I don’t understand why

So everyone on this forum doesn’t care for religion and also doesn’t care for Yahweh but as I’m reading every post I realized that all of you guys are working with demons angels and etc that are part of Yahwehs lore or “ creation “ so technically aren’t you guys still under his control or working with his pantheon ? Despite you guys saying you don’t care for him


I don’t follow any organized religion, but I do recognize a creator.

Many of GoM’s workings start with chanting NAH-KAH EE-AH-OH-EH, which means “I choose to recognize God.” I don’t have a problem with that. I sincerely do recognize God. As such, I also believe we and the spirits (Angels, Demons, Genies, Djinn, etc) are His creations. Light and shadow can’t be without one another, and He created both.

That’s just my personal view, but I read several users that claim any chanting or working involving God’s name(s) never works for them because they don’t recognize Him, which makes sense.

Idk, it’s a very personal matter, and you’ll find as many opinions as people in the world.


The god your talking about is Yahweh right ? My understanding is that Yahweh isn’t the only god. There are other gods with their own creations. Also besides all these gods , demons , angels , etc etc etc. how is everything thriving of what energy ? There must be an infinite energy source that gives life to not only us but all these gods , demons angels etc. or am I wrong ? There’s so much information and opinions that I start to get overwhelmed lol

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You (and I) are neither right nor wrong. We all have our own concepts and ideas of what the “truth” is. So we’re all both right and wrong.

I think the “source” is what I call God. In fact, many people call it that way too (“Source”).

I don’t think you can speak for everyone on this forum to know what they think…so let’s not make generalizations.

This topic was discussed at length here:


I said based off what I was reading. 2nd I already read that forum and it’s all biased opinions lol.

Ok, sure.

I don’t think the answers will change much since it’s basically asking the same thing.

Good luck though & hope you find the answers you’re looking for.


I would recommend three things:

  1. Cease to care what others say or think, speak and think for yourself.
  2. Live the values of the character, i.e. Jesus - live by the principles of love, kindness, humility, compassion, truth, etc. Live a principle centered life per Stephen Covey.
  3. Practice Shemhamphoresh and ArchAngel and Angelic magic daily without fail.

I myself am an initiate of the Qlippoth. I endorse Sitra Ahra. I am catagorically uninterested in the tetragrammaton, The ALL ONE, YHVH, Jehova, ect.

The spirits I’m aligned with violently oppose YHVH as well.

I do not use angelic quarters for my banishings, my middle pillar ritual draws from the underworld.

I cut the side of Holiness and kedusha completely out of my practice.

Now not everyone carries it the go hard to the paint way I do. Some still want to believe thier angels and demons are friends or whatever I don’t know and I don’t care. To each his own. If you know your kaballah and your Qlippoth you know I’m right though.

Why do I practice this way? Because hundreds of years of adepts studying and formulating kabbalistic theory and practice are not wrong. There is great wisdom in the kaballah and it’s RHP practicioners would completely agree with what I’m saying here.

Now as a LHP practioner I’m certainly within my rights to evoke and command and control the angelic side of the spectrum as well.

There is wisdom to the idea walk with your head in the heavens and your feet in the hells.

But for me I had to cut off my relationship with RHP based entities for my own sake.

Not everyone will practice the way I do and that’s fine.

When we evoke demons wether we are aware of it or not we align ourselves with the other side “Sitra Ahra” and we bring the universe B and it’s spirits into this world.

If you have a problem with that perhaps being a black Magician isn’t for you.

You’ve all heard this from me before and likely you’ll hear it again.

Hail Sitra Ahra


My Greek gods disagree :upside_down_face:


frowns in Nabataean


Personally I dont have a problem with the LHP or demons. What I do have a problem with is trying to navigate being a MHP magician in this world, while still wet behind the ears. (or as a LHP magician with RHP leanings, whichever definition you agree with). I do want to navigate through the Shem and then the Goetia to get a full picture, as part of a personal plan, and very specific spirits to get my life back on track (didn’t really see a dramatic difference from either, so petitions again). I probably should reread Kaballah, and Sitra Ahra to see what Ive been missing … and Karlssons book on the scrying method you mentioned.

