I have a question

Yesterday my son told me that he can see through other people’s eyes. This peaked my curiosity. Upon asking several questions about it from what he described he is remote viewing others people’s senses.

Here is my question. Has anyone ever heard of this ability before and how can I help him develop it?


That is very interesting, and is a first that I have heard of it. Maybe it is a form of scanning? Wish I could be of more help, following to see if anyone else knows, as my own curiosity has been sparked


Mine is a firework right now…
Bumped so it gains more attention and answers.


Yes. I used to be able to do it when I was young. Essentially, I was splitting my consciousness between myself and the other person (of course, I didn’t know that was what I was doing at the time; I just thought it was neat).

I was sort of a passenger in the head of the other person, but occasionally I would pick up stray thoughts from them. I will say, it is the weirdest feeling to look at yourself through someone else’s eyes.

Sadly, I lost the ability once my Higher Self put up the shield. This is the first time, though, that I have ever heard of someone else doing the same thing. Neato! :slight_smile:


@Mystic-Void @Dralukmun
Thank you for the replies.

Is there a way others can learn this? Or at least a way for me to help him develop it?


Yes. There are techniques for transferring your consciousness into objects and becoming them that will aid in developing the ability. It’s not too far from becoming a vase to hitching a ride in another consciousness.

The main difference, at least for me, was that the ability was passive, not active. I wasn’t trying to affect the other person or meld with them, as with the vase technique. I was just riding them.

To further the development of your son’s ability, I would teach him to focus his attention, so that instead of only seeing through the eyes, he can ride every sense. If the person he’s riding sucks on a lemon, your son’s mouth should pucker up.


@DarkestKnight thank you
I will post any progress we make here for others to share in the experience.


Cool. I look forward to reading about it :slight_smile:

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