I want to know the result of the math test

Hey guys, I want a method to know exactly the answers of the math test. Would it be good to evoke vassago to assist me in scrying?


No. You will not be able to know the exact answers to a test. Scrying does not work that way.

You might want to actually try studying for the test.


So how does scrying work? If I wanted to study I wouldn’t try magick. If you are not able to know the result of a test that was already done but will be given next class you a weak magician.

Woah, you ask for help, probably because you are new, and then call someone weak because you don’t yet understand non-Hollywood magick?


Says the idiot with no actual experience in magick. I know how scrying works, you obviously don’t have a clue, so whatever, man. I’d rather be a weak magician than someone who doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.


If you want the answers to the test, you can use magic to seduce someone that can get the answers?

Perhaps you could invoke a spirit that understands the test material and can help you get a better grasp on the subject matter?

Maybe a little elemental magic to give you the focus and energy to study?

Wanna postpone the test? A curse might help!

Magick is awesome. It doesn’t work like the movies, but it works.


Here are the math test answers


So what is the point of DIVINATION?isn’t it about to know the FUTURE? if I you are not able to get a information about a test that was already done but will be given next class, what is magick for? to secude? Ok i will try to secude my 63 male teacher.

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Most divination that deals with premonitions and predictions aren’t as concrete as:

X = 47

What is more likely is the person performing divination gets feelings, some images, sounds, or specifically just “impressions”

Fuck dude, if we could predict the future, life would unravel at the seams. Lottery?

Bottom line Stonehenge, is entities will help you help yourself when it comes to tests.

… but you are going to need to study at least a bit.


Khan academy is great for studying math breaks down problems well enough try that and a spell to retain the info


But to get a information in the past? something that already happened but you weren’t at the local in the moment, it wouldn’t be so much difficult since you are not trying to predict the future.
the test was already done, it will just be given next class.

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I need help with an exam I will be taking on the 15th but the thing is I have studied I just want to make sure I do well and my studying is not in vain so whom should I invoke for that situation rahnoren?

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spells like that seems to be self illusion. If you believe that now you have a “power” to retain more info you are going to do so and retain more info.


Good to know thank you


This might be usefeul


Thanks man, very helpful. But I would want a method to know the exact answers for this test. In Goetia is said that Vassago can know the past and the future and hidden thing so i would want his help in this way.

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They probably could if your clairaudience id developed enough. Orobas could do it too


Can Orobas help me to develop my Clairvoyance? have you evoked any goetic demon and how you have done it?

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So it’s pretty apparent that knowing math test questions past, present or future is kinda difficult.

… but you knew that, since if you’re doing math and worried about tests you probably also know that if magic was both real and easy, everybody would be doing it.

Magick starts with you wanting to learn in earnest. There’s usually a natural progression from wondering about natural forces, trying and getting frustrated at everything from telepathy to knowing your math tests, to finally figuring out a set of mental techniques that transform your life.

That’s where it starts.

When you then take those mental techniques and, say, turn your focus both radically outward into the cosmos and inwards as before, but now perhaps in search of something … something else … well, then you are definitely on a magical path.

By that time you won’t be worried about math tests.

Go study dude. Come back after your test.


Basically this is equivalent of trying to get out of 1000 meter run by running a marathon. Doing something a lot harder to get out of a fairly minor annoyance.