Newbie needs help

HI there! So, I’m very new with magick and created an account on the forum just minutes ago, I have no experience in spell casting but this is my story:

This summer I met a guy while we were on a study vacation. We immediately noticed each other and i could tell he was interested as he always wanted to be with me, would look for every way to have physical contact with me and teased me. We got togheter after a few days but it didn’t last that long, probably because of my behaviour. ( my friends teased him cause he made a gigantic hickey on my neck that in their opinion looked like male genitalia and I did too. Plus I’d always ask him to help me hold things as the weather changed all the time and he complained that when he asked for thing I didn’t do them straight away. This sort of things ).
I’ll avoid going too much into detail but we eventually split up the 8th of August, the day we were supposed to leave and go back home. He didn’t want to talk to me but he always tried to be near me. I confronted him anyways on the reasons why he wanted to leave me and he said that the issue was distance ( 3h by train) and when I asked him to look me in the eyes and say “i don’t love you” he couldn’t.
Once back home we started texting again.
After a week or something like that he started looking very interested again and he was talking about doing certain things, meeting and stuff. Then the 18th when confronted on why he didn’t want to be with me and first said that the issue was distance and then proceeded to say that he wasn’t as interested in doing certain things as he was before.
After 1/2 days we texted and he made me believe that everything was back to normal but then by nighttime told me It was just to test me and I was very hurt by that.
23rd of august: I’m not going to say how but he made it known that he had a new gf, so I congratulated him and told him he could have just told me. But then he says " I think you misunderstood, I’m still interested in you" and I basically told him that it doesn’t matter anymore because he has a gf now and told him to spend time with her as he was going to leave for another trip the next day
24th of august: he writes to me and tells me she was just a b*tch as his bff saw her kissing with other guys. By the evening he had already asked to get back with me and I told him to gain my trust back before that. He started worrying too much saying I surely didn’t want him back ( not true ) and it almost looked like I was after him
25th says he tought about it and decided he doesn’t want a gf because he needs to figure himself out. I said “ok but untill you say you have feelings for me don’t go around doing things with other girls. If you want to just don’t say you love me anymore.”
Since then till the 28th he always talks about wanting me to be there with me, hugging me, kissing me and such.
29th 2nd of september: gets back home, texts less, reads, doesn’t reply. I ask him multiple times if anything’s wrong but he always says ni. I eventually confront him and ask explanations on all that has happened. The next day I notice he isn’t answering to that text, he then says he doesn’t want to and I ask him to at least tell me if he’s still interested and he says that the way I had been acting the past few days was starting to make him lose interest and i had to change my behaviour. So I did
From that day on till the 11th of september I made sure I teased him and made him want to write to me, and that worked, has he always replied and looked interested
From the 11th to around the 22nd he was very intrested, always wrote to me, wanted to visit me and spend time with me and other things
From the 22nd he started being more distant and such and I was worried. So I wrote to the girl I thought was a friend of his just to find out she was his ex as well. They had been togheter multiple times for short periods, the first being at the end of January, and after just 2 days she found out he was dating other girls. The last time they had been togheter was at the end of June, and after a while he met me and left her for me. After he came back he had been briefly talking to others but nothing serious but he had also never told her about me ever again. The 24th of august he had not only asked me to get back togheter but also her ( we’re not sure who he asked first ) but she rejected him. She also said she’d never get back with him as he hurt her too much even tho she still liked him and so I asked for her help, I wanted to know if he cared about me and in what way.
27th I was talking to him and the topic of “who do you like” came up so he asked me who thst person was. I winged it and said it was him that I had feelings for and asked who he liked. He said he wasn’t sure about having feelings me but he definetly wasn’t in love with anyone else. So I asked him if that was really a “I don’t know” or more of “I don’t love you but I don’t want to tell you” but he didn’t reply
28th the girl I had been in contact with says that when she told him she was intrested in a boy he said not to get close to him as he’d make her go away. By the afternoon he asked her to get back togheter, and She, who had sworn wasn’t going to say yes, did. I felt kinda betrayed and like I had been lied to. The worst part was that I knew she wasn’t actually in love with him, she had already rejected him and had started to talk with another guy. It felt as if she said yes just to hurt me and make me miserable.
29th: she found out that he had also been talking with another girl, that girl sent her screenshots in which he said that he was in love with her and stuff. When confronted with that he said he was testing her and then never talked to her again
Since the 28th: me and the guy kept talking, he said he cared about me, a lot, that he was always there for me and that i was part of his priorities. I needed some advice on two guys that where after me, one was my ex and now my bff and the other was the friend of my past bff. Regardless of what I had to say, what they said and did, he said get away from them, they just want to use you and don’t you dare feel alone because I’ll be the one that stays. He got very angry and protective whenever I talked about them but in the next days he didn’t really text me often.
The 7th (I think): I found out they had sex ( which yeah, doesn’t mean much but still ) and i was very hurt as i tought that was the proof he truly felt something for her and it wasnt just so that he wouldnt loose her ( not sure about that anymore ).
October 8th( I think ): I was talking to him about one of those guys who was after him and even if he was busy he replied the exact moment I sent my texts. He refered to him as a d1ck head but after a few texts I said “but he also did something that are similar by type to things you’ve done”. So he got really angry, he was offended even tho I made it clear that I didn’t mean to call him that but just made an observation. Then I basically confessed that I was still into him, I missed him and was sad that he got into a new relationship and had sex with her and stuff but that if that was what made him happy and he didn’t love me anymore I couldn’t do much. He didn’t want to talk to me so I said “ok but don’t forget about me and that i exist”. We talked a bit the next day but he still didn’t want to talk so I left him alone.
October 12: I had to go to the hospital ( ongoing medical condition ) and I posted a story which he then replyed to and was worried about. Unfortunately he lost his phone. He used someone’s phone which he had her number on to communicate with her
15th: he found his phone plus I had accidentally shared something which he replyied to. We then kept talking and he looked very interested in doing that and replyied straight away but then I told him I didn’t mean to share that post and he seemed disappointed by the fact I didn’t text him on purpose and eventually didn’t reply to one of my texts even tho he read it ( probably also because he went to bed ).
16th: We kept talking and I asked him if he was still angry but he kept saying ill answer later but didn’t. So I stopped asking and we kept talking, with him still looking like he wanted to talk even of he was busy. She wrote to me in the afternoo asking if me and him had talked and I said" yeah a bit, what happened?" As she was saying they had a really bad argument but couldn’t tell me then, he wrote to me basically asking how I see him ( not directly ). I wanted to know what happened between them first so I told him they were going to run tests on me ( I’m still in the hospital ) and waited for her to tell me the story; it turns out the argued over stupid things and he threatened not to talk with her ever again. I told her those were stupid things and they should just talk about it and she said they were right in that moment ( note: i had just sent him a text saying i could answer right then whisch he had read and not replyed to ) and after 30 min told me everything was fine. Then he texted back and i told him that since he had a girlfriend i could only say that i scared about him, tought he was cool and wanted to be his friend. So he said he felt thst way as well and asked what else was there…and i told him i still liked him, wanted to Kiss him, go out with him ad get back togheter but he had to tell me what he tought as well. He replyied by saying he’d answer later because he was busy
17th: we talked about stuff and eventually, after asking me not to tell his gf, he told me he wanted to do certain things with me,i asked if it was only physical and replyed with “it’s mostly the fact I still have feelings for you. But I also have feelings for my girlfriend”. And that was it, he was very sweet, and we talked about other stuff. So his gf wrote to me saying she was sick of him, that he was distant and always angry with her since the 15th and so I told her “listen, if you feel bad for how he treats you and he doesn’t stop that, just leave him, because he doesn’t care about you and probably is loosing interest”.


