I think I've Been Marked

My life has been super tumultuous ever since I did the blood moon ritual, more so than normal. I’ve been in the hospital for heart problems, I’m looking at being forced to end my 20 year career as a truck driver.
I had a 48 hour ambulatory EEG done Monday, and today the diodes were removed. I swear the pattern resembles a 666 across my forehead and it smokily appears across my vision when I close my eyes .
The thing about it, I just finished a follow up ritual this morning without full evocation, just a deep meditation sigil opening through my 3rd eye and a paper rendering, while I asked Azazel for a sign.

What do y’all think?


Damn, sorry to hear that - are the heart problems new since the blood moon?

Try this: Non-Angelic Healing Mantra Wrap


Yes, on the morning after the eclipse, I was walking across a truckstop parking lot and apparently blacked out for a millisecond. Enough to only recall picking myself up off the ground with busted veins in my wrists and bad knee scrapes. I dont remember the actual fall, but it hovers on the edge of feeling like I was pushed from behind right before. There was nothing in my way to trip me and nobody close enough by to have done it. I went to urgent care for the knee and they went me to the e.r. for blackout. E.r. admitted me for bradyarrhythmias and sent me to a nuerologist and cardiologist for testing. Meanwhile I am prohibited from driving even a car for 4 weeks and a commercial vehicle until cleared. Going into work in the morning to submit paperwork for disability leave and to clean out my rig.


That sucks, I don’t have time available to do more than wish you well but I sincerely mean it and hope that you get some support and help on here. :+1:


If you’re not averse to working with ‘angels’, I can’t recommend Raphael enough.

Energetically I would say check your energy centers or chakras that connect you to the ground are open - the root chakra and the energy points in the center of both your feet. It’s good to be well grounded especially after being in hospital buildings and/or being hooked up to electronics.


Agreed, he gave me this: Raphael mantra - success story

I got a vibe the other may be more useful because of working with Azazel but many poeople work with both. I have used both wraps on the same person (and animals) with good results.


I would also do some research online. THere’s nothing inherrentyly wrong with having a slow heartbeat and modern medicine is very focused on making money out of people… money they usually can’t afford.



slowness of the heartbeat, so that the pulse rate is less than 60 per minute. This can occur in normal persons, particularlyduring sleep; trained athletes also usually have slow pulse and heart rates. adj., adj bradycar´diac.

What’s your blood pressure?
My heartbeat, when I’m at full fitness, is 55 bpm and my blood pressure is 50/90. I’ve had doctors try to put me in hospital but that’s normal for me - but, I don’t black out or get light headed ever. I also travel for work and it’s really hard to get real nutrition on the road.

So, you might like to check into your diet, since the doctors amazingly won’t, ensuring it’s not low salt and you’re getting enough micronutrients, fat and protein, and you can increase bp yourself by upping your intake of electrolytes, especially salt. You can live without any carbs - your liver makes all you need - but your brain functions on fat that can only be gained from eating.


Yep, it also depends what’s in fashion in that region at that time:


You do a ritual to Azazel and wonder why you are blacking out? (no, sorry, I guess I shouldn’t be laughing)
Did you do some divination before you decided to participate in it? Did you like the results?

I’ve fainted a couple times (not ritual related) and never went to the er for it. (one time I had started my period and was standing for a while(in choir), the other time it was hot, and I had just had a beer and very little to eat)

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Hello, if your ritual on the blood moon was aiming to improve your financial situation, that could be what is causing your difficulties with your current job. I would ask Azazel about it. It could be that he is disrupting your current situation in order to make room for a new, more fulfilling, and I would imagine better paying one.

Again, you should check-in with your spirits about it as if these just happen to be normal problems coming up then you could work to fix them, but otherwise you may be presented with new opportunities very soon.