I Want to Find Love, What to Do Magickally?

I hope this is the right place to post this but I am asking this based upon advice received from another member. I am lonely and would really like to find myself a partner but that has always been very difficult for me. This is one of the primary reasons I started to get seriously into magick for real recently. I am not the most charismatic person and struggle socially. It can be a challenge to even leave the house based on my own perception of my own awkwardness. I have had a girlfriend before but that relationship was far from healthy and left its mark on me and not for the better. I am not all that advanced in magick but what advice can anyone give in regards to using it to find a romantic partner? I am not simply looking to get laid, though that would be nice. I have no one in particular in mind and even attracted such a person into my life seems to be one of the primary issues. I want to be with someone who genuinely loves me and who I love in return. I just feel completely unworthy of love. Unattractive physically and on every other level. I just don’t feel a woman could not love me no matter what I do to try and attract her. I take care of myself, I dress well, have good hygiene etc, so I have that down. Its hard to meet women in my rural town though I do have some meetup groups I am part of and attend various events. Is there any kind of magick that will help me feel worthy of love or to be more outgoing and charismatic. I just feel I cannot do this on my own. I have struggled for years to “love myself”, whatever that means, but I still cannot do it. I am tired of being lonely and I just want the love of another human being. I am willing to try any kind of magick, or spirit evocation, invocation, spell, whatever I need to do. I have been told by more than one spiritual sensitive I’ve contacted that I will find love soon but I feel I am somehow sabotaging things with my poor attitude which I am struggling to change. If anything magickal can help me feel better, value myself, and make myself more attractive to potential romantic partners, I am more than willing to try. I need more aid than what I can give to myself. I apologize for such a long and rambling post, I am just trying to be thorough.


Start by loving yourself first, and drop the mr nice guy attitude too.


That’s kind of what I need help with, loving myself. I have no idea how it’s done. And not being argumentative, how do I exhibit a “mr. nice guy attitude?” I would truly and genuinely like to know.

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With that said…

Love is not something that you “get”. Love is like shit… it just happens! The more you look for it, wait for it, do your best to attract it, the more you push it away from you.

My suggestion, is to live your life and enjoy it. Love life itself. And love, will attract more love, naturally.

Work on yourself , for yourself. To satisfy your desire to be the best version of you. Not to attract anyone. That, again, will happen naturally. Cause and effect.

Love women, be around women, show your love and appreciation to women. And “the one” will one day popup from nowhere! Just create the right atmosphere for that to happen, and it will happen.

Love is wonderful thing, but there is more to life than that. And in many cases, it can bring you more pain than pleasure. Go to divorce court, sit, listen and learn! So don’t take it too seriously.

Use magick to improve yourself, and attract women, nothing wrong with that. But don’t use it to get “true love”… that’s not what magick is for. It’s not God. It’s a tool. Be the God of your life and use magick. Have relationships, experience all there is to experience first, then when you get in a relationship with that one person you care about, you’ll have something valuable to give, other than “love”.


I forgot who, but one of the members on this forum got really good results by creating sigils by phrases signifying excitement.

So, for example, for you it would be something like, “How did I find such an amazing girlfriend (I’m assuming you’re a man)!?” Then, you begin the first steps of sigil creation. You take away all the vowels and repeating consonants.


And then you make an image using all the letters in to create the image. And then keep on refining your image (at this stage there are no right or wrong answers).

Then, you charge the sigil. You can either masturbate and ejaculate on it, you can put some drops of your blood on it, or you can meditate on it and empower it that way.

Then, forget the ritual, don’t lust for the result (these are very important steps), put it out of your mind and then it’ll come to pass.


There’s plenty of entities that can help you love yourself more, and to be more charismatic. The love yourself part is highly imporant. I know it sound like a cliché, “no one will love you if you don’t love yourself”. But it’s TRUE. People who don’t love themself send a negative vibe to the world that can be perceived by others, especially by women. There’s nothing less attractive to women that a guy whit no confidence in himself. Looks are important, but not so much. The clothing part and hygiene are very important but like you said you have that covered.

Now, magick can help you but it won’t turn you into a playboy. You have to put some mundane effort yourself. Do your research about Neil Strauss and his books. Especially The Game and his 30 days challenge. That guy became one of the best pick up artists in the world, and at the beginning of the book he describes himself as “short, ugly, and highly insecure”. The Game won’t turn you into a playboy either, but it will definitely change the way of how you see women and relations.

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Other than that, work with entities like Dantalion, Sallos, Paimon, Lilith, Sitri

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It’s when you don’t know your value so the validation you seek are external forms of satisfaction and in return you’ll feel let down because you’re sitting on the sideline. You’re lonely, we are all to some degree.

That’s bullshit to believe that you are unworthy of love, keep a neutral and positive mindset. You can achieve anything you want, but magick only solves half of life’s prism of problems, innately the nice guy will complain about why’s this and why’s that, well look at life and see how you’re treating it —

where’s your mindset at the moment? What’s your focus besides filling the loneliness that you feel? I get it, humans crave love and intimacy, this connection that we yearn for is why we’re here, all I’m saying is sit back on the expectations, less complaining, improve on your lifestyle during the meantime and if you want I can do your natal chart and break it down for you to see if there’s any major planetary afflictions and how to work around it. PM if interested.


No advice other than the self love. Sounds exactly like how someone I love vibes though. Shame truly.

The magick of the search bar is among the most powerful tools of magick in the history of occult

@DarkestKnight is by far the most experienced teacher in this form of magick for he has taught this art to many members here :+1:

True. Lord rosier is pretty well k ow for self love. Might be a good starting place. Glad I saw this. Almost certain it resounds with the person j care about, to the point of wondering if it was somehow him.

I feel you o.p. being on pof sucks, talking to randoms strangers is a waste of time.

Just to see if you are like a male bird ready to receive a mate. Can you maturely talk about your needs and wants? Be honest with yourself and the would be mate? Can you afford housing and basics for a mate? If no to any of these then work on them first.

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There’s a lady on YouTube called Agnes viraveli her self love meditations are amazing ! I didn’t have a problem with self love so I tested her “why does everyone loves me so much” affirmation, had to stop because old and new friends out of nowhere started to text and call and wanting to meet and I had no time ! Also tried the self love affirmations on my way to work and realised everyone was staring at me on the streets and paying attention for no reason ! It definitely works and the outside will mirror it back to you! Best of luck! And after that you can attract a lovely partner who will match your self love!


1.) Road Opener
2.) Glamour
3.) Petition spirits to draw the desired sex to you
4.) Petition spirits to draw a lover with the desired traits
5.) Ritual for confidence
6.) Profit


Hey there, I’m sorry you’re going through this. Be assured that is not the case, that you are completely worthy of love - and it’ll find you.

I feel like I was pulled to this thread from other studies in the middle of the night - while I just happened to be listening to an assortment of subliminal tracks to remove limiting beliefs.

So, here you go. It’s a start. They all sound nice and relaxing, and the testimonials are in the comments. Put them on loop for a few rounds. Be aware that they will bring up the hurtful or painful memories, thoughts, feelings that led to this state - you have to accept and process those thoughts so you can cleanse them, purge them from your being, and move on. If you commune with spirits, your guides, Higher Self etc., you may want to ask for assistance in processing, cleansing, and purging.


Wow, thank you everyone so much for the help. I really am overwhelmed by the amount of folks who are interested in helping me. Just, thank you, I’ll put this all to good use.


Interesting i was thinking of something similar :sweat_smile: and put such a sigil on the door to the kitchen for example and hang lots of pictures of a loving ideal person to suggest perfect love and relationship.