I did something I don't understand. Requesting advice

Hi there.
Yesterday I did something foolish and quite out of charicter, and I am worrying over it now.
I encountered online some person who had betrayed my trust and hurt me quite badly in the past. I told him to leave me be, he would not. Furthermore, he confessed that he had no regrets over his actions. While feeling no small amount of hatred and rage, I closed my eyes and started to “visualize”. I focused on the deep hurt and malicious hatred this person carved into me. I held the intention that I wanted this to be directed back at them.
The void in front of me turned red, like boiling blood. I saw a circle with complex geometries, something I never would be able to memorize. I asked “it” to simplify it to a form I could use, and it reduced to a rather simple looking sigil.
I painted this out, and sent it to the person that harmed me.
I have never done anything like this before. Until recently, I used to keep emotiond like this bottled up (which was immensely self destructive) so I have no experience with any of this.

This was stupid and I shouldn’t have done it, I havr had no real idea of what this would do. I don’t know what level of harm this might cause (I wouldn’t want to kill them), and I don’t know what repercussions this might have on myself.
They absolutely deserve(d) to face retaliation for their actions against me, so I don’t regret attempting to defend myself, but I do regret doing so thoughtlessly.

Can anyone perhaps provide some insight on this situation?

The main questions is, what was your intent with the sigil? It doesn’t sound like you intended to kill, so it won’t. If you just sent raw feelings of hurt, they might feel hurt, if you sent a smack in the chops, that could manifest as bad luck or sickness, and probably not a little anxiety as they sense the psychic attack.

They will probably recover just fine.


sorry, posting again because I realized I didn’t tag your post.
“That’s the problem. My intent was abstract, it wasn’t words, it was a feeling of all the pain and hatred their actions grew in me concentrated down to a point. I just wanted that sent their way. It was undefined general malice.
I don’t think it was ineffectual though, given their initial reaction and the reactions of other posters.”

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I think I did get notified, but a recent update has made it so that if you reply to the post directly above, it doesn’t show in the post’s info bar. :slight_smile: You can also use @ followed by a username to tag people if you want.

If you wanted a more specific effect, you could do something like that again, and include a more specific intention.

A similar working has been called “The Ritual Release of Hatred” by the mage E.A. Koetting, one of the owners of this forum, in his book Baneful Magick. There’s a discussion about it here:

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ty for the info.

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For some inexplicable, self destructive reason he decided to do it yet again, so as per your recommendations I redid it with a little more thought, this time with a condition and some security measures. Thanks again for the info! Appreciate it.

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It’s possible he’s getting energy from your negative reactions, which is commonly seen in narcissists who tend to be slightly vampiric, seeking “narcissistic supply” from those they can get it from. If they can’t get positive they’ll go for negative instead. Either way you end up drained and they’re happy.

I don’t know if that’s what’s going on here but if it’s so, the worst thing you can do to him is cut him off and go no contact. If you must engage for some reason, be as boring as possible and he’ll go do his attention getting elsewhere.

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It’s not impossible, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I think it should be okay the way I have it set up its power source is limited.
I will be avoiding contact though, he’s an awful bastard. Thanks again