I want to sell my soul


Seeing as how your soul – who and what you are and all that you can be – is the greatest magickal tool you will ever have, why would you sell it?


If you want to sell your soul, you’re gonna need a voice coach and some top notch musicians.
I suppose that any professional magician could be seen as selling their soul, but artists consistently out sell shamans.


I kind of do


From two of pop cultures greatest chaos magickians:

We’re getting the band back together.


well there is no soul just energy that gets transferred to different dimensions after the physical body dies…


I paid tree fiddy for the soul already. Will sell it to you for eight. I polished it up.


Congratulations on your new soul! Do you know that souls are three times more likely to get into an accident? But you don’t have to worry. For just $1.69 a month, you can get affordable, comprehensive soul coverage to keep you and your soul safe, and with accident forgiveness, even if you do crush that little soul like so many other vixens have before you, we’ll send a tow truck and cover the cost of repairs.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I love this thread.


What’s funny is my son asked me a somewhat similar question…concerned he’d have to sell his soul in order to gain musical mastery. He was asking who to call on. Initially he wanted to use necromancy to learn from his bassist idol. :joy::sunglasses:


That sounds cool :sunglasses:


I’ll find him someone to call forth to teach him. He has to start somewhere…and he wants to learn.


I’m having good experiences so far with King Paimon for my art work and writing, he’s also very patient with newer Magicians.



That’s exactly what I told him…:slight_smile: It made him feel lots better about calling them.


Yeah also the thread linked has a list of some 20+ topics i put together that provide ways to develop spitually and work on various things WITHOUT “selling your soul”.


I know, it’s great. Like a Hoover sucking you in. Or a meme thread. Lol


:rofl: that’s a good analogy for it, i tried to set it up so it drew on peoples curiosity.


I offered a dollar…


There is a saying: “If you want to sell your soul, it probably doesn’t worth shit.”