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Hi guys…My name is Aaron.I live in Nepal. My current goal is to become the best magician in nepal and make other happy😄.It has been 5 months since I have a keen interest in occult but nothing is happening… I don’t t have anyone to guide me in the right path of life… I just get scolded by parents 24/7 and I don’t like it. They repeat the same thing over and over again… My life is totally messed up. I tried evoking King paimon 3 month back… But nothing happen then I tried evoking Lord Azazel 5,6 times, I failed.I even made him a sigil it took 30 minutes and tried evoking him Nothing happens… Then I diverse my mind towards Lord Lucifer I made a hand printed sigil which took 20 min and lot of hardwork and I tried contacting him… Nothing happens this time… Then I said to myself I’m fed up with this occult and shit… But today I again tried evoking lucifer thinking… Lets give it a shot!! But literally nothing happened I put my whole energy to charge the sigil after gazing the sigil for straight 15 minutes I was really weak and exhausted and I tried to sleep but due to thoughts running in my mind I can’t sleep… And the worst case is I have Migraine… My head literally pains 24/7…These days I’m having a lot of trouble while sleeping… While sleeping I look against the walls and many thoughts pop up like… Why lord lucifer is not coming?..Why he hates me?..Why lord azazel is not showing any sign?.. Why do demons hate me soo much Even thou I respect then 24 hours?? I also wanna have lord lucifer… King Paimon in my head 24/7…I wanna be super friendly for them…I want to crack jokes with them… I want to work with them but they are not giving any shit… What have I done man?? All I wanted to do is to make my better…and talk to someone I’m interested in… Guysss pls Help me in Contacting or pls tell them to send energy or pls ask your demon Why my evokation not working…?? Thanks Guys it means a lot to me… Best of luck for your future😄


Nobody hates you, there’s no reason to assume that when you haven’t developed your psychic senses enough to feel when they come. The ones you’ve called always come.

You sound very blocked - and very anxious and stressed which makes blocks worse. The migraine and the trouble sleeping could be a sign they’re trying to work on your energy for you.

What practice do you do to develop your senses and energy levels? Do you do kundalini energy work on yourself? Can you sense other occult beings like ghosts, feels other’s emotions and intention, anything like that?


@Maulbeere My opinion is same.


Just because you could not feel them there does not mean that they did not show up, It just may mean that your 3rd eye may need opened. so my suggestion is to try some techniques to open it


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I always meditate before evoking spirit… And now I’m feeling really cold…My head hurts due to the evokation I did today, its like I will be resting in bed for somedays


Yeah - I had that issue - very yin and low energy levels. You probably need to cultivate more yang qi. Look up ‘full body breathing’ on this forum and pull energy from the sun to warm you up.

Or starting invoking much more yang entities like Prometheus - worked for me.


It is very difficult to say why an entity or being doesn’t come to you. It seems like you need little boost to get you confident in your abilities to prove to yourself that you have the capability. Why don’t you start small?


Can I evoke lucifer by only using candles and sigil?? I don’t have, any incense in my house.


Sorry,I didn’t understand.


Evocation is a practice that needs to be developed, and often interacts with other preparatory practicies.
On the other hand it isn’t a guarantee that a demon, angel or spirit will appear in physical form. Often their presence is so diffenent than what we expext that peoplw don’t notice that the summoning was successful.
To give an example, yesterday I performed an evocation. Appearently nothing happened. However the atmosphere was different than before. When I made my request, I noticed a sort of breeze on my eyes (and this was related with my request).
Ig you don’t mind about my advice, begin with simplier practices such as skrying in a black mirror or in the fire.
Or, you can simply take the sigil, begin the invocation while gazing the sigil until you reach a state of “trance”.
Don’t have expectations about HOW the entity will make herself present (it happens even that entities comunicate to you on an intellectual level, namely trough thoughts). Be patient, since it seems that you are anxious for results. This can make you blind to see possible results.
Evocation is an extensive topic and apparitions could happen in many different forms.
Keep us up to date.


I meant before calling Lucifer or King Paimon, may be you can start with angels as they are easy to work with, and by working with them you will know how to recognise when an entity or energy is around you or trying to communicate with you.

In occult you are on your own, you need to be patient. Do research on how to get started in occult and it is not that only when you talk to Lucifer or King Paimon for the very first time you should consider yourself successful in occult. Occult is a vast array of disciplines, not just Lucifer or King Paimon.


my dear says your too blocked off to call on them like well technically he said your clling he wrong ones…try to losen up n meditate read up on all of them and pick the one who best fits you who isnt a king ive heard that they do come but if you dont have enough experience or not developed enough you wont be able to hear see or feel them try camio and tell him your problems and he will get you to the one you need to speak to make sure to stay opened minded n no fear
u got this


Of course you can,all you need is a sigil.