I did something terrible and I need a spell to help

I did something terrible to someone online and I want to apologize but they have blocked me. I feel terrible, is there any way I can reach this person to apologize spiritually?


You could petition Prince Orobas to reconcile friend and foe. He’s pretty a smooth operator.

Or you could try to petition Amon to bring them back to you.

If your familiar with petitions then disregard this. If you’re not very familiar then read this it’s superb.

Good luck my friend.


You’re the best. Only they’re not a friend they’re just a stranger on the internet.

Why just not astral project to his/hers time and space, with innocent and apologian aura, and leave message ?

thats how you would atleast clear your karmic feeeeeel, if you believe in it…

they’re not a spiritual person but thanks for the tip anyway

how you know is someone spiritual, never seen such an arrogant judgement…

it doesnt need to be spiritual, his/hers highbeing or handler can still pass the message, see phrase, “god works in miracular ways” !


awesome! you give great advice

Tons you can do.

I’d start with sending them a sincere apology from your heart - I do this myself via hopononono meditation or just thinking about the person, bringing them into my mind and saying what I need to say in my minds eye until I feel I’ve sent it and let go

Then maybe find something for getting unblocked. There’s a zillion spells/rituals you can use for that… even just ignoring the block and refusing to see it works sometimes… When I’ve done this in the past - I convince myself that they will unblock me, then that they have unblocked me… and they do.

Then you can relay it directly to them.


bless you!

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This isn’t for them though - it’s for you. They don’t want your apology, or they’d still be arguing with you, and trying to force it on them is possibly only going to just get you psychic backlash, not the closure you need.

My advice is, chalk it up to experience, send your regret out and know it will get where it needs to go, and learn that this isn’t how you like yourself to be so you make different choices in future.
But let it go, don’t hang on this this, especially not over words online, they’re probably already over it, and it’s doing you no good. Live and learn.


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