I want a non-human teacher

i am done with any occult book,I read many of them and do many training for so long but the results are very poor,and now i want a great mind demon or angel or spirit to give me practice’s.i want to hire someone who can evoke spirits for me so i get some real good and powerful practice’s from them,someone who can do it once a week or month,any balg member who can do that please pm me


i reccomend learning from azazel, very good demon for that, and as for evoking, just draw his sigil and chant his enn. He will hear


I’m afraid you get it all wrong,what is the point of evoking my dear azazel is when i cant communicate with him?i want someone evoke him for me and get some good practices from him,i.e. i want ritual for hire

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It won’t be good practice unless your the one putting in the effort to work on your senses. I think Azazel would much prefer for you to put in the effort to evoke him/work with him even if you can’t communicate confidently right away. We all start somewhere.

If you just want a ritual for money/etc and don’t care about developing your senses/etc then sure, find someone – but if you want to gain insight and develop a relationship with Azazel + work on your senses then I’d suggest trying yourself. There’s great recources here.

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I do train myself but this practice’s are useless, no one really tell us that what is real reason for clairvoyance,i think one word from dear azazel have much more weight than all occult book i read and practice


I think that the mindset of the practices being useless might be contributing to your issue with them. It’s kinda like with rituals, if you think it won’t work - it’s not gonna work. Your mind state is going to have a big impact on your ability to practice.

Have you tried working with other senses besides clairvoyance? Also if the practices your doing aren’t working, maybe make up your own? Or add your own twist to stuff. That’s what I do. That works great for me.


If you just visualize Hecate and call her in an altered state, she should come… and she can upgrade you.

I know you want a human and all, but she’s a lovely being and will help. Or assign others to help you.

For humans, you can have many including @C.Kendall . I believe he has a group or coaching where he does exactly what you asked.


The Pantheon of Hell . This might help Free information, no software pirating.

How is your trance work?

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Well if that is the case, you honestly sound like a good candidate for EAs ritual for hire services, especially his bootcamp if you can afford it. @C.Kendall may be able to help as well.

Deep hypnosis,my hands and feet would rotating after a while,i go to trance very fast

why are you insulting micah when you aren’t even trying to do anything yourself?

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I edit my comment for you,you right,i getting angry for no reason

I’d recommend summoning Hecate to upgrade you! She can be very useful. She’s also a great protecter! You could also ask Zeus! I know he’s great for protecting people!


a few month ago i was in deep trance and trying to talk to goddesses but nothing happened,and then i counting up to get out of trance but not opened my eyes yet,and then i said in my mind (naamah,lilith,babalon,hecate,tiamat,i love you so much)and from nowhere i heard a happy sound of 4 or 5 woman that said (we love you too!!!)
after that i never heard of anything, now my question is what happened in that moment?what is the cause of my claireaudience in that seconds?if i know the reason i can amplifying this cause and become claireaudient,what is the physics behind it?


if you are looking for physics, you won’t find any here

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And because of this type of comment’s i dont trust anything a human write or saying, and as i said a word from lord azazel is have more science than all occult books

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magick is not a scientific art, it changes person to person. It is true however that azazel will be a better teacher then a human leading a seperate path then you. i suggest you work on hearing spirits, and then communicate with azazel


@DarkestKnight my man,what you think would be the answer?

Dear Zohans, I read the advise everybody has given to you and your replies, I am new into this but I do a lot invocations but I am not going to suggest all that but would suggest simple things like doing a biding, cleansing and protection work first on yourself with herbs, salt water to remove self doubt and allow yourself freedom to be free.

Yes Kendall is really good in what he does and hire him to channel any spirit of your choice to yo you.

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