I will pull oracle cards for you 🔮 - Part 2

Hello there!!

Unicorn and Romance would be nice.

Love please

Thank you so much

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Already working on that. Slow and steady :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I am ready for ANOTHER truth but I get what you mean

I’ll drop you a PM later :slight_smile: Thank you so much! It resonates :slight_smile:

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Can I get the animal and energy, please?

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I’d like unicorn and energy please. You can do an open interpretation.

Thank you

I would like one as well if possible. I choose the romance and the energy deck.
“What should I expect this summer?”

Everything resonated but I don’t know which other person I have a deep connection with but my ex girlfriend with whom it did not work out.

I am glad that you say that I and my people are protected that confirms my workings with Santa Muerte.
I have a question about the cards though can you feel who doesn’t requite the love?

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I’d like one. Animal and Goddess pleade.

Thank you

Oh and I forgot to say that, because my previous answer was made while I was half asleep, I do have a connection to Archangel Michael. So this is correct too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Lunia, I would like animal and energy. The reading can be general. I don’t mind it being public. Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

I would like an goddess guidance and energy

Umm…sorry for wut??:yum:

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What’s going On?!!

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@Excalibur she said she’d do more if there was time.

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Oh yes I saw that it says if she has time maybe more that’s why I requested
No problem for me :pray:

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Ooh sorry lol my bad👍

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next time don’t answers on behalf of others, if you are not asked. So, you don’t put urself in such position!


@Fallen_Human I honestly never saw that post. Hopefully all is forgiven.


It’s fine. I have already missed multiple readings, and I still didn’t get the half of the reading I traded her for once. lol


Yes please if you can get insight into a question (will I win in court?) :purple_heart:

  1. Goddess guidance oracle, and
  2. Energy oracle

I did the reading for you but you wanted to know more and I couldn’t see more at that time, as I told you.
But you didn’t have patience.
I don’t want to discuss this in this thread but if that’s your opinion then please don’t come to my threads and ask for any more readings from me. Here are other good readers in the forum, you can ask them.
If you have something to tell me, send me a message but don’t misrepresent me as a crook in a thread where I give free readings for other people.

I do many free readings on this forum without asking for anything in return to help the people and because I like to do it - so I really think it’s not okay to come here and say I would trade and then take a reading but wouldn’t return it!

I need some time sometimes, that’s true. It’s because I work a lot and sometimes I think I’d have a free day but I have to work anyways so I can’t really plan it.

don’t worry, @Excalibur , it’s all good.

I will try to do as much readings as possible in the evening. I will finish at least the ten I’ve promised and try to do more.