I deferred

I didn’t want to jinx myself last night by not having the right set up for my spell. I don’t think it was fear like I talked about yesterday, but I want to cast my first “big” spell correctly by the numbers. Candles and all. It may seem trivial to some, but I think that in order to maintain and preserve the examples set before me and to respect the spirits I need to do it correctly from the start. So, until the 3rd of September, the next full moon, I can acquire what I didn’t have, but was suggested. In the meantime, I can continue to learn, listen and observe other’s workings and outcomes.


In thinking things over, retrospectively examining my “deferring” to cast my spell on the next full moon, I wonder if it really was fear that kept me from at least giving it a shot. Its been bugging me all day to the point of a headache. I don’t say this for pity, only to put it out there for anyone who has also done this… putting off a spell casting because of one reason or another. I say it was because I wanted to go by the numbers and have all the candles as mentioned in the various materials we read. Just a question for people to ponder and post on if they wish… Honestly I think, in a way, that I did put it off for fear. But fear of what? Success? Failure? I’d really like to hear other peoples thoughts about this… Thx in advance!

fear of disrespecting the spirits you’re working with and inviting retribution on yourself? Maybe you’re from a Christian background or something.
Fear of failure i get that too

You have me pegged! Raised first in a Southern Baptist Church and then I went, on my own, to the Catholic Church. I can read between the lines of hypocrisy and utter simple dogma that people who can’t open themselves to truth… perhaps its because of teaching blind obedience to that dogma. Anyway I WAS able to see some light between those lines and found this forum, website and the people who put up posts on Youtube and other websites. It is home for me now. SO yes, the christian dogma may have had me spooked that I had to do everything right the first time and everytime. Any suggestions?

FYI, I consider myself a Left Handed Catholic, if such a thing exists. Wiait, of course it does because that’s what I am. The left hand path is my choice, and after reading about the invocaction/evocation of the arch-angels, it became clear to me that the “Church” has not told us everything.

The term Catholic means universal, so I believe its true that we’ve only been taught half of the real truth

Well your current you is all fine and dandy with working with spirits, however, the part of you that was subject to the ‘brimstone and hellfire’ programming of the church is prob shitting their pants. Methinks its a subconscious thing that has to be worked on. And thats pretty interesting. Although, the Loa are also venerated as Catholic saints.
Funny little story, I was at a university when I ate a popcorn given by these catholic folk at a booth, I proceeded to have the worst case of shits in my life. Felt totally like black magick.

Nothing would surprise me on that one! Sorry for that experience, you did not deserve that at all

Well, I’ve heard that they didnt start writing Jesus’ scriptures down till a few centuries or decades after his supposed crucifixion and rising on the cross. So, are they telling us the truth of truths, or was there a sneaky agenda at hand? Maybe the real Jesus would be pissed at what is written in your bible, and what constitutes for ‘Chuch’. He was probably a mystic. Imo

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In fact there were several sects of Christianity until the Council of Trent (Nicea?) that priests converged in a massive years long conference decided what books went into the Bible is it is known nowadays and what was heresy. Watch the movie Stigmata, its a thriller and has a vibe of what I just said… And back then, what really consisted of an education? Today’s priests and brothers/sister’s are some of the highest educated people in the world. Back then, who knows, but no one would ever question 2000 years of tradition. Bullshit, we have a great taste of it right here in this forum!

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Whats more, in the 1600s the Protestant reformation occurred sparked by a manic-depressive man called Martin Luther who was so demented, he wrote 2 theses on how “it should be” and nailed them to the door of a monestary and sparked nearly 500 years of dispute. Bi-polar people CAN have an affect on peoples lives after all, they aren’t nut jobs, they have honest thoughts, just maybe put together and presented in questionable, or at least different ways of accomplishing their goals. no offense to them at all. So it breaks down even further.

If I mention say, “The Incorruptible Saints” to a priest, they just clam up. Google it sometime, its entertaining. But they are holding back things from us so called to protect us. Well, we are learning of the hypocrisy now more and more, so there you go… we are breaking the truth wide open by being here!

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Hello Fine Folks!