  1. a spell to make him love me more and only me ( but not obsess over me because that’s not what I want. I want him to feel the truest form of love possible, a love that will make him want to be with me, come to meet me often even if its hard and not cheat. I want him to feel happy and not like that’s not what he wants. I know we could be very very happy togheter and I love him very much )
  2. a spell to make him stop loving her, if he even loves her
  3. a spell to make them distant and hate each other
  4. a spell to make it impossible for her to hurt either me or him
  5. if you think the love spell is not enough: a spell to make him not cheat, one to make him want to see me more and act on it and another to give him peace and happiness with me
  6. basically advice in the best spells, how to perform them correctly and make sure they work and what to do in case they don’t work/something goes wrong


  1. I have almost NO EXPERIENCE in performing spells
  2. since Monday the 14th I started doing this spell: while stirring sugar in my tea in a clockwise motion I say "I speak to all entities, bring (the name of the guy), love and happiness closer to me"and I repeat that multiple time and the last time I had “so be it”. Sometimes I sip a bit and the repeat the same words or “I speak to all entities, make ( the name of the guy ) only truly love me and leave ( the name of the girl )” or similar things. I think it might have helped ( got inspired by Darienne Empire on YouTube )
  3. I was already thinking of perform the candle spell from the video “do love spells really work?” by E.A. Koetting, are the love spells you suggested more suited?


For starters, you may use this
with Gaap, the spirit n. 33 here
This entity can make them hate each other and him love you.
About performing spells, here is an outline

Thank you very much, ill give it a look and let you know

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