I lost my most precious possession

Today I lost my most precious possession, it was a ring given by someone I cared a lot and holds very high sentimental value. Unfortunately I was told a guy found it but then threw it on the street. A very nice girl offered to go and check but she couldn’t find it. Now I fear to have lost that forever. Is there a way that can help me find my ring and get it back that is also beginner friendly?

Vassago excells at finding things, but if you think that your ring qualifies as “stolen”, then Andromalius may help too.


Where can i find their sigils? Are there specific ways i should address them/speak to them or conduct the ritual? Any tips?

You can google their sigils.

Thank you…I really hope this works because I really want it back. If anyone else has other suggestions please write then down, just in case I’m not able to achieve my goal. How long do you think I’ll take me to get my ring back?

Well, the key is definitely inside of you. I used to lose stuff as a child and later in life. I still do and for me the answers come in dreams be it me or something channeling the answer to me. The biggest memory was of a toy plastic piece that was so very very small. The dream showed me the exact location. When I awoke I looked there and it was there. Its very possible for you to find it but everyone will have different techniques they will connect with. I wish you the best of luck.

How can I have such dreams? Is there a way to induce them or help me get them?

I can’t say for you. You could try what others have. You could meditate and concentrate on it. If you have a picture you could focus on it. Some say you need to blank your mind and let go. And as others have suggested you could contact a spirit to help or maybe you could try a dowsing rod you have created (google dowsing rods be they metal or wood). For me dreams just come. You could fast, try sleep deprivation, exercise exhaustion or all three in addition to void meditation with dowsing. You’ll have to experiment and maybe LOA or synchronicity will happen. And don’t forget reason and logic on where you think you lost it. Often, object bounce or get caught in such ridiculous places that leaves you puzzling HOW???

Thank you so so much! I hope I can get my ring back. I’ll keep you guys informed!

The following are the Abra-melin Magic (or Holy) Squares for finding a stolen object.
If you don’t know how to use them but would like to, I can pm you the method.



(My inner 8th grader came out)

Hit up the Archangel Kamael. Any sigil will do, though I use his name written in Hebrew. He has an uncanny way of getting things back to people. I’m to the point where I just ask him and things show up shortly after.

Story time: I have a Sailor Jerry zippo lighter I put a servitor in. I realized it was missing one day and I did a quick ritual to retrive it. I go back to the diner I was at and no dice. I let it go and while I’m at the gym the next day I feel prompted to ask the front desk if they saw a lighter.

Someone said “Yeah, on my way in I overheard someone say they found a lighter. Check the new lost and found drawer, the old one is piling up.”

Someone found it, walked it over instead of pocketing it, and they overheard a technicality about it going in a new lost and found drawer unbeknown to the rest of the staff. It would have sat there until someone took it home otherwise. Kamael.

Guy rocks. If you’re very new look at Damon Brand’s Archangel book. He’s in there, Priceless


I see no one mentioned lady gremory she can find anything

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Vassago always tell me where things are. I adore him <3