I can't invoke Lucifer

Dude non of them appear in your physical eyes
But your inner sight

I respectfully disagree with you there sir.

There are multiple accounts from people of all different ways and crafts of people producing materialization in smoke, or water mist, or even just as a shadow figure running around in front of them.

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For me it was though my inner sight that may just be because I need to combine my inner sight and my outer sight in fact how do you do that

Please use some punctuation.

Most of it is practice. The most you do invocation, the easier evocation will become.

Once you see your first being materialize at your command, you’ll know what’s up.


Lucifer peaked thouth my Curran once I don’t know what i did but I saw him

I’m having a bad spelling day.

Why I agree so much with you today, get out of my mind!!! :joy:

Wheres your passion. Your love to call forth

I’ll post again the TOAF link to a Lucifer ritual and the youtube vid of an example prayer/chant as well.

I forgot I did mine on New Years Eve of 2013 and it was a candle and drop of blood offering as well. I also denounced the Christ and trinity of Christianity since I was so fed up with their hypocrisy.

That’s when I had the dream of turning into a flame being etc.

For me it’s always dreams be they short or fully asleep. Then it’s the synchronicities you have to notice.

I’ve never really really went deep full on trance state with fullest pure intent. It’s been casual. And these beings know I flip flop in what I want esp being a bit adversarial to circumstances. I never try to use them like a drug for everything. In fact, I’m always saying I should be challenged and they know I’ll bitch about it later but I just shrug and say I’m human.

There was something else I offered Lu and his realm and it was/is totally free with no strings attached or anything wanted in return. Though, looking at it maybe there is a catch considering the nature of the offer. Nothing big at all really. Very much a trifle if anything considering I don’t have much to offer in comparison to others.

That’s not true. Your offering is your heart and passion.

Ea koetting spoke about on his seminar of voodoo. How in hati they would offer up food in Loa. Now why would they offer up food knowing the majority of there people is starving. Because it’s not the food they offer. It’s there heart and devotion to the loa and to them selves.

Food for thought

If you are brand new to all of this you’ll wanna get a grasp on the basics first and build a good foundation. This has alot of info to help with that.

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Well that depends on how many times you have evoked him , he has to trust you I guess to put it simply . If you are in a religious household (don’t worry I am too) I don’t think that changes much …I also have to say that if you have religious thoughts tied with you while you are doing so … The only thing I could suggest (if you haven’t done so yet) is to evoke Lucifer … At least get to know him (if that makes sense) . If you don’t have your astral senses I would suggest trying to awaken that , YouTube and forum sites should help , so should asking him when you evoke him .
(My technique is rather strange when I talk to him … I use a Ouija board and make sure it is him . then I do whatever else … If you evoke him just make sure it is him by asking for his sigil … (Hopefully you can see it) That’s the best advice I have at the moment … I’m still learning too… I really hope this helped…

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Tony Robbins says try something else. If that doesn’t work then try something else. What do you do if that doesn’t work? Try something else. Until you find a way. :wink:
@Dinmiatus has good point. I remember Ea saying, get as familiar with the subject as possible and get information/knowledge. Also know your end goal of the invocation. I guess it means why. :slight_smile:

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I’ve never seen any entity or heard a voice or even recognize any thoughts when i invoke…and recently i haven’t felt much tingling, body burning…but i don’t let that stop me, just go ahead and say whatever you want to say…i remember a couple of month’s ago i performed a spell to Laxmi…and just casually spoke to her statute that i would love to meet her…i didn’t feel, see anything!!! Well, 2 nights later she came to me, pulled me out of my body and took me to where she was!!! And i met her…believe it or not these entities are there with you …i’m still working on my psychic senses …be patient


You’re trying too hard. :slight_smile: take a period of time to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax. Dont overthink it. Gaze at the sigil like your gaze at someone you love. Wait a while for the lines to start blinking or doing whatever.

When I did my first I was nervous and out of my mouth the words “come to me, Lucifer.” Repeated. I believe he knew I was too scared to speak and gave me a gentle nudge. You could say “Lord Lucifer, Lord of Light, I humbly ask that you come to me. Reich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer. I wish to work with you and be guided by you.”

Feel it out and see if you can sense him. When he speaks to me it is like a tingle in the back of my head. It feels like you’re thinking to yourself, but it’s at the back rather than front of your skull. He speaks relatively casually to me, so dont worry if he seems too lax.

Just dont stress about it or you’ll block your ability to summon. I know you can do it.