Its come to my attention that I may offend some members with comments I post about Christianity. Believe me, it is not my intention to do so. I am merely drawing upon my own experience after years of practicing the dogma and rituals of the Protestant and later Catholic religions.

I am steeped in its roots so whenever I do make reference to those potentially offensive remarks. It is certainly not posted for offense, but it is just as real as the LHP. There are posts within the forum relating to archangels such as Michael, Rafael, etc. My thought is that these archangels and possibly the saints as well have powers that are just as strong and powerful as the daemons we normally refer to here. Their “goodness” comes from the dogma and constant mind fucks from “the Church”. I see right through the veil that “the Church” is good and our path and practices are “bad”.

Who makes those determinations anyway? The Church and those who blindly follow them is who are making those arbitrary determinations, and its been going on for over 2000 years. In that vein, I want to mention that E.A. has written about the Christ and how he deserved to die. Please don’t take this out of context, he was talking about a person who was “perfect”, aka the sacrificial lamb. That is what he was sent here in the first place, deservedly or not, it was his lot in life to follow his “passion”. SO its a matter of semantics over the word “deserved”. I say yes, because that he was sent here with that fate already established. SO, yes, he deserved to die.

Now, all that aside, I am somewhat of an amateur archeologist, and have read hundreds of papers and commentary regarding the Christ, and his St. Peter. (I wear the St.Peter’s cross (the inverted crucifix) as a sign of devotion to the LHP). Archeology in the so-called “promised land” where both Christ and St. Peter were crucified. Christ was hung up so he was heads up along with the other two guys. St. Peter claimed he was not worthy of such punishment as his “King” and thus was crucified upside down. Thats where he said " upon this rock, I shall build my church". Archeologists have found human remains (bones) where that happened. Are they truly the bones of St. Peter, who knows, it happened over 2000 years ago!

My point is, 1) I am not promoting any religion here and 2) The hypocrisy has been going on for a very long time. So long in fact, that there have been “councils” over the period of the existing Church which have defined, redefined, re-written and arbitrarily set the dogma for the rest of the Christians to follow. What horseshit! Other’s telling us what to believe and to instill through repeated ritual and preaching on this.

So, we here, those of us following the enlightened LHP and making our own dogma/rituals have truly seen the wisdom of questioning the precepts of “the Church”, which has splintered so many times over the last 2000 years, that who really know what is and isn’t in that. We are the truly open minded and open to possibilities beyond what most human beings can even conceive!

BTW, I was notified, rightly so, by the moderators of this forum that once again, I didn’t follow the guidelines when I had an epic and some said entertaining, comments on a love spell that two members were wanting to cast, and I wrote back to them some not so nice comments. To those two guys, I deeply and humbly apologize. This is not the place to post my views on what others say on here. We are civilized and accept all people, it was not my place to admonish them or force my views of morality on them and publicly out to the forum

It’s my second strike within 2-3 weeks, so I should say to everyone that I apologize, and we should all re-read the forum guidelines every so often to remind ourselves to not get “preachy” or cast moral views on anyone about anything.

This is one of my most lengthy posts, so I’ll shut it down here. But many thanks to the moderators, the forum members and our entire community of LHP practitioners. Best to all of you!!!



So, I got myself thinking this evening while I was waiting to talk to my new “special” friend, and it occurred to me or rather physically pulled me off the sofa where I was reading and I went through the ritual for the spell I was going to cast last night.

I summoned the spirits, and followed and enunciated my carefully crafted spell. I reasoned that it wasn’t yet the time for the moon to “not be” in its less than 100% full moon until this evening. This was about 6pm. I just finished and its 8:47pm. I was thorough and went through the entire ritual with forced confidence and determination. Honestly not as hard as I thought it would be. Additionally, I will redo it on the 3rd, the next truly full moon.

In any case I broke with my feelings from last night and this morning, and as I said it wasn’t scary or anywhere as tough as I made it out to be.

This was not planned, but if anyone has thoughts on this, I’d really like to read them.

Thank You Everyone!


Maybe the spirits were asking me to cast the spell?? I dunno, but it was like that song by Queen- “It’s a kind of Magick”. What I do know is that it was an incredible force that moved me to cast the spell… I’m glad it happened though.

