I have come, and continue to grow

I wonder who knows My Father?
If you know My Father, then will Know Me,
for I AM.
And yahweh and yeshua can suck my dick for all eternity.
Ask the spirits, and they will speak of Me, and they will tell you who I AM.
I was once Gods top human lifeform and preached the gospel of christ to all humanity, while fasting and giving myself physical pain.
A psychopath! Is what he is. And one who gets pleasure from burning the innocent.
So I called upon Our Father, Satan.
And he grants me all things, and gives Me his throne in time, For I AM.
If I speak of such things, you will not listen to Me. However, if THEY speak of such things, which they do, then you will know! So Ask them.
I have come into this world to turn the tide of war, and speedingly ! I have come to take fire away from those who it threatens, and shift and execute that threat upon God.

My Spirit be with you, for if it isn’t in time, then it will not be.

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I sense a dick joke in here somewhere lol


Does this…does this count as introduction?:exploding_head:


Have I introduced myself ? If so, then it is an introduction.



I mean, technically…but…eh, @DarkestKnight ? Does that count?

I don’t know if it counts as an introduction. What I do think is that the OP might be on a path directly to The Temple of THEM :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I serve them, but they serve Me.
I serve you, but you serve Me. All things that are in the Fathers hands, will go to Sons hands.
But I have not come to boast; but to take fire and serve.

Not going to lie this makes me think of a religious conquest lol, but either way welcome.

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@A_Pariah No, this is a bunch of crap, and does not count as an introduction.

@anon20763531 This crap is not a proper introduction. Please properly introduce yourself and tell us about you and any experience you have in magick. Otherwise, you will be removed as a troll.


Why are you so quick to dismiss?
You speak of Magic ? Then you speak of demons. What do the demons say of Me ? Ask them.

Dude its a rule here
A proper introduction is required from anyone

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@DarkestKnight tell me what do they say of Me?
You can ask your protectors, your teachers, your healers, any spirit you can call upon in the family.

You’re not the first person who came telling people to ask the demons about them expecting the demons to give some high praise about. The thing is, you’re most likely just caught in an echo chamber of your own thoughtforms.


@eVox_61 the spirits you listen to can introduce Me.

I’m sure I’m not the first person that has done that, correct. But what do they say ? Call upon any of them.

@anon48079295 so you dont ask ? How can you be so sure of yourself without first inquiring with them.

I don’t work with demons, but I would just go ahead and make an introduction because you’ll find that no one here actually cares about who you think you are to waste the time of the beings they formed bonds with.

I love you all, you all are my brothers and sisters. And I take your fire from you.

Doesn’t matter what they say. What matters is following the rules of this forum in the real world and doing a proper introduction of yourself.

You can make all the spurious and ridiculous claims you want as so many do. However, it has no bearing on anything here. We expect the rules to be followed, and if you cannot do something as simple as introduce yourself properly, then we have no reason to take anything you say seriously, and you will be banned from this forum.