QUAREIA a new school of magic

Just heard about this site/project, have only checked it out superficially so far, but I like what I see.


The aim of the site is a completely free in depth magical training system, and from what I’ve read of it so far it’s pretty damn good. The author Josephine McCarthy has a very sober view on magic.

There is currently a crowd funding campaign with only 15 days left, and she’s really not asking that much for what she’s putting together.

So far she has Module 1: Core Skills up, it’s pretty comprehensive.


I’ve read Josephine McCarthy’s writing and while interesting, she’s not what I would consider “sober.” She thinks demons are monstrous hydra-creatures trying to take over the world and has published accounts of telepathically communing with… I think they were mermaids? Who had been trapped in a cave…

She is a hardcore Christian and like many Christian magicians basically teaches “dementia magic.” It’s astral projection gone batshit crazy. She flies through astral landscapes and talks to angels and mermaids. She HATES grimoire stuff, low magic, and most stuff that falls under witchcraft.

She IS fascinating, and I’m not saying I don’t think she’s authentic, but judging from her past comments, I would say that she will be extremely hostile if she finds out you’ve been involved in this site or have an interest in the kinds of things we talk about in this site, or even mention the name Koetting, which I’m 100% certain she’s heard.

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Hehe, I emailed her and told her I posted it here. She thanked me.

Yes, she does talk about many topics I would usually roll my eyes at, but I like the way she presents and describes it. She describes her interpretation process with enough detail that I can relate to it. I say sober in that it doesn’t come off as completely delusional.

I’m not trying to denigrate her at all. I put her in the same camp as Dionne Fortune - she’s a “light-worker,” and just like DF, in her earnestness to “expose” black magic and help others like her thwart it, she’s spelled out the nitty-gritty details of the mechanics of taboo forms of magic that everybody, and I mean everybody, else in the occult world has been very careful about NOT publishing or spelling out. So, for example, DF spelled out the mechanics of blood sacrifice with a precision and correctness that no black or grey magician has ever dared. Similarly, reading McCarthy’s work on how to defeat black magic has given me VERY handy keys to thwarting other magicians that, again, no black magician would dare publish, out of fear of making their own work less effective.

So I’m not bashing her, though I don’t agree with her literalist interpretation of everything she experiences. But I AM amused at how she gives out the real secrets on how to hurt people and get away with it in a wrong-headed approach to preventing that kind of behavior.

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Her views differ from my own, but I do like how she has always approached ritual work. Plus her interviews are funny as hell yet still full of info, she’s very blunt and isn’t shy, I like her personality. Her books are pretty good, from a different stance as my own work, but I’ve always liked how she emphasizes visionary work as a prerequisite to ritual work and integrates the two into one. That alone is worth a lot. I would recommend doing more energy work in addition to that, but aside (if you get past her views) I think she’s solid.

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I dislike light-workers as a whole but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective, or not sincere - they’re just coming from a different belief about reality.

And this made me grin: Giving and Stealing: Finding a Balance for Occult Authors.


Nice structure for a true beginner. very little else to offer.

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How do you copme to the conclusion she’s a hardcore Christian? Have you read her books or heard her on any broadcasts? She’s a down to earth very likeable Yorkshire lass.

I’ve listened to a podcast where she recounted she got kicked over by Kali. Hardly the activity of “hardcore Christian”. I’ve got 4 books of hers and can’t smell any Abrahamism in any of them (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them).

She’s seems to have done a lot of land/ancestor worship/magic - again hardly Abrahamic territory.


If you have a million lucifers, then you essentially have zero lucifers. Everyone in town owns a gun, crooks usually go away. Don’t want to get show. So to show us how to REALLY hurt someone with magic and use REAL counter magic is a step in keeping would be spiritual criminals in check.
Kind of 2 edged sword.
Help us to take down the Elite.

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To my knowledge Josephine is not a Christian… she occasionally uses Christian imagery and references as examples, but so do practitioners of nearly all western occultism. The techniques she gives, in my opinion, are some of the best out there, and have helped me overcome years of stagnation in my own practice.

Also, she doesn’t hate grimoire magic, though she thinks it is very often unbalanced in it’s approach. If she hated it, she wouldn’t constantly heap praises on Frater Acher (and I think Jake Stratton-Kent as well). She does, however, have a major bone to pick with the general new age movement in magic, the Golden Dawn, Crowley, et al…
I find her opinions on those subjects not invalid.

Yeah, she is very much RHP, but it’s all about the technology, and the methods she teaches are really some of the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve read hundreds of books on the occult and have been practicing for around 10 years.

I will say that when I first looked at her works a few years back, I though it was stupid and ridiculous. As I’ve progressed spiritually, I’ve come back to it and realized just how awesome it actually is. Her work is, for many, a case of “the right teacher appearing at the right time.” At some point, you just get it. Before that, it all seems an inane waste of time.

As for Quareia, I think it is an awesome project, and one I fully support. There are only two modules available so far, and they are beginner material. To say there is “very little else to offer” is very premature. Hell, even the beginner material has a few hidden gems for intermediate and adept occultists. If you actually read through all of the lessons, I think you’ll be surprised at some of the things she points out that you’d never thought of before.

Just my thoughts.
-Fr. Cervus


Have downloaded the 2 modules and also made a financial contribution.

More knowledge, more learning! So I’m not complaining.

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So, has anyone stuck with this for any length of time or worked through the Initiate phase? If so, did you get anything out of it?


Currently ploughing through the apprentice modules when time permits.

Having read the whole course there’s a least 7 years of work to go, I find it fascinating stuff!


So, if you’ve stuck with it this long then I’m guessing you’re getting something out of it, some type of payoff in your magick practice or other?

P.S. to the admin, the word “magick” should not be flagged as a misspelled word on the BALG forum.:grinning:

It’s a pathworking nicely balanced between theory and practical.

I do recommend you have a quick read of the course contents even if it’s not for you as you will learn a lot and it’s all free and online!

I like it as there’s no hyperbolic advertising, no mention of SATAN and LUCIFER and no requirement to wear fancy dress or titles a la OTO/Golden Dawn lodges.

The aim of the course is to build up your skills and inner senses so that you will be ultimately accepted as being “justified” by the ancient pantheon of Egyptian gods (Osiris etc). “Justified” meaning of the gods and not a god which is an important difference.

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Hey, could you pm me and send me the link to Dions take on blood sacrifice please. I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: