How to Get Results that Astound You (Sphere of Influence vs Relationship to Outcome)

I target my statement using what I wrote above, delete the vowels and any letters that appear more than once so “How did I get this amazing motorcycle?” becomes
“w s zn ryl”

From there you draw the letters out, connecting them wherever, until you have a word tree of them. No wrong way to do this.

Then you redraw it again, changing the shapes of it all while asking yourself your statement of intent as though you’re experiencing it. As you redraw it you’re making a magickal looking symbol. Redraw, edit, omit or add as you like until you’re satisfied with a symbol that represents your statement.

Then you get into an altered state of conciousness and gaze at it during a peak moment to fire it off. Orgasm works great, though I’ve also set it as my phone background and let it sink in over time, I’ve posted it on whisper and let the “WTF mate?” reactions from people scrolling charge it, burn it and accept “so it is done”, or set it on your dashboard so the next time someone in a WRX does something idiotic and almost causes an accident you can look at it while your adrenaline is going and that will charge it.

Usually you can just jack it and look at the sigil right as you climax, that works remarkably well.

Put all of this together and you’ll pull some amazing stuff into your life


I know that people use these types of sigils for changes in the material world all the time, but what about for spiritual things? For instance, of you made one like “How did I become best friends with Lilith?” do you think that would have a similar effect, or would it just piss off the spirit named?


I’d keep it more vague. Something like “How could it be so easy to get on great terms with Lilith?”
More likely to bring about doorways for mutual benefit and give some momentum for what you’re aiming for


Hi Mate, this is amazing, I’m going to try this out. I have a few questions:

  1. Did you do a few of these at the same time? I’ve created four sigils this way. Will meditate on them at different times.
  2. How long did it take for you to notice results?
  3. Do you think this will work with things like raising IQ? Becoming taller? Regrowing hair?, etc.

I’ve created four sigils, placed them with Belial’s sigil, asked him for help on them, used a pendulum to enhance the energy of each one, then, placed them with a super 7 crystal.

I can feel energy emitting from the sigils when I hold them, so I’m hoping they work quickly.

Thanks again!

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  1. Yup, I’ve created a few at a time. I just fire them separately with as much attention as if they’re the only one in existence.

  2. It happens when it happens. It takes the quickest route possible and that’s easy to screw up if you’re constantly thinking about it, hence why it’s ideal to aim for stuff you aren’t preoccupied with yet you still want. Some stuff is still bubbling away over a year after because I’m literally obsessed with it. Most things will just happen out of nowhere when you least expect it. It’s all about detachment to outcome.

  3. If there’s a way to do so in the physical world then it could come your way. I’m obsessed with human augmentation and biochemistry so off the top of my head I could tell you Win Wegners method for raising IQ works, it’s hard to grow taller though one could stretch their spine to fill their vertebral discs with more fluid by hanging from a bar, and for regrowing hair I’d look no further than RU58841 applied topically.

Magick usually influences the physical through the astral but those are effective approaches. Anything else would stack the deck more in your favor.

Sounds awesome man, be sure to fire them and post back here on how it goes!


I like the way you phrased your questions. They do double-duty in that they both access your subconscious, and trigger your emotions.

This is basic NLP but so rarely done.

How do you X? is one of those NLP questions you can ask, along with others such as Have you ever X? or I feel so now that i X… and other similar statements.

On the flip side of this, Byron Katie’s The Work combines well with EFT’s basic recipe tapping procedure to expose, reframe, and ultimately tap out any limiting beliefs stopping you from doing magick. I’ve been using that for a few months now for a huge ongoing ritual i’m doing, and it’s chipping away at a very stubborn reality. When i finally break through, this site will get to be very interesting indeed.

Thank you for this reminder, i’m definitely going to put this to use asap


Richard Bandler & Milton Erickson are 100% badass.

I recall a quote of theirs when someone asked what the difference between NLP and Magick is.
The reply was something to the tune of:

“There is no difference. We just packaged it into something a skeptic academic could take seriously without getting in their own way.”


I did a lust a spell a few weeks ago with using nothing but my memory of the person and a candle.

Have any of yours spells gone through with visual results while you still remembered it or did it just take longer for the results to appear?

Have you used links of the certain people for your ritials or did you have only memory of them like I have?

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I am currently on the first steps of recasting huge love spells on my first target. I miss how I felt when I was doing the work on him. My target is extremely strong will, and I like the challenge ahead.

Here is my thread to see what works or don’t.

This works better good.

This is more advanced spell working, but its totally unique.


So what you did was turn the “How did I get this…” statement into a sigil that lead you to manifesting things in your life that you wanted. Like in adam black thorns book


So how would one phrase a get my ex back love spell ?? I’m a little lost … phrase it in a question … “x is already back with me” or “will x come back to me?” Please advise

Something like how did x return to me

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I would love to hear more about combining EFT with The Work if you care to share here or on PM. I am about to try similar.

What’s this WW method to increase IQ?

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What i’m doing is pretty straightforward. All i did was take Byron’s protocol from The Work and combine it with the EFT Basic Tapping Protocol.

Personally, i tap out the original statement in The Work by modifying it with the EFT affirmation.

So for Byron’s example first statement

‘I am angry with Paul because he doesn’t listen to me.’

The typical magician will take that statement as a justification to run out and curse Paul, then go looking for a demon to shit in his Corn Flakes or whatever.

With The Work, you examine your own reactions to see if there’s something there.

The isolating statement is to examine the statement, which is a cause & effect statement in NLP:

I am angry + because + (Paul) doesn’t listen to me.

When you work through the work, Byron leads you into NLP-style Cartesian Coordinates, which reframe the original statement. You can do these by permutating the nouns and negating the verbs.

The statements with the inversions then become
I am angry because Paul doesn’t listen to me.
I am angry because Paul listens to me.
I am angry because I don’t listen to Paul.
I am angry because I listen to Paul.
I am angry because I don’t listen to me.
I am angry because I listen to me.
I am angry because Paul doesn’t listen to himself.
I am angry because Paul listens to himself.

I am not angry because Paul doesn’t listen to me.
I am not angry because Paul listens to me.
I am not angry because I don’t listen to Paul.
I am not angry because I listen to Paul.
I am not angry because I don’t listen to me.
I am not angry because I listen to me.
I am not angry because Paul doesn’t listen to himself.
I am not angry because Paul listens to himself.

Paul is angry because he doesn’t listen to me.
Paul is angry because he listens to me.
Paul is angry because I don’t listen to him.
Paul is angry because I listen to him.
Paul is angry because I don’t listen to myself.
Paul is angry because I listen to myself.
Paul is angry because he doesn’t listen to himself.
Paul is angry because he listens to himself.

Paul is not angry because he doesn’t listen to me.
Paul is not angry because he listens to me.
Paul is not angry because I don’t listen to him.
Paul is not angry because I listen to him.
Paul is not angry because I don’t listen to myself.
Paul is not angry because I listen to myself.
Paul is not angry because Paul doesn’t listen to himself.
Paul is not angry because Paul listens to himself.

You then remove the new statements that don’t make sense. Some of them will have things you’ve never considered for you to think about.

For example, I am angry because Paul doesn’t listen to me has the following turnarounds:

Paul is angry because I don’t listen to myself,

I am angry because Paul doesn’t listen to himself,

Paul is not angry because he listens to himself.

Depending on the situation, these or other statements may be as true as the original statement, but you never considered them (and will probably deny them the first time you hear them, but upon further thought will admit there’s some fact to verify them, to your ego’s chagrin).

Whatever the truest statement is, you tap on that as, for example:

Paul is angry because I don’t listen to him. Even though i don’t listen to Paul causing him not to listen to me, i fully and completely accept myself.

