I want to sell my soul

EA Sold his soul on multiple occasions

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Got the same interpretation, which is why I don’t believe people mean it 99% of the time.
People are simply too lazy and cowardly to do that, and usually want a quick fix to their shitty life.

How does one go about losing his soul? “is it possible” to disconnect temporarily or permanently from your body? Astral travel you are losing sight of your body but can you be in your body and loose sight of your soul? Oh
Wait… But that’s what everybody does ain’t it? That’s why they come up with something like… Soul backyard sale, love reconciliations, psychiatric help, literally… Get a grip on your souls folks. It is the key to the universe and you are God.

Not something you just pimp around, dude. XD

You can’t.

There’s a thread on this.

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Hello, I have send you a message

Did you get a lot of spirits?

Maybe. I am not that psychic, so it’s hard to be sure

Hello, how are you? In my life, I have tried summoning demons or spirits but didn’t achieve any result. I even find it difficult in communicating with any demon. Can you help me send the spirits to me? Or any other option to help me? I need your help

I keep trying to sell mine but it keeps getting sent back marked ‘soiled goods’ :flushed:


Seriously As far as I’m concerned LHP isn’t about soul selling or what we’re gonna get on the other side once we die but about living to the full while we’re alive. It’s about not living by. The rules set out buy others, BECOME A LIVING GOD! You are your own master, you are your own god ( u r what u r, not what others sayv u r!) as for the worship of the ancient deities, again it’s YOUR choice! The LHP is not about being forced to believe in 1 god, its the worship of many, its about about guidance not beibg forced to adhere to rules thst nake you feel shitvabout ursrelf! the suprene brings / anciebt deities are wise and thry guide with the suprene knowledge, what u do with that knowledge is down to u! they dont give out rules and regulations As for selling your soul for wealth etc if you believe thats what the LHP is about i suggest u do more resesrch on our philosophies. Goid luck with finding yourself otherwise u could always try ebay…xx Angel666 xx


I have a few used souls for sale, and even more for rent.

Contact me for pricing and options.

Remember to insure your purchased soul against fire, flood, or rapture. Not responsible for, liable, or in any way held to be at fault for faulty use or reckless astral travel.


I’m wondering when the true understanding of ‘Demons’ will be known. I’ve read all sorts of stuff on selling souls, what happens after death such as do you become a part of the soldier demons etc. I don’t know until my numbers up I’m afraid! Lol The body is a shell or maybe a better description is a robot that carries the life force or the soul whichever name you prefer for it! when you die your soul leaves your body that’s why dead bodies look like an empty egg shell. What is a demon going to do with a walking empty egg shell?? A robot with no being, no strength! Demons are the true gods, the ORIGINAL GODS They don’t want your soul, they want walking talking thinking people still attached to their soul to worship them with their heart and soul. To spread the word of their power and love for who are free as we are and not told what we can and can’t do! U can’t do anything without a soul to devote to them.

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Ehhhhhhh debatable. While many demons have been around since before humanity, not every demon is a god. And there are non-demon entities that are more powerful than some demons.

Worship isn’t required to work with a demon. Most appreciate the gesture, but they’re not exactly going to give you extra special attention or privileges because of it. If they had to choose between a non-follower human they like and a follower, they’re going to choose the former.

Each to their own I guess. My point is soul selling. The deities that some ( maybe I should have been more clear about it) worship, give respect to, work with whatever etc don’t want a soul (in my opinion, many will disagree and that is their right) so what is it your perception of the LHP? Many believe that the evil demonic beings want to steal a soul by suicide or want the soul of an innocent or whatever, or some believe they can sell their soul for all they desire. What I’m saying is many of the deities worked with were, prior to Christian interference, Gods. Baal for instance, Set, Ra, Molech etc so many moons ago the very entities we work with were Gods, however, what I am saying is what is a person without a soul? The point of the LHP is that you are free to worship any of deity. We give offerings, as they did on the old days, whisky, blood, semen, food, etc but soul selling is a fallacy, a misnomer. I believe if a soul could b sold to get whatever the person wants your no longer free, your controlled by a contract and as far as I’m concerned I’m free, my own personal god! each to their own. Or maybe, as I’ve said before I’m just a sour puss cos I’ve tried it but it keeps coming back as soiled goods :joy:

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Also I never mentioned special attention for worshipping any of the Demons, Gods, Deities, Elementals etc

However, I must say I believe in a two way street. I worship am respectful of the Demon(s) I work with and in return I make a request. Sometimes I don’t make a request I just pay homage, especially when something has worked out as I requested. Eveyone gets sick of the person who only rings when they want something lol :joy:

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Inter into pact with devil its so easy

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