I want to do magick to kill a family member to get his money

Any recomendations on how to it? I’m thinking goetia. I don’t hate him at all, I just feel like it’s right to do it. With the kind of money I’d get with his death I’d be able to get so far. I’m sure of it so don’t try to change my mind. If you’re not gonna help pls begone.

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I wonder who is going to help some dude who wants to kill people they don’t even dislike for some gain…


In the first place you seem to lack knowledge to do that , you shouldn’t fool around with spiritual forces for things like that , there are consequences for doing that , or for simply trying .

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my will is the universe’s will. if i can’t find help here, i’ll find it somewhere else

im not fooling around. I just want to learn from other people. Hope you find your way

You could look into manifestation, and try to manifest within the window of possibility where they meet a fatal end. However, in such a case you should make sure you’ll get what you’re aiming to get from this.

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Good idea. Go and do that.


@ReyCuervo This is not the first time someone has come up with this idea, so please remember there is no moralising allowed on a working thread. This topic doesn’t break any rules and is far from the most tasteless we have had on this forum.

Edit to add: @tancusm_knig In your intro you said that you have experience in Goetic magick, so it should be a simple matter to select one of the 72 who specialises in killing, like Glasya-Labolas, and task him with it.


Unless he puts you in his will, life insurance beneficiary or your married. Putting him 6 feet under won’t get you anything. =o)


Yeah, I know. Don’t worry, won’t happen again. Is just that the “do as I say or get the fuck out” annoys me.


lusting for results so magick won’t work. =o) Even if it does work, how do he know money will go to him? There’s also the it takes time for magick time frame to work. Many variables.

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yes, that’s the plan
just interested in hearing what ppl have in mind

I’m still waiting for my baneful magick to work on few people not family members just so you know. It’s people who have bad malice intentions and they deserve it. . Not seeing clear results. so… :man_shrugging: don’t know how long it’s gonna take. I’m not lusting. more like curious of when it will work. Maybe it’s working internally on them so you can’t tell externally.

Good luck

many contemplate due to in the moment stress or life hardships where they can’t take it anymore. So they try to find a way for quick cash. That’s how crime happens. Desperate situations. Follow through is a different story.

If what you need is Money, specifically to travel and learn on, then that’s your stated intent and goal to work toward. It sounds like you’ve decided that this person’s death and your presumed inheritance is the path of least resistance to your goal, but you’re likely just muddying the waters by assuming.

You could receive an offer for a grant to pay for all your travel on an unrelated subject. You could suddenly receive a payout of un-paid back tax-return money from the IRS. Hell, this relative could take a sudden liking to you and VOLUNTEER to bankroll your travel.

It’s not a matter of morality, it’s a matter of good craftsmanship. XD


Be sure to ask an undercover cop


I feel that to kill someone you should be very advanced in magic and be sure that you are willing to pay whatever the demon/entity will want in exchange.

If that is not your case I would suggest you to pay an experienced magician to do it for you :woman_shrugging:

Invoke Carole Baskin’s higher self and ask it to teach you how to do it… and get away with it while still keeping the money.
That b :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: Carole Baskin knows how to do it
…You might need a couple of tigers

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