I need some advice about my magical path


I need an advice from you dear people

I have been continuing the quareia course for a while. But it seems like unnecessarily long

It is true that I hurried a little bit in order to achieve my needs (like success and love). Being adept could be good , but like I said, It takes months or year even the complete apprentice degree.

Dragon Rouge’s magical course looks good, I understand dark aspect of universe. But I dont want to be a black magician, it only hurts me.

Should I continue to quareia ?


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I ultimately decided not to rn

I’m still open and interested in “schools”

But for now, I find enough in books and conversations on balg to keep me continuing on with whatever my ‘path’ is


I started quareia because of lack of basic skills. But I want to increase my life quality rapidly, I can’t wait for learning elements and their tools

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Try some of the GOM books

The rituals are simple, on here there are also plenty of tutorials and things like working threads and just simply asking others helps staying focused

YouTube is also a great resource

NAP actually if you stick with it is basically an entire beginner system - Geoff Cobb Gray


I see you’re assuming quite a bit about your magic here. The idea of adept implies an end. This does not apply to magic in it’s practice. It may apply to courses, or even entire forms of expression, if you run yourself dry, but as a whole you will never become an adapt at a craft that cannot be mastered


Hey I could teach you some things

True. Adept of what ? There are lots of magical courses, and each one has own their adeptship. I got it, thanks

Adept doesn’t necessarily imply an end probably implies being on top of inept stuff

I would be glad. I am sending PM now

TBH if you quit a course because a year is too long, when a year is really kinda nothing compared to how much time it takes to get even intermediate, you might be in the wrong business.

The question is whether this is the right material for you. I don’t see why you can’t continue this work in parallel with picking up a book and pathworking it. The two would probably play off each other.


I supposed depends on the course. Some courses are built to be a “Non ending” course. And I get that, characterizing levels of “adeptness” is next to impossible.

Not to say the people who make the course are informed on what makes something adept.

Honestly any course with an “end” is more of a lesson to me than a course. A course is set, and isn’t unset, if you want to keep moving there, so sorry if i use the literal term, but that’s the only way to do it.

A course is set, a lesson is learned. Learning doesn’t necessarily effect the direction, so that’s why it sound more like lessons to me

I guess I’ll do that way. I will get what I want and continue with Queria. thanks

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Sorry but we ask people to be active for 3 months before offering free services, especially something as intense as teaching:

If you want to share some tutorials, you’re welcome to post those, but anything 1-2-1 needs to wait until 5th June, sorry.


I will pay him 1 dollar, so it won’t be free
Is it OK ?
I already have it

Just kidding

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I started to NAP
First exercise is finished, so can I start using spells or shall I wait repeat first exercise for a week ?

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I second this.

No rules I don’t think? Does the book say to wait?

Make sure you’ve read the book all the way through before using

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