I paid a witch to cast a binding spell on my ex and this happened

Long story short, I found a good witch online and had her to a binding spell in september last year
I initially just wanted the tables to turn. Cause I loved him more than he loved me
Then he started to go a little crazy. I started to not care and see things clear. Realized he was a loser who was not right for me. Dumped him in november. he was supposed to leave the country in februery as he had planned. A couple days ago I got a call from a close friend saying “Guess who applied for a job at my company? YOUR EX!!!He signed a one year contract.” I was like OMG I dont want to see him again!!! I LITERALLY DONT. I have a lot of hatred towards him because of what he put me thru when we were together. Now I might even run into him more often because of my friend. My friend is a super friendly guy and would be friends with anyone. And we all hangout in the same area same bars. now he and my ex are gonna be coworkers. i’m so frustrated. I wanna hex my ex so he’d lose his job or something. What can i do to cut this person out of my life completely?


You reap what you sow , really want to dig further ?


Gordon Winterfield has a book called Magical Attack, and in it are 2 different rituals to banish a person from your life


Funnily enough I just commented on another person’s post about binding someone to you.

It’s just my own experience, but in these types of bindings, nothing is ever really permanent. They may continue to feel the effects of the magick long after you’ve broken up, but unless you keep a constant pressure on them, the magick might eventually wear away. Not off or even completely perhaps, but away.

Enlist a demon or angel to banish them totally. @snortoncat suggestion is a really good book!

Hope that helps.


thanks thats a relief. :slight_smile:

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Do cutting cords rituals or meditations! Will help with undoing the binding. Once the binding wears off he wouldn’t be crossing your path much! If you go with hex it will not break the binding even if it make him suffer he still bound to cross your path!


If you want to undo the witch’s binding spell.
Use the Invalidate Spell in Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield.

That will undo the magick that is placed on him since you are the one that asked it to be done to him.


Moralizing isn’t allowed, according to the forum rules. She came here for assistance with a spell, not to be lectured.


I hear you, thank you queen mustang

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Interesting case. It seems that the binding spell is still working, you need to undo it if you really want him to be gone for good. The spell @Illumia suggests seems about right, the rituals in that book (Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield) are remarkably efficient.

After you unbind him, you´ll probably need to remove him from your workplace (if it´s your will to do so). I´d recommend you use the Force Exile ritual (it´s in the same book), I´ve used it before on a unpleasant neighbor and he was gone in a couple days.

Personal advice: I´ve been in similar situations because I wasn´t controlling my own emotions, it has saved me a lot of trouble to do so (it was a progressive work). It might as well save you some trouble too! :wink:


Sounds like the witch did her job, could you pm me her site?


Great job.


Maybe you can ask the witch you hired before to undo the spell? If you feel confident enough in undoing the binding yourself then it shouldn’t be an issue. Surgot would be a good spirit to work with in this particular situation. He can open any lock. So I don’t see him having any issue with undoing another witches binding spell.


This is why I usually do not even entertain the idea of love or binding spells like this. Honestly, may just be best to do nothing and learn from your experience.
Hope you are ok!


Can you provide me with the witch’s information, please.

Dabbling in black magick always has consequences. It amazes me how many do not understand that love spells are black magick. When ever you do a love spell you’re taking away a persons free will and more importantly trying to bind their higher self which can never end well. Even all the spirits in the Goetia point black refused to make someone love you. So now what you have unintentionally done is create a karmic imbalance that you must now rectify as soon as possible. I would like to take the opportunity to tell you the story of a man who did something similar to you. This man got a love spell put on the woman of his desire, and at first all was good but after a while the woman changed as she no longer had free will she became someone else. This new person the man couldn’t stand so he tried to brake up with her only to find he couldn’t get rid of her. In the end the man was driven crazy and ended up killing the woman that was once the object of his desire. The man was sentenced to 15 years in prison. My advice to you is that this is going to get worse you need to go back to the witch and pay her to undo what you have done, I would also recommend getting the witch to do a blessing on him to cancel out the karmic debt you have acquired. But that’s just me
I don’t know if this is helpful in any way if not disregard


I am a witch and all binding spells can be broken. Matter of fact all spells can be reversed. There is no such thing is white magick. Because it it grey . some black spells can be used for good wile white can be used for bad. So magick is grey. But yes your spell can be reversed…


all magik is manipulation there for all magik is black magik if you want to go that route

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Lol. In my experience, that is not true at all.

If this happens, it is far beyond the magick, and there is legitimately something wrong with you.

But this is why you must know what is your True Will. What is it that you truly desire, and what is this emotion that you feel truly?
The feeling many use that lead to these kind of situations is mistaken for Love. Love is pure, Love is not control, Love is beyond fear.

When you do you do love magick and the “love” is actually fear, and desire for control, then the magick will work with those feelings, especially if the magick is raw, and it will enhance those feelings within.
Multiple times through magick I was shown Love. It’s a valuable lesson to know what that feeling truly is. It is beyond attachment. Unfortunately, over time it can get corrupted with fear, and the expectations of others.


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