I want to sell my soul


Where can i find the ritual


This is a great example of Daemons being what the Magician wants. There are plenty here who have no such issues with them because of their mindset and will.
Yours is yours, it is definitly not fact for all. This is why people are rolling their eyes at you.
Just remember that, is the real message here.

Also, ya saying you must kill family to work with Daemons is F’ed up and you’ll get called out on it. That’s just going to happen. :woman_shrugging:


You doubt? I’ve have my spinal discs crushed tearing into my spinal cord and my medical insurance wouldn’t cover surgery for years. There was NO pain medication that worked. I lost so much weight because I couldn’t eat nor drink but sips. Almost no sleep and every minute was like an hour or more. I was dying. It took several Er ambulance calls before finally the government insurances d the doctors decided to operate.

I know what extended horrendous nervous system pain is. I’m permanently crippled with nerve damage on my left side. And god nor no one helped me. So if all the fuckers laughed and I get confirmation… FUCK THEM ALL!

But don’t think I don’t know what pain is. But, being the net people will think I’m fucking lying or making shit up. I KNOW PAIN AND I KNOW IT WELL. And I didn’t see anything in the other side.

So yeah, I’ll question the veracity of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. I hate mind games, stupid tests and puzzles by arrogant narcissistic megalomaniacal entities and people. So yeah, I challenge them all at times because I can.

I exist and from my selfish vehicle perspective everything is hardly important and quite possible nothing. I cease to be and EVERYTHING CEASES from my awareness and POV. Why should I put a nigh worship or belief in any entities hollow threats when I can say NO YOU’RE NOTHING!

Would they challenge to be utterly and irrevocably annihilated where nothing remembers and existence of them was never, is nor, and NEVER WILL BE?

Would they? Any of the country cuck bitch beings with their legions and protective armies, fortresses, worshippers and powers.


I’ll take that challenge against the lot.

Win or lose… the choice and end never will matter. But the journey, the strife, and goal for the utter annihilation of everything will always be there.

And that’s why they threaten, wild goose chase, puzzle, bribe, torture, imprison, force reincarnation, trick, lie etc.

Because they’re AFRAID!

Or thy are part of the parasite known as the growing creation. OMNI.

Take away earth and the countless alien worlds and dimensions of some form of existence will still be there spreading like an all consumable.

I never asked to be.
I never gave permission to be.
So that free will choice is a LIE!

They can come in peace and they’ll leave in pieces!


Apparently I’m in a mood today.


No i am not saying you must kill ,that only applies to soul wager for gain rituals ,generally anyone can work with demons even a child can through contact astrally ,ritualy or using modern methods of candles and such ,but if they are looking at using ancient rites or rituals ,be prepared to walk the path .
Example is with freemasonry , freemasonry is freemasonry , their is no modern freemasonry ,it is will always be the same with the same rites of passage no changes whatsoever .
But general or modern occult is there ,if the former is too much for your taste just take the modern occult works by expirienced mages like koetting ,asenath and the rest .


You can find it online but you must know where to search it. The rite is traditional and works. In the incantation you say that - you give half of your soul and in returning you get “раба божий” - “the cool guy, loved by god” or “рабинята божия” - “the cool girl, loved by god”. It is hard to translate these words - may be my English is a bit broken. :slight_smile:


Hmm :thinking: I’ve seen very different ideas and methods for this, I’d call it more of Soul dedication but that’s me. It’s more of a commitment to bettering yourself or ascending which also, in turn, feeds the Spirit(s) in question.

I’d have to do more research but I don’t see ancient beings asking humans to mangle each other (well except yawah). I don’t see why some wouldn’t except extreme offerings or rites but in my experience I haven’t had them say it was necessary.
Quetzalcoatl for example wouldn’t bother asking me to put my enemy on a slab and ripe their still beating heart out, maybe in the Astral :thinking: but not actually. They change with us, in my experience and I find it fascinating really.

I know you’re not referring to physically but a lot of ancient rites and rituals (not all of course) were physical, bloody things.

I do like and resonate with where they come from. I would say sometimes Koetting goes on a tangent about a Daemon or Deity being aggressive but I never personally see it myself in those same Spirits.
That’s where I began to realize they will interact with an individual on a level that works for that person because it benefits the Spirit too.

As for feeding people to Daemons? Doesn’t bother me but no Spirit will get me to harm something I care about for knowledge.
It’s not necessary in my reality.


Some people love gaining without making any effort in magic ,this is where demons become hard on this easy no sweat mentality to teach them that .
But many modern mages go out of their way and sacrifice time ,energy , effort ,mental concentration , money into thier occult work . Demons see this and always find this class to be true mages ,they reward this sacrifice as per the mages request .Magic is a journey ,you dig deep to gain much .
Paths to achieving same objective are there just choose the one that suits your conscience .
Traditionally Bloody and modern methods are available take what you can handle .
I do sometimes summon lucifuge through black hen ritual ,and using solomonic clavicle and im comfortable with it .
Work with what suits you or are comfortable with


Alright thanks


That long comment was very well put


Children are probably the best for starting at magic. I wish my life had parents deeply into the occult with logic, patience, and joy in the craft.

Sadly, my mum had her mum pass and she became a drunk depressive and my pa was an angry megalomaniac delusional narcissistic paranoid. He preached a dark version of the Bible where he was god, Satan and one of the two witnesses that would destroy the world.

He’s mellowed in age but the aura of anger and narcissism to be the only correct is there. Supposedly he had a brass artifact of Astaroth that he destroyed in front of several witches. At one time he was a card carrying satanist.


Human spirits of the dead… I’d avoid esp restless dead. Spirits of the rest (not parasites) I believe only the magician and themselves can form a relationship. I can’t honestly believe going through another be it diviniation, beneficial, healing, baneful works.

The spirit has to work with me through me to see fruit. If I can’t make that spark and I only hear my own thoughts then there is doubt. Beingscan dislike it all they want but they are not me nor I be them. Punishing one for doubt is tantamount to ending ALL spiritual relationships. I ain’t fond of bullies or megalomaniacs that imprison others to feel important.

I embrace what freedom there is and I’ll test the bounds and possibilities of creation and destruction of self. You can wage a war with yourself and rip and rend and punish it. I’d say one has to and when you think nothing is left you rip some more.

This embracing cozy love vibrations is your death of liberation and growth. Pain and the journey and perhaps eternal war seems the only choice. The pursuit of happiness is a delusional trap. And it’s because we evaluate it from human perception. When dead that goes out the window.


Gimme more info on what you speak of.


Anyone give instructions to me how to operate. I’m facing problems