I have been getting discouraged lately

Hi all,
So I started getting interested in demonolatey several months ago and really the only being I’ve been drawn to is Belial. I don’t really know why this is the case, but I always feel funny about trying to invoke someone else.

So far, I haven’t had any real success with Belial. I have left offerings, I burn incense for him and mediate on his sigil, chant his enn, burn candles, and make blood offerings. I don’t know if it’s because what I am asking from him is unattainable (mostly just help in the improving my life, changing it really mostly in terms of improving my feelings of self-worth and power) but really I am most interested in just establishing a connection with him and getting to know him—a kind of mutual respect. Is there something I am doing wrong, or are there just certain people who DOnt have the ability to establish contact from those not of this world?

This is a LONG shot, but I do know of people on here who have the ability to channel or make a strong connection with Belial, can anyone help me?


Demonolatry is basically worshipping demons, Belial is going to keep taking what you give and ignoring your polite requests because that is, in general, how he rolls with most people.

Have a look at our first encounter: Rosier goetic ritual

Once you read that, take a look here, this is up-to-date though needs a few things added, but the basics are covered: My "Belial Files" : 2017 Update

I like Belial a hell of a lot and have even white-knighted for him online, in the past :laughing: so I’m not saying don’t be generous, BUT you can’t pussyfoot around, you need to man up and show him that you’re worth his time and attention, that you have some fire in your belly. :+1:

The “fuck you” within is the magician’s true staff of power. That’s why a lot of us come from bad backgrounds or have strange lifestyles, we may not be perfect ascended beings, but we have the “fuck you” down pat. :laughing:


In my early work with Belial this is one of the first thing I learned.

He isn’t someone to take lightly nor is he someone to be disrespectful with. You have to keep in mind that he has his own agenda with you and your relation to him and keep in mind that you can never fully control the outcome of your ritual with him. He’s a prince / king, so why would he be so easily controlled though…

The thing that helped me get in contact with him and have him finally answer me was perfecting an energy awareness meditation I had been working on.

It involves chanting the enn of your chosen entity, and closing your eyes while focusing on a ball of light forming in front of you. The goal is to bring the ball of light into your senses. It helps you begin to perceive when they appear.

While I can perform a channel / invocation with him, I won’t do it solely because your questions cant be answered by me. You have to find your way there yourself. Your best bet if you are having issues with conducting a proper ritual with him would be the following suggestions :

  1. Focus on meditation and energy awareness development.

  2. Practice setting up your ritual space and breaking it down and setting it up again. If the entity can see that you have some form of respect for them, they are more willing to work with you specifically.

  3. The connection can’t be forced. Especially with the princes / kings / queens of hell. You have to learn to develop your own style that works for you and focus on forming it into the things you read online.

  4. Read anything and everything you can that is related to Belial. I didn’t have my first contact from him until I performed it under the influence. So I’m not sure how to help other than that on that aspect.

  5. Sometimes entities will not show themselves or even allow themselves to be perceived if they don’t think you are taking things seriously. Not to say you arent, but the more you educate and prepare yourself for the experience the more respect you will receive from them in return.




Ha, if you ask Belial to open your senses, he will open your senses. He did test me though and at times I feel it is a bit much. I’m like what am I doing purposely driving myself crazy.
If you can recall your dreams sleeping on his symbol can help you establish a connection and start to understand what he is about.
Also I used this Belials-gateway-symbols to contact him. Oh wow it really worked. (and just generally super charged my practice in ways I did not expect or anticipate)


Thanks! This might sound like a silly question, but since I have, you know, been pretty polite in terms of my offerings/invocations and am being ignored, would it be a good idea to refuse my almost daily offerings and meditations? Or would that be seen as spiteful?
I guess my thought process initially in response to what you said was “well, if he is going to ignore me than I won’t tolerate that” but I don’t want to anger him–I guess the question is this: Will he even notice or care?

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Maybe give it a break, and then if you decide, come back to it. Breaks are good. They allow you to step back from a practice and give it a whole new perspective instead of beating your head against the walls doing the same thing forever (RHP religion goes into the whole do the same thing forever and ever no matter what, and that is why I am on the LHP)


Be businesslike, not emotional or petty: state that you have approached him in this manner with honest intent and that now you would like to start seeing some results, and work from the basis that future offerings are dependent upon results.

Don’t grudge what was given but make it clear that this is a transaction, and that from now onwards you will be very generous when you get results, but not otherwise.

Being businesslike with spirits is usually appreciated, I have found, because most people alternate between grandiosity (not really felt though, more like a fragile defence mechanism) and literal grovelling to entities who have never done jack shit to help them, and again, underneath the grovelling is a very passive-aggressive kind of attitude that if they kiss enough ass, they can exploit this being. True admiration and love are totally different to what i am describing here.

Just be upfront and professional instead, treat them like beings who have their own agenda and approach them to see if there are ways to work together. :+1: