I invoked for my first time, best techniques?

so, I finally invoked belial

I’ve made a blood pact with him maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago, anyway…

I used 2 white candles (im gonna buy some black and red soon)

frankincense also

I put some drops of blood on his sigil and chanted his enn a bunch

then I spoke my own rite i made up

my question is on the specific rite to speak/use for a demon/belial, and if I should use specific candles or normal white and stuff

cuz I have many white atm, and coloured candles seem to cost more and Im not sure if I have to buy a ton of coloured ones etc haha

and I plan on invoking regularly now, and evoke eventually

so how’s the best approach to what to say, as the rite of the ritual, is making my own rites to invoke effective? and other details like candles and stuff

I’ve done lots of research and spiritual work till now, but Ive seen different advice around and not sure… so I wanted to create a thread to discuss these questions better


ooh and forgot to describe my experience! I was excited to notice a definite result.
as I spoke my rite I felt a strong, dark and powerful feeling. like as if I casted a magical spell to contact an incredibly ancient and magical being (this is kinda sarcastic, cause that’s exactly what it is anyway haha) it was a bit nervous ish, but I’m sure it’s because I’m new, but I kept going. (I won’t lie, it was a bit spooky, but I’m sure I’ll handle it better in time. after all, this was all quite a mild experience. I aspire for more direct and intense experiences in time)

and I was startled a bit but a bit satisfied and proud, because I was worried nothing might happen

it wasnt an enormous experience but communication nevertheless, in some way at least

he said to me each time I will get stronger results and that he will help strengthen me and my abilities and so on

and confirmed my pact and said I shouldn’t doubt him, myself and so on, another thing to work on

cuz I was doubting my pact worked, and if he knows about it and all that.

I’m sure the more things I do the better my connections and skills will get


thanks again


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thanks, and sure

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Nice work!

so I’m guessing my questions have been said and answered before, a lot

I just really am serious about this stuff and want to be certain I’m doing it the best way

so today I’m gonna buy 3 black and 3 red candles

dragon blood, and sandalwood, and frankincense (which I always have anyway)

and see how different variations work best with belial (and me)

I feel like spirits preferences are unique to different individuals

so he may like when I do it a certain way

along with his unique preferences, as he is unique as well, and so on

so I’ll experiment

but if anyone has specific pointers and/or advice, I’d be more than appreciated for it, and I’ll share my further experiences too

I plan on invoking him at least once everyday… for now :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks maulbeere :slightly_smiling_face:

He is not wrong. Trust yourself. What you feel is right will work best for you

thanks Iam

but I do really want some advice on, the rite to speak for invocation

can anyone explain a bit? I feel I could really use some advice and tips

how do most people do their rites speech? do they make up their own? does that work?

I don’t mind copying another person’s, on the net or whatever
like a book etc, but I kind of like making up it myself like last night (the one I made this post about, right after. aka my first invocation)

mainly because it feels like I made it, and all that

like more personal if I make it myself, but I totally won’t be against using someone else’s at all, BUT, I feel like the few I’ve seen are too much, and too complex, but I dunno

can someone just please advise me on the rite to use, (I think it’s called rite, I hope that’s the right word lol)

is it ok to make up my own? I don’t want to be doing a weak method (like my basic one I made myself)
it wasn’t like super vague or simple or anything, but it was directed towards my personal approach I was taking

that’s why I kinda like writing my own one

does the kind of speech to use make a big difference?

some light anyone?


I honestly don’t mind reading or watching another’s approach. I do a bit more research take what resonates with me, do a little divining and construct from there. Rituals, imho are personal markings and keys to unlock the gates to the spirits you approach. There is usually some communication depending on your senses and skill, refinement in the ways to call them and you build up and work from there.

I see it as a lifelong relationship and not just a disposable spirit (unless that really is your intent). If word is spread on your reliability to keep contracts and they know your respect then imho it’s like building not just tools but allies and a spiritual family you can rely on.

Whether there are familiars watching you and reporting, guides, or sentries life may throw you a curve and they may help you in a pinch. I’ve had some potentially life threatening situations usually via biking or walking and I’ve been on a really rocky road at those times with all spirits. Still, since they do know the future (many of them) they can and will save you even from inmenent death or catastrophic injury.

And there are times they teach hard lessons. Hell there’s even times they shake their proverbial heads when you attempt something in a far more difficult way when there’s an easy fix. (I can be pretty prideful or belligerent at times).

When you get a working spiri team and especially if there are goals and rewards for all in participation a lot can be done.

I’ve gotten to where I enjoy the workings more and more. It still borders to obsession at times so I have to forcibly distract myself with mundane activities and things I’ve put off.

thanks for your response Keighn

I see what you’re saying, so I guess I should just stick to my path and I’m sure I’ll find my techniques and know these simple little methods, and the big ones too

I think I’ll use my own rites until I’ve gotten used to it more, then I may try one of those heavy rites others post on the net

but if anyone has a good, or “beginner” rite to use to invoke Belial, I wouldn’t mind checking it out and see what I may want to try out