I’m Reaching Out To The Adepts, The Advanced, To Be Apart Of Something Great

The Infernal Obelisk.

This is the great dark work, which I am now being compelled to bring to the world but I would be honoured to have your help. Read through this and if you feel the calling, the pulling and gravitational allure of the heart of outer darkness, then you are destined for such work and I believe many of you are.

There separating the lower planes of existence, is that gaping tenebrous bridge, The Abyss. Known by many as outer darkness, the land of no return, the land of perdition, a vast abysmal blackness, the black void of the zero dimension which we now refer to as, The Infernal Empire. In this ancient darkness, the blackened river flows, the currents of all the hell-realms and chthonic domains, all these diabolical currents of power meet here. The lake of fire, the black bloody waters of the qliphoth, the stream of the black light, and countless other infernal streams converge in the midst of this place. As these streams converge they are akin to veins, flowing with the very blood of all the devils, all the fiends and creatures of darkness. As all these converge into the black singularity, as the blood which carries the power of all the kingdoms, realms and dominions of the dark and the nightside, it then coalesces.

As these powers intermingle and merge, it makes a sound which echos throughout all existence. Which can only be heard by those who know how to listen, by the very children of darkness. These sounds are interrupted differently, some hear howls, screams, the rumbling of the belly of the beast. Others hear infernal trumpets being blown, as if the devils raise their flags and banners nearing the apocalypse. The song of the abyss is played, yet this song is a beating of a heart, the very heart of outer darkness, the heart of the abyss. This heart has many layers, it shines with a luminescent darkness, the very light of darkness itself shines bright, yet eternally dark nonetheless. This heart is a black obelisk, it’s colour is so black that it seems like a infinite black hole, which as no beginning nor end. The Infernal Obelisk, the heart of outer darkness is alive, it is sentient, it’s veins shines all the colours of darkness, for the force of light has its spectrum of colour, so too does the darkness. As these veins pulse against the obsidian alien-like structure, it feeds the pinnacle of the obelisk. At the correct moment the summit of the pinnacle, which many have seen as the black pyramid it shines a beacon of black light.

This beacon emanates through the formative plane, into the world of extroverted soul, it punctures into the very heart of eternity, the source itself. The beacon then reverses it’s current drawing in the divine light which forms all reality, siphoning it. Containing it within every fibre of the devils structure, transmuting the very power of the gold of the gods, the light of the divine. It blackens it nerving the powers of the heavens and hell as one. Those who are given access then may invert the beacon to radiate downwards through all the planes, to come here and now. The infernal obelisk will manifest as the physical obelisk here and now, within the temples of the living gods, the children of darkness. This is inevitable, this irrefutable, this is just the glimpse of the infernal obelisk, the heart of outer darkness. This is the centre of this great dark terrible work, it was the fact that I caught a glimpse of this heart of outer darkness, this black obelisk/devils obelisk that took my ascent and path of becoming to a whole other level. In ancient Egypt the obelisks symbolism is connected to the story of Atum the creator deity in the Egyptian pantheon. It represents the benben, the mound that Atum emerged from in the darkness and endless abyss that existed before creation came into being. The primordial mound upon which Atum the self created creator, who was a product of the energy and power contained within eternal chaos itself. Whereas the Egyptian two ancient obelisks was also related to “The Two Heavens” as well as the dual obelisks raised in honour of the kings, but also to honour the gods themselves. In the new kingdom era rituals where performed around the obelisks in order to give offerings unto the gods. Some have considered that the obelisk represents vitality, immortality and the gods. Others also believe the obelisk symbolised the sun god Ra, as well as a ray of the Aten disk. It also has its connection with the myth of the rising of Atum, the obelisk being the benben, the mound that rose from the abysmal waters of darkness, of which the creator was on. The benben stone also called pyramidion, which is the top stone of the Egyptian pyramid, which can be associated with the pinnacle of the obelisk.

Not only were the obelisks found in Egypt, the Assyrian civilisation were known to have erected the obelisks too. A few of these obelisks were found in the Assyrian civilisation, like the white obelisk, the black obelisk, the broken obelisk etc. The obelisk has appeared in a few places around the world, but it was primarily known as the sacred four sided structure, which were considered the dwelling of the creator god Atum. I tried to figure out exactly why it was a obelisk which is the structure that I saw as the heart of the infernal empire, the very heart of darkness and its connection to the origins of Egypt. It then made sense once I started to understand it, in the Egyptian myth the obelisk was the first structure that emerged from the darkness, in its centre, like its core. It made sense in the Egyptian myth the obelisk was the first and only structure in the ancient darkness, just like the abyss itself, once all layers were torn away the only structure left was the obelisk, the living and sentient black obelisk itself.

