I want to contact a spirit and i chose Mepsitahl

Hello there,
I am a complete beginner in this field and i want to summon a spirit(physically) but i quite dont know the method. I chose Mepsitahl as my first choice but i dont know the way to do so. I tried concentrating her sigil and saying a chant:
“mepsital, come
now into my Temple. Appear now to me, so that I
may look upon you, so that I may hear your voice,
so that I may receive your knowledge, and so that I
may command your power.”
but it didnt work. So can anyone please give me an accurate way to contact her cause i am a complete newbie. I have tried to do research in forum but found nothing more that experiences so please help me with the accurate method to contact her.
Thank You,
Rohan Mainali



You did contact her.

Good chance is, she came (if you kept at it)

You just can’t perceive them yet.

You aren’t using the wrong method.

You’re just. Fucking. Impatient.


XD maybe i need to buildup patience

Dude, chill out, you are turning into Diavolo :rofl:

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didnt get that tho

It is a joke about the character in his avatar picture


well my friend tried this and he said a hand came out of sigil and caught his hand and all of a sudden it disappeared. Can you explain what it was. He had open the gates of neptune

I don’t know what the gates of Neptune are, but I know they are unnecesary for what you say you want to do.

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This is the evocation guide, he needs invocation.


no bro i needed evocation not invocation

Why do you say that?

I want it to come physically not spiritually or not by astral projection

If you want to invoke, you can evoke the entity and ask him/her/it to posses you when him/her/it is there with you. My brain kinda malfunctions with all this terminology, I mean, authors don’t agree in what invocations and evocation are, while in my language summoning = invocar and everyobdy understands what I’m saying. It’s the same thing with all those cateogories of withches, warlocks, sorceres, magicians, in my language one just say “brujo” and everybody knows what it’s about, yet it seems that American people think that brujos are Mexican magicians. My head explodes

according to my research evoking is calling forth and invoking is making yourself possesed so i may be wrong if i am then correct me and thanks for your time both of you

S. Connolly would disagree and some practitioners of demonolatry would disagree too.

disagree in what? pls elaborate

Some people think that evocation is disrespectful and that the respectful practice is called invocation

oh now i get it thank you so can i get the invocation method too