I Have A Big Problem its about lucifer Pls Answer

So i have started to get these intrusive thoughts about lucifer and its absolutely horrible!!!
The thoughts i get is usually
( i will murder you lucifer ) etc. and some sexual thoughts about him that i also dont want cause i see lucifer as a father
But the thing is i love lucifer so much
Cause he is the the reason why im so into the occult and black magick.
And i hate these thoughts so much
So pls tell me if you guys think he will understand.
I evoked him yesterday and told him in my mind
(Pls dont take these thoughts personal lucifer
I love you and i respect you
And i dont want these thoughts i hate them. pls forgive me lucifer)
Do you guys think he will understand and forgive me cause i have given him like 3-5 offerings cause i just feel like it but its not because of these thoughts i have given him offerings i just felt like it. And im also thinking about giving him some blood on the midnight of halloween.
Pls answer cause i hate these thoughts so much and i really want your guys opinion on this
Sidenote ( i cant hear spirits yet )


You should do an inner and an outter banishing. That will help a lot.


How do i do that ?
I only know how to do the LBRP Ritual

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This is my banishing
It will help you.


I will design and post a ritual cleansing fot others who cannoy do it themselves
As my GIFT

You are receiving unwanted external energies.
It feels to me like you are empathic strong with weakened shielding
I will set it up and do this.
You will be fine
After cleanse shield


Spirits usually disregard intrusive thoughts, especially if it’s not what the magician really feels. They care more about intent. If you don’t intend to hate Lucifer, then he will ignore them.


It says the video is unavailable

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Will do it the new vid tonight… In an Hour or so


This might sound weird but what helped me with intrusive thoughts is the realization that those aren’t how I feel and aren’t me. Once I truly accepted that they became more controlled and mostly stopped.

Once they are start I say “these aren’t my thoughts, this is not what I want”


The two videos are now in process of uploading

This is perfectly normal, most people at some point have experienced this. Your trying to come to terms with everything and your just having a rough patch balancing it. There’s lots of new experiences ahead for you.

It is part of your true nature, so don’t push it away, just embrace and accept it. Fighting it or procrastinating over it just gives it power so take back your control.

Trust me Lucifer knows what really inside you, and can see past all this stuff. Don’t sweat it!


The protection one is going to be a while uploading

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I have also noticed this in my experience. I have a lot of intrusive thoughts but it never does anything. Intent is what matters.


That’s great

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:black_heart:Much Gratitude @Morgana9 :black_heart:

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If intrusive thoughts are a regular thing I suggest going to your local mental health and talking about it. Things like this is part of the reason I took nearly a year long hiatus from my religious practices because I was having nightmares along with other problems that where getting worse. e.x.: negative thoughts

p.s. if it means anything these weren’t fleeting thoughts that happened here and there. They were vivid and highly detailed regular experiences.

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I would try and look into counseling because it sounds like you may have some kind of possible mental illness.


@Morgana9 Thanks for the videos.

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