I want to sell my soul


you can’t sell your soul. I promise you can’t damn yourself easily. Not even blood shed will damn you.


Develope some value in you.
And you’ll notice there wasn’t any reason for you to even state that up there.




Thats not how it works. If you want to gain material wealth which I am assuming you do since you want to sell your soul…there are ways to work with the ancient gods EARN respect and build a relationship. They can see your intention and know you better than you do yourself. It’s not like the movies :neutral_face:. If you are serious do research and open your mind to what you can’t see and learn to see it…


Lovely advice, that! :slight_smile:


Make a pact with any demon a agreement between you two


Or just work with them


no they just possess you when its time to collect ;), and also that can be any spirit that wants a good portal including demons, think of the soul/you as your free will (but you can never lose that so you can undo it)


Thank you for the insight :wink: appreciate it.


Despite previous replies in this post, there is a ritual in one of the extracts from the Grand Grimoire to summon Lucifuge Rofocale, and Lucifer, in order to strike a deal.
You get roughly anything you want, in exchange for whatever they want in 20 years.

However - the ritual probably isn’t for newbies.

Good luck.


This isn’t selling your soul.
“Whatever they want” isn’t “They want your soul”.


“In order to strike a deal”

I didn’t say anything about a soul.


I understand but OP was specifically talking about giving up their soul as payment.
We were saying, Daemons don’t want that, not that Pacts or Deals couldn’t be made.

Some where less than serious in this post but I can understand; there’s only so many times you can seriously tell newbies Hollywood is full of shit.


Basically this whole idea is about a short cut to power which does not exists and was sensationalized by hollywood.


This has been a bit since you posted this, but, it seems that you do not know how the left hand path truly works. And, that’s fine. That’s what this website is here for.

I’m almost positive a lot of people here entered this path with the preconceived idea that if you sell your soul, you can get whatever you want.

But, as you travel this path, you realize that the whole ‘sell your soul’ is a bunch of bullshit.

‘Demons’ (I prefer to call them ancient Gods and Goddesses because that’s what they really are) do not care about your soul. If they did, there would be a fuck ton more successful people on this planet. It’s just not that simple.

But, what you CAN do is develop relationships with these powerful beings. Find one that you feel a connection to and from there, ask them to help you.

But, help rarely comes free of charge. You have to show these beings that you are serious about this path and you have to offer them something sincere in return for their assistance.

What it is you have to offer is up to you and the God/Goddess in question.

If you want help with a massive challenge, then be clear with your desires and really put thought into what you would offer in exchange.

I’m not talking about pricking your finger, slapping your blood on a sigil and then expecting your life to turn around completely or your situation to turn away completely.

Sure, a lot of beings love when you share with them something as intimate as your own blood, and some of these beings may ask for only that.

But, in my experience, if you want success, you need to develop a working relationship with a powerful being. It can not be forced and cannot be fueled by the delusion that you can get whatever you want from little to no true sacrifice and offering.

These beings are powerful and are to be respected. They are always listening to you, even if you can’t feel them or sense them.

They hear you. But, it doesn’t matter how much they hear you if you are wanting to give something small in exchange for something big.

They will help you get what you want and where you want to be but you have to put the effort in too.


You’re not wrong that’s for sure.

Sorry I didn’t mean to come off nasty. (:


No worries! I hope I didn’t either.

Who was the author of the Grand Grimore BTW it sounds interesting :slight_smile:


Its a Grimoire that’s held within the Vatican, very few people have seen it, however there were some extracts leaked by one of the scholars who was allowed to view it and then I believe it was published illegally.

One of the extracts published was the Ritual I was speaking about.

It was originally written by King Solomon, and the legitimate copies of it were directly copied from his original writings, without alot of changing, but finding a copy is almost impossible.
There are heaps of extracts as PDFs online, however they are believed to be missing specific parts that allow the rituals to work to their full extent.


you cannot sell your soul. you cannot even damn it with blood shed. It’s really hard to damn yourself. take my advice. don’t believe what the church tells you.


Ive done that ritual… i must have one of the books… it was about 20 years ago - lol… i must have a dig and find it again. The book came from my mother who was very adept & in to lhp when she was a teen - i didnt realise it might be kinda rare


What would damnation look like?