen to other people. They are mostly full of shit
Your worth is not dependent upon how other people treat you.
Keep studying magick.


Mmm stop focusing on what other people are saying and learn to be guided by your intuition.


Don’t rely on the work of just one magickian. Study from all different sources and hold yourself in the highest regard.

Also, please stop getting wasted during rituals.


Yeah bad combination, recipe for disaster.


They don’t seem to mind fucking with you when you’re wasted, though.


Don’t just guess. Study and percevere, otherwise, you will lose 20+ years with random nonsense and, one day, you will write these very same words wishing a younger self could read them. I think I just paradoxed myself.


Ahah. Andras is the first one who came to mind here. Ppl mostly talk about working with him for acts of malice but I’ve personally seen him offer to help people with self-love twice. He’s pretty catty tho honestly. :two_hearts:


-Stop wasting time on people who don’t aid in your ascent.
-Love yourself before all others.
-Write it down.
-Emotions are equally important.


“Breathe and let the ALL flow through you, breathe and let the astral forces flow through you”


Spend less time on the internet researching a demon and instead just work with them and take notes!

Journal more god damnit, I know its like 15 minutes out of your day now, in 6 months you’ll be able to track your progress and manifestations much easier.

Practice daily, magick is like any other skill, it requires hours to see GOOD results, dont expect to be the anomaly assume your average and practice daily.

Eastern spirituality is helpful in theory, but from a practical standpoint having no desires is pretty lame.

Just because angels and demons are depicted a certain way doesn’t




This is a really helpful point I was kind of bumping into over and over, but hadn’t conceptualised clearly, thanks! :+1:


It’s okay to be Agnostic/Atheist - that even working with the Gods is not exactly what you believe in.

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I’d tell myself that the magicians dream of evoking a spirit to full physical appearance is a reality and don’t give up on it.

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