I will pull oracle cards for you 🔮 - Part 2

Hello everyone,

time for another oracle card reading.
You can pick two decks and I will shuffle these for you and pull some oracle cards.

You can chose from these decks:

  • Choose two decks.
  • If you want, you can ask a specific question.
  • I don’t do questions about entities, past lives and health.
  • The reading will be public.
  • Please give me some feedback.
  • Will be doing it for the first ten people commenting in this thread - if I still have time afterwards, maybe some more.

Thank you and let’s go :four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:


Oh I’ll take one. Goddess and animal :sparkling_heart:

Please. :blossom:


Me too. :raised_hand:
I’d like animal spirit and energy oracle please.
No specific question.

Thank you! :sparkles:


Hello Lunia :slight_smile:

unicorn oracle please :slight_smile:

no question in mind for me, just general


I will take one.

Animal and Energy, please


Thank you!!

Unicorn and animal please :revolving_hearts::two_hearts:


Energy and animal, pls :slight_smile:
Edit: if you’d like to have a Lenormand reading in return just hit me up


Goddess and Romance Oracle please, thank you


I would love one. I’ll take the goddess spread and energy Oracle


Could I have one too, please?

Animal and energy.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Can I get one with the romance one and Goddess? :heart:


Hello :slight_smile:
If possible I would like Energy and Animal please
Thank you

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Would love the romance and Unicorn one please!

no specific questions

Thanks a bunch!

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I’d like one :slight_smile:

Goddess and energy :slight_smile:

What will happen in my near future :purple_heart::hugs::butterfly:

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I would love to have one when you get time please!

Goddess and romance decks!

Question: just what the heck is going on with my love life?

Thank you so much!

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There seems to be something you worry about but everything will be okay and there will he a good outcome. Everyone you might worry about seems to be protected.

Focus on the things you really need and love. Enjoy your life and care for yourself in order to explore your real energies and powers.

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:

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Yes it does resonate! Thank you very much :tulip:


Goddess and Energy oracle

Any goddess want work with me?


Goddess Guidance and romance please!

I will also trade a reading if you would like.

I am getting that you are practicing magick at the moment and/or working on your spiritual growth and that you are about to reach a higher level. Have trust in yourself, your spirits and the timing.

Seems like you are also doing sone workings that have to do with healing, whether on yourself or other people.

It’s possible that you have a connection to archangel Michael or that he wants to work with you. If not, you should heal or work on your first charges maybe as that card popped out :slight_smile:

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:

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