I keep seeing this girl

For a couple years now, usually during a very lucid or spiritual dream, I’ve been seeing this petite blonde girl. She seems to know me, but she’s never spoken to me before. I don’t have a name to call her and ask either, she just happens to show up.

For example, she was around when I had a dream about parasites, recieved the message that I’d spent 110 lives doing something, etc. and she was seemingly shy and skittish of me then.

She was also around when I was in a school, and her mom had passed, and I was trying to get her out of danger. She was fearful, but trusting.

Then there was the time that she appeared when I was redecorating a room with some subtle but positive purpose. She came up to me and smiled, almost as if she was proud of me.

I don’t dream of her often or even consistently, but usually when she appears in the dreams I’m already very lucid and there’s messages to be found in them.

I don’t think that she’s some sort of reflection, as she feels like a distinct person. Yet she also feels highly familiar to me, it’s a very weird combination that I’m not sure how to properly navigate. I can’t even tell if she can speak due to her comfort with silence. What do you guys think I should do?


I’m inclined to say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but I’d be super curious too.
Do you think she could handle being evoked?


She never came across as “weak” in appearance, but I honestly don’t know anything apart from the fact that she visits, so I couldn’t say for certain. Besides, don’t you need their name to evoke?

I don’t thing so. The name or sigil is great as a link when you have nothing else, but you’ve met her, you know exactly who she is and what she feels like, and to my mind that’s a stronger link than anything other than physical pieces like blood.

That makes sense. Though I’ve never evoked without a sigil or a name before, heck, I’ve never traditionally evoked. Usually I just ask for a visit and that works out. Is there anything special behind an evocation that I should take note of?

If you search here for “evocation guide” you’ll find people post tips, some specific to certain entitues. There’s constant convos on here about evoking though, if you keep reading you’ll pick up a lot practically by osmosis :slight_smile:

Try this one from the supreme Lady Eva to start, or if you’re abook person, try Evoking Eternity by E A Koetting

Oh alright. I was just concerned that it might be different if it were a non-demonic. Glad to see it applies. Thanks for the help Maul!

You have a lot of options, evokation is one of them. I didn’t think you knee yet what she is, and evocation is a decent catch all. You can use it with anything including human ghosts.

You could also try journeying, lucid dreaming, ouija, or pendulum techniques.

The author Robert Moss in his book Dreamgates has a technique to re-enter a dream in trance state to complete it or take it in a different direction. Since she comes in lucid dreams you might prefer that?

Almost sounds like Astaroth. She works in dreams sometimes and thats how she appears in mine most of the time. Only thing is I’ve never known her to be the shy type lol. Whoever it is though they seem to be helping you so shrugs