I want to learn kabbalah

I want to learn practical kabbalah. but I can’t find sources on practical kabbalah. are there any books you can recommend so that I can learn it as fast and correctly as possible? my main goal is to learn Jewish practical kabbalah, I don’t think hermetic kabbalah is correct.

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I’m afraid for the true practical jewish mysticism, you’ll have to find an actual kabbalist. As I understand it, the most valuable information is handed down on ancient scrolls and tablets that are mostly in private collections. I think starting with the Zohar might be a good start.
I must say, I’m not the best authority on kabbalah. In my past as a (hermetic-)gnostic. I’ve never really paid much attention to the technicalities of kabbalah. I was always content knowing when you perform your internal alchemy, you travel through the sephirot regardless. Looking back with a little more knowledge about the tree, the tunnels and the sephirot I can reckognize the periods and instances I traveled/ worked through the tree

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actually it is not necessary to find a kabbalist in order to learn the true Jewish kabbalah. the zohar book is not a book that is essential to read for practical kabbalah. because you will not learn a lot of practical kabbalah. instead there are many books with practical information that you can buy and read. i know about a few of them but i could not buy and read them because the books are expensive. if you know different sources i would like to know.

Ghehehe, like I said. I’m not the best authority on Kaballah. And no you don’t learn any practical kabbalah in The Zohar it’s probably also not essential, but it can teach a lot about the essence of jewish mysticism. Which might be a good start. Since I don’t think there are any good ways to learn how to be a kabbalist fast in the jewish tradition. The few sources I know are influenced by a lot of western mysticism as well, which doesn’t seem to be something the OP is looking for.

It’s a mystical tradition for personal ascent, more than spellwork. As such it’s about doing the inner work not practical outer effects.

I’m not sure why practical kabbalah is against the jewish law but reading about it here it looks like a derivative series of things we can get in any magickal tradition like divination and the making of talismans (amulets)… well you can get that in the Keys of Solomon.

According to this ^ wiki artcle the book you want is the Sepher ha-Mashiv which is pretty cheap at Amazon and in audio format as well as paperback.

One important tradition of practical Kabbalah thrived in Spain during the second half of the 15th century, before the Alhambra Decree. The main text of the tradition was called Sepher ha-Mashiv .

Here is a very good series that will give you a good “guided tour” on what it is, in context, and whether it’s what you want for practical magick. (See part 4)