why my shadow is attached to me in cause of who My true self is and became one within .i don’t reveal much of that part till the time is right . .


The more I think about my situation I feel like Bella from Twilight where I negate everything except negative shit. I was never like this I ALWAYS had a connection always could sense and do things etc and 2 weeks before August of last year it disappeared and it was heartbreaking. I felt something ripped out of me and broken inside. My wife and sons felt it happen to me too and -POOF- gone. I’ve been trying to get it back I know what happened wasn’t natural. I can’t even do Reiki anymore. Either spells/astral projection/invoking doesn’t work or energy rebounds back and physically hurts. Blood Magic doesn’t even work and that’s what I first learned when I was a kid…fuckin hell. Wish Belial or another badass demon could take me to the asshole that did this to me so I can reach into their piss hole and rip out their skull and spine and hanglide with their skin.

If the basics aren’t even workin wth do I do since I can’t contact any demons or spirits to help? I’m about to kick the Vatican’s door in and drink all their holy…with my luck I’ll end up sick like Stew from family Guy haha. I was secretly teaching my sons a lil bit of stuff hear n there it was part of my bonding with them. This is just sad


Scratch that I fuckin did reiki tonight idk how but I did!!!

Me and my uncle were talking about his faith in god and me having returned to demon/spiritual working and he remembered me doing it when I was younger and being able to do some “unexplainable crazy shit”. I was explaining my frustration/anger/sadness with having no energy or manipulation of it anymore or contact to the spirit side. So, he asks what exactly is reiki and to show him so I explained it to him and he remembered me doing it with martial arts and I was like " but I’m fuckin pissed cause I can’t blah blah blah…but you channel that energy to your hands and channel it like a torch etc. If you put your hand about 6" away you should feel heat but there’s nothing." I position my hand in an upward palm strike his hand is almost a foot away and he says" wtf???..bro it feels like a very low blow dryer coming from your hand. I think you’re doing it." I point my hand to my face and sure enough warm energy was gently coming off my hand.
Figures I try to show someone I can’t do something and it works.

I just don’t get why no demon will respond to me if I’m reaching out to them for help. I know I’m blocked but I’m pretty sure they can hear or sense me calling…something from my end. I’m meditating, trying to harness energy, taking cleansing baths, researching them, etc. I’m genuinely putting forth the effort. Maybe cause I don’t have an altar or anything to offer…idk


Seems like There’s new abilities that await for you that is at The power of your hands and mind m.mlike an awakening on a higher lever . Possibly of fixing your life for your loved ones that sets the foundation back in place,


I feel like a baby learning to walk all over again and it’s fuckin MADDENING…and the whole silence from demons is really upsetting. I wish someone could reach out to one of them and ask wtf is wrong with me like how do I fix it. I’m more than willing to have my 3rd eye ripped open, my black flame ignited like a volcanoe or let one of them inside my head so they can see everything of me. So they can see what I’ve endured, guide me to be better than I was for me and my family spiritually and financially. See my innocence in recent events that took my family away, help me get my magick flowing again and help me get retribution on a human law level and cosmic bad-assary level where me and some demons psychic punch the fuck out of the lives of whoever/whatever caised this shit.


Do you feel the energy’s around you are neutral but easily raised and lowered by a thought process that’s subconscious ? Feels like you died and came back but remember who you were . I know how you feel from simuler experiences like t just couldn’t any worse. Try to . Look at it this way, amagin if you and L became fused as one, like what when you were younger you ask h8m if you could meet his master and that time would come some day . Your son now has path handed down to him in an area your an expert in And the person you’ve become as a result , L develop you for advancement for another level that’s a new more powerful limitless .you and your family won’t ever have to go thru this shit ever again. Life sucks at time dude but now your a living L fused as one. Think about that for a minute. 2 worlds combined in our reality , Anything That try’s to bite gets bit. your the neutral now that reflects like a Mirror but there’s new workings and practice of secrets of secrets. You have a key to life that allows you to manifest your reality and so much. I know this cause it happened to me and I could go on for days lol and personaly I wouldn’t change a thing but advance further! You can only get chosen for This transition to happen . I started with rocks by putting my energy forced thru my hands and studied the symbols that appeared with little research creatating a meaning to them opened a whole new world . I’ve healed people,kids that were sick, dealt with very evil spirts that harm like what I’ve resently went thru. You are a sigil sort of speak with your own that only you have access to . It’s up to you to seek and balance will go both ways. It’s knowledge of the true path to gold


Sometimes I feel that


Maybe Donald needs to do classic elaborate ritualls to summon. If its not big and grande with things like gold…what makes you think theyd care?


