Stay in Your (Magickal) Lane

To “Stay in yo’ Lane” in this case means to not mix different spirits/paradigms together. I know Chaos Magick and Hoodoo-type magick is popular on this forum, but you can’t keep mixing different magicks together.

Now, this is different from if you are drawn to a spirit, l’m drawn to Papa Legba even though I don’t practice Vodoun. I do my best to get his cigar, whiskey and pennies and find a crossroads for his ritual.

Even though the Kabbalistic Middle Pillar Sephira are similar to the Hindu Chakra System, they should not be mixed. Even A. Crowley did not mix systems together.

Jason Miller in his books also warns against mixing different stuff together, especially if you don’t know the details about the spirits you’re using. You could be causing confusion and fighting against your will and intent without realizing it.

Why are your spells not working? How come things are getting worse? You mixed spirits that do similar things but from different places.

The Archangel Raphael and the Goetic Demon Marbas are used together for healing. This works because they are of the same paradigm.

So, while you many want to use “everything plus the kitchen sink” in your magick, don’t. Use the kitchen sink first, then the Enochian, then the Necronomicon, then the Goetia, then the Hoodoo, etc.

Use each lane first. Don’t tie up all the traffic.


I think that the best way of looking at a problem for someone who is flexible is that you use only the correct tool for the job, even if you don’t like using said tool.

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This is why Abraham of Worms said you should stick to the religion and culture you were born into and use that as the foundation of your magickal practice. You have a natural ease with that structure and take it for granted. It doesn’t conflict with your value system.

What goes without saying bears repeating.


Which is why even though I’m a grey magician, I still lean on my Baptist Christian background. So I use the Kabbala, Hoodoo and Goetic traditions with yes, some Chaos Magick.


It is my opinion that making your own magickal system is better than following one made by someone else.

Think about it all systems were created at some point. The one who created them is the one who will have the most success in that system.


I thought chaos magick was just your own system? Like you having an affinity for Papa Legba or Legba?