I need a scan

I feel like I’m polluted within my auric fields, Can someone scan me for polluted energies possibly someone experienced, any help would be appreciated because I’ve had some serious problems the last couple of years

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How are your energetic defences? Do you daily do energy cleanse?

When you tell someone what you feel is wrong with you then request a scan you taint the scan results. You’re suppose to give no information as to why you need the scan besides the type of scan.

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I apologize. But I dont want my personal input to dilute the results which it would a bit. I’m very peculiar about what I do and dont do some days.

No problem, I could give it a shot but at the moment I’m at work.

Hello Rungr could you do a energy scan on me? If you have time ofc. Be well //Addi

I got a green energy vibe from your energy like a dark green look to it.

I am new to scaning so take it for what it is.

I got the same kinda energy this morning.

I too would appreciate a scan if you have the time.

I never tried this. I’m picking up some worry and confusion. Tension in the abdomen. Solar plexus possibly blocked or needs clearing.

Also saw a white light nearby when I was trying to tune in.

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@Voodooking When I scanned you, your aura is this smokey black color, the feeling off of it isn’t a “bad” feeling but more like you’re a bit to yourself, secretive but your aura field does seem like it has some “holes” in it, by this I mean not literal holes but the flow of it seems like it’s not refined, which to me gives off this feeling of uncertainty and almost stagnant. Looking further into your auric field, I see a soft pink color, which gives off this insecure vibe a lack of self-worth to some degree, but this pink is small, past that is this foresty green color aura that is a bit closer to your body than the black and pink, which feels like there’s some hidden eradicate emotions that may not be seen on the surface, but it’s there. As for your energy system, I see some stagnation around your chest area, it seems like a lot actually where it’s clumped around your minor chakras in your chest and smaller specks of stagnation in your arms and legs, it looks like the flow of your energy is like slow which usually isn’t a problem but with the stagnation there it seems like it has no choice but to flow this way because of the “clogs” in your energy system.


I also saw that black flickery things ner the body it was like it was moving black things on the green energy feild.

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Thank you both for your feedback

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All replies confirms my suspicions of what is going on.

What is a scan? Can I have one done?

Explains scanning and how to do it

Here you can scan and be scanned

A scan is a form of divination used to find and interact with your own or another’s energy using your clairvoyant abilities feel, see, smell, hear, taste, the energy and describe it. It also helps when trying to tell the difference between real entities and thoughtforms, or if there’s stagnation in the energy body etc.