I’m quite lost with Azazel


I have been able to communicate with spirits for awhile and I’m just starting to my journey with black magic.

I wanted to do revenge spell and I’m asking the spirits about who can do this with me. All of them said Azazel. I stunted for awhile because I don’t know what should I expect from Azazel.

Even Lilith and Belial who has been hanging around with me for awhile said the same. After that, I spoke with Azazel to find out more about his appearance in front of me.

He said he will make sure that my revenge is met and I’ll be a great magician under him. He gave me detailed plan to go with my revenge spell with what I should manifest. Upon doing my revenge, I may get into accident but I’ll be fine later. He will want me to be his discipline because I consist of demon blood since long time ago. Even Lilith agreed with this.

I was still puzzled so I asked Michael Angel. He said I need to go ahead with Azazel’s plan because this is what is stated in my birthchart and its all planned. There is nothing much he can do to stop anything because I’m part of demon side.

Well, even after speaking to all the spirits, I’m still confused because I have never thought of become complete dark side.

Any advice or anything that I should be aware of?

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Azazel is a very powerful Dark Angel that can empower a witch in any way but he is also deadly. A curse thrown through the power of Azazel is normally deadly, are the most dangerous baneful workings and probably can’t be brocken later. Anyways should be one of the last resorts.

These kind of workings are dangerous. Mixing darkest magic with abrahamic stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea. Caution!


I think so too… I was very hesitant with the cause and consequences that I have to face.

I was hurt physically and emotionally so that’s why I’m looking at revenge spell. :pensive:

What would you suggest for me look into, Rav?

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Well I mean what is light and dark really?

Some say that the darkness restores balance to the world by taking power from abusers.

But don’t be unsettled, just because you practice darkness doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. My souls race is angelic but that doesn’t mean I’m entirely good, it just means I take revenge using Angelic magick as I find they tend to listen to me more.

As for consequences? As a nurse I’d encourage you to look up ‘informed consent’. I think you should at least know what will happen. If it’s too much to handle then do a different spell. Sure Michael can tell you that you must, but at the end of the day it’s your choice.

Good luck with everything! I hope you are ok

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You are right.

I’m born as free thinker until I met the spirits. For some reason, I’m more drawn to demons than angels. However, I’m still quite influenced by praying only to the light side as what I heard from people around me. That’s why I’m having identity confusion.

But that was informative. At least I get to see from another perspective and have some confidence in myself :slightly_smiling_face:

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The triangle of manifestation of Azazel and one spirit of goetia first. Some nice one like Andras to crush the bones of your target. Goetia spirits are very friendly and happy to help.


You should listen to whatever you’re drawn to :grin: trust your instincts and your own unique way of interpreting the spirits :slightly_smiling_face: have you tried praying to lucifer? I’m sure he’d be really helpful with an identity crisis, religious dogma has had a lot to do with that kind of thing.

Feel free to DM me if you’d like help with finding a good curse! I’ve used a range of curses both for revenge and to defend myself and people I care about. We take our power back from abusers through the magick we use.


Yes, I agree! Demons from Goetia have been very nice and they helped me without any offers required (as they said they don’t need anything). I have yet to work with Andras but that will be a good recommendation to start with. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Manifesting triangle of Azazel… do you mean for me to understand him better during manifesting before I decided to proceed with him?

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I have not gone to Lucifer yet but I believe that the spirits will bring me to him someday. But that is nice to hear that he is helpful too! :heart:

That will be great! Haha. Indeed, some times curses are handy to stop abusers from coming. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. I think the system didn’t allow me to send you a message. Could you help me with that? Sorry for the trouble!

Oh yeah, Azazel has powerful energies, it’s ok to approach him step by step. Maybe there are guys who directly have started to do elaborated workings with Azazel but that is doubtful.

Azazel not dark side.

Stop listening to the propaganda of evil people with their own agendas to stop you from finding your own abilities.

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Azazel is pretty dualistic in nature honestly. While his energy for the most part is abyssal, he is also connected to solar and creative energies as well.

While Azazel is a good entity to call upon for baneful work, he also specializes in personal growth and identity as well so maybe he would be a good entity to work with in regards to finding yourself aside from the baneful stuff.

Azazel specializes in empowerment, protection, justice, knowledge, warfare, and identity.


Sure! I’ll do that. Thank you for your advice, Rav :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right. Some times I don’t feel right when they were only talking one-sided story. I’m glad to hear this from you :slight_smile:

That is very insightful, Harith! It gives me more clarity the work with Azazel. Indeed, I’m starting to feel him helpful as I was communicating with him.


Hey! I finally was able to message you! haha

Haha saw that! Thanks :kissing_heart:

Personally don’t like to work with him, kinda knows to be abusive, to let u know who is the boos kind a thing

Hello, guys :wave:t2: Just an update about how is everything going with me and Azazel. Azazel can be really nice and really badass (not to me), depending on what you want to do with him. So far, he has taught me numerous stuff (i didn’t request for that but thanks) such as spells and manifestation.
As I’m always sensitive of bad things happening in near future, Azazel has turned my life another way round. He made it possible to avoid those bad things. He would also forecast some stuff when I wanted to know the results (and it did happen every time).
I’m quite grateful with him guarding every time and making my emotional state better :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I’d tell you if you asked me that Azazel is an extremely strong, violent, fallen angel. Beware his wrath. Whatever agreement you make for him to assist you in your workings be damn sure to keep the agreement is all I’d say.

He’s going to bring the action! Have fun!

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