Ideas for healing a feral cat

Two years ago, a little cat showed up at my patio door. I fed her tuna and she has claimed my back yard as hers. Since then, I’ve been looking after her, feeding her, making sure she has fresh water and built a shelter for her. She comes and goes. Sometimes she’s here for long stretches, sometimes she is gone for long stretches.

I don’t know what has happened to her. She is very unwell. She wasn’t around yesterday morning, which isn’t weird. However, she was in a bad way when she arrived for dinner. She hasn’t been eating or drinking. She is dry heaving and she is lethargic. She was around this AM, but she didn’t eat the breakfast I put out for her. She walked away from the house very slowly and she hasn’t been back. I am struggling to find a feral friendly vet in my area and I don’t have a trap to catch her to bring her to the vet. She doesn’t let me approach her outdoors, but will come inside for pets and attention from me.

I asked Bastet for help earlier today, but I am wondering if anyone else has any ideas for other things I can do. I have such an icky feeling that this is the end for her. If it is, I want her to pass peacefully. I love this little cat so much.

Thank you. :heart:

What about animal rehab centers? Normally, they try and capture the animal, and they usually take in stray cats.

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Try this:


You think it’s possible she got poisoned somehow (snake or chewing on a bad plant)?

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The cat must go to the vet. This is the only solution. There is no time to try magic

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Unfortunately, if you read the OP carefully, Sanguine can’t do that for multiple reasons, or she already would have and she did say as much.

Magick is the only option she has as the cat is feral, not with her, and local vets won’t accept feral cats as patients anyway.

I would go with DarkestKnight’s suggestion, but you may have to do this remotely in the astral. In meditation see yourself where the cat is to perform the healing.


Thank you so much. I haven’t seen her since Friday morning, maybe I will try with one of the many photos I have of her. Thank you again.

It’s very possible, or she ate a piece of food out of the garbage somewhere that was really off. She leaves for weeks at a time, so who knows what she’s eating.


I totally agree, but I can’t find a vet around me who will treat a feral cat–just euthanasia. One office gave me a number for a feral cat clinic. When I called, they told me they only do trap-neuter-release. My husband and I have been looking for her, but we’ve been unsuccessful. Magick is all I have at my disposal.

I would have taken Callie to a vet’s office in a heart beat if I could, but it wasn’t an option sadly. I am gutted, because I absolutely hate the idea of her suffering somewhere alone.


strange! In my country they treat all cats without exception
You can photograph it, inform the doctor of all the symptoms that the cat is suffering from, and obtain advice from a doctor
The doctor can understand the cat’s condition from the symptoms it has and give you treatment for it

Marbas together with Heramael could help you with this. But in the end she needs a vet.