I want to sell my soul


You can most definitely sell your soul!

Don’t believe me?

Well sell it to me! I could use a base for my poultices. :):grinning:


First make it worth of some value.


Hey, if you don’t want your soul, I’ll give you a good deal on it. A standard premium AND loyalty benefits across multiple bodies? Apprenticeship deals don’t come that good! :slight_smile:


I’ll take your soul
No listen
I’ll take your nephesh
The part which dies anyways
And I’ll do something
Fun with it
Make it powerful
And you can kill who you want
Just your instincts


I should be understanding and respectful, but I can’t stop laughing.


Seriously XDDD


How about you try with a leasing for starters?
Imagine shock and horor for a wannabe magician when a spirit decides to return his/her soul back :joy::joy::joy:
Take your crappy soul somewhere else,wannabe magician :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Vine and crackers mmm add some cheese and you got yourself a picnic


Actually selling your soul is the same as dedicating your soul. Most would not see it as that. In the everyday working world you Sell a personality, services and goods. The selling of the soul is similar in nature as you cannot give up a soul, but you can dedicate it to be of service in an exchange.


In your universe those two terms are identical but as you know we all have our reason to ease our actions or explain the world affairs.
I was baptised in church like many of us here and by your definition Yahweh has eternal right on my soul but as you can see I’m here and nobody ever asked about my soul in return.
I’m dedicated about my spiritual ascend and that’s it and have no idea to sell anything to anybody.
You say potato and I say potatoe :wink:


Charlie Brown?

Good grief -.-!


You don’t have to sell your soul to get benefits from any spirits, if you sell your soul you will by default attract the spiritual effects of self-betrayal reflected back to you, if you wonder how illuminati people end up being used, abused and killed that’s how it is done and you never find spiritual fulfilment; your craving becomes constant, as nothing replaces the lost soulpart,

You will not gain less by any spirit nor do you have to make any sacrifice to get what you want even through lucifer. Anyone who sold their souls created misery for themselves and it’s one of the most self-detrimental things you can do to yourself as a living God.
Always approach any spirit as a living god, in ritual, in word (lbrp, or by my almighty I Am-presence, After it on the field) in respect, always - see e.a.'s courses…; ) or ask for more info here,

Doing rituals with the proper tools can help (circle, …)

Anyone who did and want out should consult
Archangel Raziel, for example to free themselves from it, nothing makes your life turn more to hell in a most literal than that…;




I love that!

Besides, actually this is a good time for selling your soul, we need some souls to fuel the furnece in which E. A. 's sword is to be crafted.
evil grin

What do you want in exchange for your soul?



¥’ Berioth


I’d like a paid trip to Tahiti, immortality with the option to die when I’m ready, eternal youth, and a can of spaghetti o’s.

…might get the munchies…


+womens to enjoy and best life


Snoop Dogg sold his soul to Satan for money, clothes and hoes; under the condition that he’ll never be able to put on weight.




So he can glutton too anything. That’s hardly a bad condition.