This also includes turning around statement 6, where you change
‘i never want Paul to XYZ’
into _‘I look forward to Paul doing XYZ.’

And this becomes

Even though i didn’t want Paul to XYZ, i look forward to him doing that and i fully and completely accept myself in that situation.'

…for you to tap on.

From there, you ask yourself how you can make looking forward to something you wanted to avoid work in your favor?

That will require some thinking. This exercise is a lot harder than it seems and requires lateral thinking, because you’re often facing your own internal demons here.

You as a magician have an advantage over some of Byron’s other students in that you can conjure the emotions and thoughts you come up with directly, and speak right into them to find out what is going on.

Fwiw, every verb and noun can be anthropomorphized as a spirit entity, so if jealousy or resentment is the issue, you can call on the spirit of jealousy or resentment and speak to it directly in trance, asking it for info on what it is doing in your life, and why. In this way, you can find out what jealousy or resentment mean to you, in this example.

You can also banish it, if need be, or command it to work for you rather than against you, as a familiar.

If after conjuring your own internal demons you still want to hit Paul with the blasting rod, go right ahead and do it. You’ll have dealt with your own internal issues and removed all guilt, and Paul will in fact end up finding your desired shit stains in his cereal.

However, 9 times out of 10 you’ll realize it wasn’t Paul at fault at all, rather it was your own internal processing and blockages holding you down.

Your statements will be different, but the process is pretty much the same.

Byron is a genius for creating this Work, it really exposed the things i don’t want to face about myself and can do the same for you if you let it.


Ok, so i used this last night and IT WORKED! Lmmfao.

I was reading a book on grammar in a room where some buds were watching the Leafs hockey game vs the Bruins. The score was 0 - 0 and there were 11 minutes left in the 3rd period.

I said fuck it, why not give this a shot.

I wrote ‘how quickly can the Leafs score’ on a piece of paper, then wrote the sigil of Mars and Jupiter on the back. I wrote Toronto Maple Leafs on another piece of paper. Put them both on my radionic machine.

Then i drew a black dot in the middle of a piece of paper, to focus on.

While i focused, i kept asking myself the question over and over. There was a faint image in the middle of the dot and i focused on that as an ersatz genie, to take me deeper into the trance.

It took about 2 minutes to zone out properly. At one point i zonked out asking myself the question and i began to make it into a command. SCORE NOW.

At 8:27 in the 3rd period the Leafs scored. 1 - 0 over the Bruins. That zonked me out of trance.

Immediately i asked myself, how soon can they score AGAIN? and did the same thing.

At 6:15 they scored AGAIN.

I was like, cool!

So i stopped and said, take it from here, guys. Let’s see what you can do on your own without the spirits of Mars and Jupiter guiding you.

At 0:43.4 seconds, Bruins scored.

But Leafs headed them off to win 2 - 1 IN BOSTON. The Leafs rarely beat Boston in their hometown.

Boston is a tough team to beat but Leafs did it and i thank the spirits of Mars and Jupiter for giving them that extra warriors’ edge to get past their longtime rivals.

When you play athletics at that level, the difference between wins and losses can be down to hundredths of a second, or millimeters. Having a group overmind that is united and focused is a great advantage when it comes down to the finer points. I like to think that the magick i did pulled the squad a little closer together when it counted, and allowed them openings to take control, and they did exactly that when it counted.

Fucking proud of the guys, they’re hard workers. I’d love to see my home team take home a Stanley Cup this season, the first Cup they’ve had since the 60s. And i believe they can do it, too. We have some really good coaching and solid players this year.

Highlights from the final period here.

Go Leafs Go


How to draw this statment? I don’t get it. :thinking:

What part don’t you get?

This part. :thinking:

And then when i have say ex “sfh jvg dfp” how do i juse it. Making a sigil out of it. Seeing it on a posted picture would be great. :blush: