I fail at the summoning ceremony، please help!

I tried to summon thirteen times ( Bune and Clauneck), but nothing happened. I follow all the rules of the ceremony. What’s your experience? What do you think about this?

Is there a chance that’s due to an Islam “blocking” influence? In that case, if I’m not mistaken there’s a topic on this forum on how to get rid of that influence.


To help give more clarity to your post so people might be able to help, lets try to get some more details.

  1. The rules of the ceremony? Whose guide are you using?
  2. Thirteen times sounds a bit excessive and lusty for results, unless it is part of some ceremony or ritual. Did you fall into TGS (theta-gamma sync), do you have their seals? Can you open them?
  3. How is your ability to meditate? Can you maintain a state of non-thought for at least 5-10 mins?
  4. Did you ground/center yourself before the operation?
  5. Were you actively looking for signs as you did the operation?

^ This is like shooting yourself in the foot magically. You have to give yourself to whatever you are doing, and let all the distractions go. The looking for spirits to show up, to give you a sign, all takes away from the purpose of the actual summoning: to establish a line of communication. When youre mind is so focused on one thing, it has a hard time focusing on something else. You have to be present with your magic.

  1. How are your visualizating skills? Can you create objects in 3D in your head? Spin them around? Smell, taste, feel, etc them?

All these things are just the basic of the basics. You can do magic without developing them, but without a sure grasp on meditation and visualization, meaningful contact spirits will be like a one-way call. You can and will summon them, because that is your intent and it has been set before you even began, but you wont be able to perceive them with your astral or physical senses.

Summoning spirits, for most people, is a lot of work and it takes practice and patience on the part of the practitioner to develop their mind and senses to the point where they are able to perceive the subtle world of energy and spirit.

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Just try again and keep meditating always ask if someone is there even if you don’t feel it ask for signs of the flame is tall/dancing they are therr


You may be trying to hard honestly. Try to relax and let it flow, if something goes wrong like you say the wrong word just roll with it. The rules are important, but there’s a such thing as being hung up on them.


You mean the Islamic country’s is blocking for this demons? Can you send me this post!?

The second incantation here:

I don’t remember if there was another topic about the issue btw, in addition to some links, I may PM you others helpful about evocation.

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Thanks for your help! Now I’ll answer your questions.

  1. I read franz bardons second book and goetia Crowley and poke runyon and lady eva topic for summon demons.
  2. Honestly i don’t try this.
  3. Yes i can.
  4. I can’t understand this.
  5. Yes i can but not prefect.

By the way, I always ask this question

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What questions?

If someone is there…

Thank you so much. You always guide me.

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Maybe your not intuned yet to hear try clearing your mind and relax before you do a ceremony I take a shower and listen to music when I set up for mine it helps and always ask for a sign if you still can’t hear just keep trying and meditating

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So you can hear them clearly?

Yes I can every word every voice I always ask for signs cause I don’t trust my head at times but it’s always them and if you want to take it a step further use a pendallum

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Do you have a link for pendallum?

No but u can get them from Amazon or esty or just use a necklace and something that’s not too have to help it free swing like a ring or tag… Just if you go that route wash it in warm water and salt so you can bring it back to neutral energy

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We do not have access to this site in this country.

Seriously that sucks well if you have a chain/necklace works the same way

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Ok thank you so much.

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