I don't understand why people like to link gods together

I prefer to view the gods as unique and individual personalities. To see them as anything else just feels kinda dumb. Sure, there are gods who hold some similar domains, but you can see in the myths that they are different people. For example, Hermes, Thoth, and Odin. Below are the way I would describe each of these gods.

Hermes feels like the knowledgeable big brother. He tutors you in school, shows you how to drive, helps you make friends, and teaches you different things. However, he plays pranks, subverts authority, and even offers to teach you that as well.

Thoth feels like the stern teacher and father. He demands excellence, and is strict in how things are to be done. But he isn’t abusive. He tries to keep you on a straight and narrow path because he knows how deviating from it can go. So, he tells you cautionary tales to keep you out of danger.

Odin feels like a grandfather who in appearance is very kind and jovial, but has lived long and explored many places in his life. Including the darker corners of the world. He is strong, cunning, and can be relentless when pushed. All because he has chosen to walk a path few travel. And he’s willing to teach you to be as strong and cunning. But like Thoth, he demands excellence.

These are not three different faces of one being. They are three different entities with their own unique personalities, values, and positions of reasoning that simply share a few characteristics in common.



And just like how humans can share similarities, so too can entities. It doesn’t mean they’re the same person.


It’s because a lot of people want the particular imaginary friend they happen to worship to be the one and only. I’ve always viewed it as similar to the playground “my dad can beat up your dad” mentality. It’s basically just monotheism in another guise.

So many worshippers of Lucifer, for example, like to claim that older gods are really just masks of him because they want to tie their favourite imaginary friend to ancient pantheons that predate his actual historical creation within the religion of Christianity. It’s another example of the hypocrisy that is prevalent in the Left Hand Path, because it is exactly what Christians do when they say that all other gods are really just emanations of their One True God. ™

Azazel is quoted in the Book of Azazel as saying, “if every one of us stood upon the surface of the earth our numbers would block out the sun.” It’s just plain silly to assume that the small handful of gods that we have known throughout human history are the only game around.


My sentiments exactly.

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I think this is inherent in our species. There is a tendency to classify things as equal based on our experiences. Perhaps one of the reasons for this (besides the existence of our subconscious that seeks to save brain energy by restricting the total conscious) be the fear of the different by itself.

Since any other entity “would be the same” just in other forms, therefore, they wouldn’t have to worry about learning that entity’s likes and dislikes. And with that, all fear of the unknown and the fear of new things they don’t fully know, would be gone

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Then that would be like me offering you an apple when you really want an orange, just because I like apples and my friends like apples. Though realistically, I prefer oranges.

Idk, I feel as if reducing all deities to basic archetypes is just dumb. That’s like taking real people and reducing them to stereotypes.

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You took the words out of my mouth

Word Thief


I mean, taking away a god’s individual identity is like saying everyone from a particular genre of music is just the same as the other. “You see one country singer, you’ve seen them all.” Sure, it’ll make sense to the person outside of that musical genre, but for an actual fan it would be pretty ignorant and insensitive. But the non-country fan either doesn’t care or doesn’t understand the reason why that person is upset because they only see through their perspective.

On a spiritual level, reducing gods to archetypes takes away the mystery of them and leaves as spiritually devoid of meaning.


By that logic, reducing 7+ billion people to 12 astrological signs is also dumb. Psychology as a line of studies becomes dumb too. Karl Jung who initially presented us with that theory is probably a joke to you too?

I personally believe that nowadays there are too many people who know better what’s right and what’s wrong based on the way they do things. You mention that you ‘don’t understand’ but have yet to pose a single question, instead going on with self-righteous preaching on how such a personal and intimate thing as magic is not done correctly by others just cause you ‘feel like’ it.

The only ‘right’ way to perform magic is the one that works. Period.
If this particular system doesn’t work for you, find another one that will.

There are lots of different traditions and systems of magic in the world. We might not even be aware of the vast majority. And they perfectly exist and work regardless of your or somebody else’s personal preferences.


I don’t believe in astrology or the Carl Jung diagram, but I do think they have a place in magick and literature/marketing. I don’t think they’re good for determining someone’s ability or character.

To me these charts seem very strange too, I think that’s a need that human beings have to “be cataloged/commanded”… I think it’s because these diagrams end up unintentionally attracting people because of psychological principles like Identification and Relief Valve. At the end they become real for reasons of the collective subconscious.

When I say that I don’t believe in them I’m talking about of not believing in their “source” (a.ka origins). I believe in YHWH, but not in his origin/narrative, because some important details are lost when perspectives are distorted. And look how interesting it is that, even though these narrative distortions happen, they’re what keep some things alive.

Some spirits in Goetia were probably gods of “pagan” civilizations, and were classified as perverse and evil creatures by religion. But it was because of this distortion that many came to know them and understand their true nature.

And I, in the same way, believe in astrology and in the theory of Carl Jung. But I don’t believe in its totality, since in Jung’s time psychology was still in its development and astrology was exactly what you said (and that I believe is true), it is a divination instrument just like the tarot (it wasn’t a Book of Life that dictated what “energies” influenced you.).

Metaphysically, when deities are linked together, whether through marriage, joining of names or some other way, it is a symbolic representation of the two forces joining together and working together.

For example, to take Amun and Ra and join them as Amun-Ra is a symbolic representation of the two Gods working in concert, as one. Amun was the hidden light, and Ra was the visible light. When you join them together, you now have the hidden and visible in unity and ultimate power. Deeper, Ra represents consciousness and Amun represents sub conscious, so it is a unifying of these two minds and the power they have, working together to create our reality…and Amun-Ra was the supreme creator of the macrocosmic reality.


The post is about people who claim that some entities like Mercury are other forms of Lucifer or whatever entity. Basically, people saying that God Y = God X.

But I like your explanation of how the Linking Bond between entities represent.


The Odin/Mercury link is the most wft association. Just read mythology and you realise they have so many little in common.

I believe the general idea of “The Universe is mental” or “All Is One” tend to push people to find association.

That being said, some “weird” associations exists as history proved it… Cernunnos/Mercury, Pagan goddesses mixed to the Virgin Mary, Michael/Ra, Selene/Gabriel (from the Greek Papyrus)


I understand your stance but a concept I’d like to propose is “aspects”, the way I understand it is these entities have numerous name tags.
Now these name tags don’t discredit your personal experiences with these entities, or the way that you perceive them. One thing that I would like you to consider when it comes to different Gods/Goddesses being linked together is the fact that it’s not uncommon for them to have a number of different names that they go by.
For example Belial is an Infernal King, but after the Solomon myth which states that after his release from the brass ring that he “went out to be as Gods to the people” along with Asmodeus and Balberith.
One name for Belial is “Baccus”, which is also one of the names for Dionysus who in his own myth is said to have traveled to India with his Maenads - "Raving Ones".
Another is Abaddon who also goes by the name of “Apollyon” - which is Greek for the “Destroyer”, which is a shared name with the Greek God Apollo.

It’s my belief that the demons we work with now did evolve with the times, and in many ancient cultures not only was it not uncommon for these beings to travel but also adapt to the culture of the area they were immersing themselves in - hence my mention of name tags. It’s my belief that they adapted to the needs and even in certain cases, I’d say the perceptions of the people.


I actually have a theory about why some gods (like these) are seen as villains (or rebels) for granting knowledge to man while others are celebrated.


What’s the theory?

I believe this is because these entities share knowledge and abilities such as rhetoric and charisma. Unfortunately, some more strict religions prefer their adherents to remain immobile in the face of reason, dubbing the act of receiving and applying knowledge “libertinism”. That, I believe, explains the similarity between defamed entities.
What is your opinion?