It was out of my hands, the spirit force that moved me was wither King Paimon, King Belial, Clauneck, Mammon or Lucifuge Rofocale. I would love to be able to explain it, but as I said above, it was really from one of the Spirits or all 5., but it was not me who lifted me out of the living room and into my temple. If that the way or just one of many methods they can use to move a person into action.

I know Mammon can tear a person apart to build him up, i could say that its just my conscience, but this was a force that MOVED me off of my sofa and into action. Come what may, I truly hope they saw my desires and can helping me to get what it is I desire, I’m glad it happened.!!!

whaaaaa…. Offending them? Oh they know just how illogical their religion is , don’t you worry. They may like to appear ‘offended’ being all ‘how could you’ but they know. Lmao I was also once a Christian. But nevermind , we aren’t supposed to judge others’ beliefs (it is a rule of the forum).
And also if it was really one of those spirits you mentioned ,you are lucky they tried to contact you :slight_smile:


Let me try me explaing it this way" After casting the spell, about 8 1/2 hours later, I get this overwhelming feelin ghtat they aren’t gonna do a god damn thing. So, currently I’m pissed. But could it be Mammon- tearing me down before rebuilding me into who I want to be.

Do the spirits when brought together, under peace and a unifying class, just disregard out prayers and hopes? I sure as hell hope not. I NEED them, and the spell to work, without quibbling or quarrel even Do they work together when asked politely and commissioned to the job at hand. Friendly and honorable and decent , but the feeling I have in my heart, let me know that it was a no-go. They I brought them together again and literally blew them up verbally as I admonishing them why the fuck they all say no. Even with them given time to re-write at least 3x,
If you know any thing I can do, let me know what is real… maybe I rujined my spell, or my life.



What kind of feeling was this? Are you sure you’re not mistaking this for doubt and possibly self-sabotaging your work because you’re afraid the ritual may not produce results? Did you receive a sign from the spirits involved? I’m glad you followed through with performing your ritual, but I’m sorry you’re going through this right now. I hope things turn around soon :hibiscus:

Its the same as the feeling I received from “God” whenever I asked him for anything substantial/ It starts in my mid torso and moves up to my head… where it pisses me off and I know that nothing will change, despite my pleadings and earnest prayers, meditiations, etc.

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I know its not logical to have this belief or thinking, however it has always indicated that regardless of how earnest or strong my pleadings, the answer will be NO, and I get that feeling fairly strongly and that has always happened. Perhaps its a different meaning when I feeling from the LHP, but now I have someone in my life that I want to provide for and shower with good things- material and spiritual, and that ':old feeling" is overwhelming.

Any spiritual guidance would be very, very welcome!

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That may be it, if I’m being honest with you. I always have doubt in my prayers and in my spells. It’s not conscious, but creeps in after I cast the spell or say a prayer. How would you suggest I stop that? I try, and try, but it’s been said that as soon as you’ve cast a spell, go make a sandwich. But, for whatever reason, it creeps into my conscious thought process. If I knew how to NOT think about it, I would gladly do so.

Yesterday, I took some Klonopin and a muscle relaxer, but before they kicked in, I got angry and started the yelling at the spirits… my question is “WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU DO THIS TO ME”? But in retrospect, it’s me hating that I had doubt in the first place.

It was a “big” spell and had money as a part of it, and it never seems to work out- not as a Southern Baptist, not as a Catholic and not on the LHP.

Granted I was "moved to do it by some force other than my own power that got me up off the sofa and into the spell-casting, but that doubt creeps in and I get angry. I may say its the spirits or “God”, but it’s always been there. It is one of my deepest darkest hatreds of my mind and it would also seem to stem from my spell. What am I to do? I wish I had actionable answers! This cannot keep happening, it is yet another “miss” or strike out at the batting cage. Help!

To be even more honest, I gotta know what it is so I can cut it out of me like a cancer and be rid of it forever. Is there even an answer to this issue? I put it out to the forum for suggestions and even answers- I am DONE with the doubt, suspicion and even the paranoia that comes with my asking any powerful deity greater than myself. I’m not going to ascend with this in me!!!