I just cannot concentrate

I just cannot concentrate long enough to open a sigil. My mind starts to wander or I start getting frustrated. I just can’t do it. Does anyone have any suggestions? :frowning:


Try this before, it really helps me!

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That’s like asking somehow how to tell you how to hold a blade steady. Gota hold the blade to learn to hold the blade.


Are you new to this or do you normally meditate and are encountering a slump?

I’m pretty new to actually performing it myself

If you cant get adderall or coke, try coffee. I’ve used drugs to help me build concentration like a muscle, now I don’t need them because I’ve hacked my system with drugs, like Limitless. My concentration is a wild beast. I believe I probably have thee best focused attention on these forums. I just wish there was a way to test it. I’m serious, do drugs.

I remember this advice: “Gently tell your mind that you’ll think later about other things. When you get distracted, resume your concentration”. Also, authors talking about visualization sometimes give the instruction of simply assuming that the visualized object (or being) is there. In this case, having a physical sigil (either on paper or on screen) helps, and simply looking at it your concentration on it will improve.


Here is the thing. You cannot ‘’ not do ‘’ concentrative meditation. Everytime your mind wonders away, just gently bring it back, a million time. Each time you repeat the process you build a mental muscle and improve.


That is literally THE WORST advice possible.
It’ll just make you jittery and destroy your brain functions.

Start a meditation routine check out the advice here. Meditation is what makes the difference between getting good and stagnation.

Also a helpful tip for having too many thoughts on at the same time is to just do a brain dump.
Get a piece of paper and write down everything that’s distracting you that you that comes up. Once it written down and acknowledged then it stops having power over you and you can start whatever it is that’s needs your full attention. When you do this it might take 5-10 mins at first but soon you’ll realise how irrelevant these distractions are and it’ll only take you 30 seconds to clear them up.


Consider though that this implies everyone else can just quiet their brain at will and with no practice… now, do you think that’s really true? :wink:

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Also OP.
In the beginning if sigils are difficult for you then chant the enn of the spirit.
Ennis are little incantations that call up a particular entity.

Chant these to connect with the spirit desired.

Also you can have these tracks Elle made playing in the background.

There’s some enns soundtracks and guided meditations from Satan and suns and indigo priestess on YouTube you can play in the background as well until you’ve had a solid meditation routine for a few months then you won’t need them anymore.


I’m actually dealing with meditation issues myself. I’ve set up a small meditation altar and am using the kundilini meditation from Draconian Ritual Book. I have a red candle, black candle, and two dragons blood incense sticks. I try and set time to meditate at 11 each night. It’s currently Summer and its incredibly hot. I try to meditate but I end up with the following issues.

  1. The fan in my room keeps oppressing the candle flames.

  2. When I turn off the fan, its too hot to concentrate.

  3. I ruin my own concentration every time I speak one of the mantras.

Some nights I don’t even do the meditation.

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break your routine.
stop meditation " at night" try in the morning when it’s cooler, and do not make it an obligation or you are going to hate it
don’t use dragons’blood, you’re gonna suffocated with the heat,
use essential oil of frankincense in a water diffuser
use tea light candles in a glass so that the fan does not blow it- colours is only for the mind
and breath the mantra, don’t focus on it , meditation is losing your focus, one does not concentrate to meditate


Start meditating but when you do it stare at one thing and make yourself only look at it and only think of it, and slowly you’ll get better and your ability to focus will get better too :slight_smile:


This is actually one of the best, easy and simple techniques I’ve used. Very good suggestion. It did wonders for me.


I find enns fascinating, but it’s hard to tell when you’ve actually made contact. Granted, I’m about a year into this and still can’t concentrate. LOL

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