The obelisk then can be compared to the very powers of the ancient darkness, the force of chaos beyond the concepts of duality. Just like many ascended spiritual beings understood just like the pyramids are conductors of energy, ancient batteries for power, the obelisks were also rods of power, pulling in the power of the gods. The obelisk is a symbol of great power, the infernal obelisk however consumes and transmuted the siphoned power of all formed existence, bringing it back into the unformed, the un-manifest. Pulling in the very power of the source and the lower planes and the highest. The above, the below, the omega, the alpha, everything into the black singularity, dissolving the very limitations of the power in the blackened flames of the infernal, then releasing it as pure unfettered, formless and raw limitless power. The soul which aligns, accesses and eventually becomes one with the infernal obelisk, is then one with everything and nothing at the same time. To truly be in all and outside of the all simultaneously, he/she will become the core of the heart of darkness, which means you are connected to all the hells, becoming a devourer of every and all heavens, literally overpowering and eating the divine, as a blasphemous form of divine cannibalism.

Every demon, devil, infernal entity and spirit of darkness, is connected to the infernal obelisk. Just like all things that are formed by the light of the source are connected to source, the black obelisk can be seen and viewed then as the black source of dark existence, a acasual existence that is untouched by divine providence. At first I saw this dark singularity as the mother of darkness, the womb of all that is evil, chaos, disorder, sinister and dark. It isn’t though as it transcends the feminine and the masculine, it transcends polarity and duality, it is beyond these universal casual laws. This path, this system isn’t created nor did i seek it, quite honestly it was laid out before I ever existed waiting, the forces herein this path merely chose me, they summoned me, I never called on them, it was them/it that initiated this.

The Beginning Work

I now have a large number of black magicians and magi’s alike coming together to take the monuments, the actual obelisk of this world and use these normal structures as actual beacons.
To connect to the heart of outer darkness, just like a alien looking to return home, just like the beacon that signals the mother ship. This is the first step, a grand connection to this force to this world, then the next step will be the construction of the temple obelisks. Prime and potent devices of connection, like tunnels and gateways, a obelisk nexus to such a force.

I have a large amount of individual that have agreed to such work, many are local, others across the world, some apprentices, some are very advanced practitioners and many of you know them, but i digress.

If you would care to join me, in this work simply comment below to be apart of the work I have been dedicating most of my life too.

The Infernal Obelisk Will Rise




I take part of this work,i will put my resources and powers unto this project,with a pull unto this project i participate.


I’m in, I’ll join you in this working and put my all into it, I feel a strong pull so this should be interesting.


Sounds great!!! I am interested


I’m not “advanced” but I’m in


me too


So you’re connecting to the infernal empire or the abyss? (often seen as different place) what is the theorized end goal/affect on those that join it? I just like to ask questions before instantly jumping into aiding in something and I’m also curious.



Interesting I’ve been shopping for an obsidian obelisk for weeks, and I make my candles as black obelisks… I was looking in the wrong place maybe :smiley:

Feels right. Count me in.


I want to participate! I’m interested!


The Infernal Empire, The Abyss, The Pit, All the hell realms connect and converge at the heart of outer darkness. So it’s all of them all the sections of every dark, demonic, chthonic and infernal realm.
All these forces, powers and energies are at their most primal nature, currents of power which converge at one dark singularity. This singularity is the heart of outer darkness, which is actually the infernal obelisk.


Strange you mention that the centre piece for this work is a very large obsidian obelisk which is centred on the altar once one reaches a specific stage of development in this path.


How does it affect those that do the working?


What is it your actually asking ?

I may be wrong but I am assuming it’s like a group working no? so I was asking how does it benefit those joining the working.

Well for starters this “group working“ isn’t about personal gain, nor is it about the typical “what do I get out of this”. This is a great work that is coming, indeed a shift is going to occur as subtle shifts have already been made. This is for those that are in love with the idea of ascent, the elevation of our species and those that walk the left hand path. As this is a global dark alchemy, therefore those that join in on this are indeed a part of something greater.

It is most definitely the age of collaboration, where we all come together for projects like this, I’ve been a part of many of these projects myself. Although projects like this are in what is generically called “Elite Orders”, I believe bringing this work to the public forum is greater. Those that join in on this will be a part of something greater, Injecting into our lives a greater force to stimulate change, evolution and becoming.

This one in particular is anchoring a force unlike any other into our world, instead of working with demons, a particular devil and so on. We are bringing all the hell-realms and infernal/dark powers, including the acasual forces beyond duality and polarity to our world.


Alright, thanks for answering my questions, because I wanted to know the entirety of the situation and it doesn’t hurt to get as much information as possible :+1:


I 100% agree with you on that.


I suggest looking into Tatenen, your views will probably change in regards to the Benben. Another thing I would like to add is that there are various deities that come from the Benben not just Atum so it confuses me as to how Atum specifically has anything to do with the Infernal Empire. The Egyptian pillars you are referring to from my understanding are the Djed pillars and those are mostly associated with Osiris and Ptah. Not all deities associated with the abyss are chthonic, the Assyrian god Enki is a testament of this and the abyss according to their mythology is below Kur which is viewed as more of the void or underworld in their faith.


This is something i was planning to do anyway once I got psychic senses.


I am merely stating the connection that others have given the obelisk to the abyss and the primordial chaos, you have to understand that these are “myths” they change just like our species change.
In fact the myth had nothing to do with what I am stating, I am merely giving an insight into the associations the obelisk has received over the years.