Personally I dont have a problem either with a protective deity who is concerned with his own. Would you let your neighbors trample your children? I dont think so, and I think this is the root of the OP question.

However, I agree, it takes thick skin to be religious and especially with RHP leanings to be a part of the community. I can agree with the side against the source God, that certain things in life that should deserve justice doesn’t provide justice for whatever occurred, while another side is willing to fight for you. The molested, the burglarized, the assaulted, etc. Yes, there are some that really want to provide their services. This is what I think the root of disagreement is here, a way to take and maintain control over your life, rather than being submissive to a deity. To become a living God.


I disagree that yhwh created jack shit. He’s just another “demon” on a level with the others. After that I talk to who I like without reference to anyone so wholly unrelated to me.

There are higher and better elohim, he’s not one of them. I don’t worship any of them I think that’s the most self defeating, disempowering thing a human can do.

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I don’t remember what I used to think about the origin of spirits: while I didn’t believe that (to say a thing as example) God was stronger than the devil, I’m not sure what was my opinion on how he came to be. As even a child I only cared about demons, then later worked also with angels and considered to close a gap regarding Yahweh; but indeed, that of the Bible is just one of the possible paradigms.

I think all gods, demons, angels, elementals etc are mythological avatars of the spirits that manifests from the fifth element or what hindu calls Brahman. You need to break free from the dualist worldview Christianity has taught western society. Brahman has a shadow aspect and demons are the shadow aspect.


This :+1:

I recognize and even revere (the word worship has to many connotations) YHWH (EE-AH-Oh-EH).

In the Bible the original chosen people are the Israelites wrestle with God. Israel means to wrestle with God, so the chosen city is the one who wrestles with God. I think that says a lot about the relationship of said chosen people.

Also please realize YHWH comes from the Hebrew word of being and it means “to create”, “creation”, or “bringing form into being out of Chaos”.
That’s what YHWH is to me, creation out of being or chaos.

So for me, I hold “to create” or “creation” at the top of my values, and I wrestle with “creation”. Does that make sense?

Yes and No, many people here probably do not use words of power (God’s divine names) and they probably don’t recognize the name of God YHWH.

From my understanding most of them feel he is a sort of imposter God or demiurge.

But in my opinion and belief system Satan/Saturn is the demiurge as it leads to death or reincarnation/samsara.

That being said the Bible contradicts itself, and anybody who doesn’t recognize that are doing themselves a disservice, sacred texts have been formulated and worked on for centuries.

The Bible has many authors and many editors (some good, some bad).

Anybody who makes the arguement that the Bible is the exact same book as it was back in the day is completely misinformed. I would implore anyone who reading this to look up the Hebrew names or meanings rather than the English meaning, because they are different.

I work with demons and I work with angels I believe they all fall under God. Because YHWH created everything.

Magick has done more for me than any church, I am spiritual non-religious. The closest thing to religion I follow is hip-hop, or the gym.
I’m more of a philosophy guy tbh.

That being said I read the Bible and working to get through the whole book.

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Wisdom strengthens a wise man more than ten rulers who are in a city. Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and who never sins. Also, do not take seriously all words which are spoken, so that you will not hear your servant cursing you. For you also have realized that you likewise have many times cursed others. I tested all this with wisdom, and I said, “I will be wise,” but it was far from me. What has been is remote and exceedingly mysterious. Who can discover it?
Ecclesiastes 7:19‭-‬24 NASB1995


Can you explain more please about what you practice and what’s the difference between a guardian angel vs archangels vs angels. Someday I know and understand but other days the more I read the more I feel like I don’t know anything

Lol what does that even mean? Teach me please

So do you have any guardian angels ? Spirit guides ?

Do you think that is why when Orthodox Jews pray they refuse to say any specific names. But the Christian’s on the other hand start saying all his names and even Jesus and it ends up sounding like a damn ritual of worship :sob: I grew up catholic then evangelical Christian but now I’m sort of stepping out trying to find my own path. I don’t judge anyone at all when it comes to beliefs so I feel like I’m leaning more towards non demonic and more to higher loving and light type of energies. But i wouldn’t be opposed to having a best friend who’s into working with demons. Idk if that made sense or not

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