My transition opened up an opportunity of endless possibilities that are my calling and honour . working with high ranking entities that keep things where they belong behind the scenes is my placement which is why I helped you in a way you pretty much answered your own questions as time shifted


What I ment by gold is same meaning of becoming a living god. Takes steps but a goal that he’s that much closer … he can do it thru him on a different level. he’s a natural born has his own technique … all us have a different quality cause we’re individuals but the way we all relate in simulor ways


I was recently told I’m a god reincarnated into a human form to ask Sha for a scan. But, she’s super busy so I’m trying to find someone as good as her being the fact I was told her specifically so idk.

I’ve been told the reincarnated god thing all my life from yoga dudes, shaman, voodoo people, brujeria, spirits, etc. just doubted it cause well…I’m me I’m Don just a man. But after certain life events and the most recent one and my severe issue with a certain angel giving me a version of my own personal hell for telling him to fuck off for killing my childhood friends mother to “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” years back and now I’m getting mind raped by this prick. I’m starting to think some shits up with this whole “new to me” stuff idk about when I was younger. Magic was different 20+ years ago


.I know this seems way off and hard to believe but one tho everything I said is things you can look up and discover yoursel from the first of all this where I came in and now you’ve took a look with in on your own .I do stress to people like yourself that “time” is not to take my word for it but to seek knowledge if I’m wrong in areas please tell me so I can do my job better. There’s nothing in it for me, I don’t look at this as I’m a god by any means! It’s not what it’s about. Really this type conversation usually takes place in a one on one but everyone’s different right , your environment knowing others as piers are valued to you right.


I SAW BELIAL!!! I fucling saw him!!!

I took a break from here to vape and piss and had a sandlwood candle burning and figured fuck it I memorized his enn lets try again with a mirror. So I lock the door get my breathing focused 6sec in 6sec out. I start chanting and into the 3rd enn the candle flame literally kept flickering off and on like a strobe. You could hear it turn off and light back up every 1/2 second. My faced started flashing black then bright like a charged sigil. All the hair on my skin raises, I feel that comfortable skin crawl feeling and BOOM Belial reddish brown skin ram horns and all except they were white!!!

I said “I finally get to see you. I want to work with you. You can leave when you want I trust you and thank you.” His face flashes again with the biggest shit grin then the candle goes back to normal. His face froze to a lit sigil state and slowly faded away in the mirror.

Wtf do I do now I’ve never done evoking this way!?!?!

Belial talked to me about the black alchemy

Moments like this makes that tingling sinisation all over lol


Edited the previous post I got excited and didn’t type everything lol


Haha this is my magic and what I do takes time cause is like a new adventure but bigger he’s always there sometimes you will empty but hold that light like he does . It’s in your heart. Not sure if you Hurd of the band volbeat but this band has idol for 19 years and after my world went off to another he’ll and back all the songs are about myself as the nameless one but amazingly my 6 higher selves aswell . I did ask for my msg to be in music … I thinks it’s awesome for moments like this lol.


Since you went to the mirror out of spontaneous thoughts this is the man who’s watched over you since birth and gave you L … I know him personally we all do in different ways.the legend is everywhere lol I have to say tho dude I’m honoured to be able to assist you in what ever way that helped you and want to see that you reunite with your brother and to see that your family and yourself together and happy . I’m a person that’s no different but one in the same … I’m here anytime and so arnt many others on here aswell … but the ticket and take the ride lol


One thing to this tho , it’s up to you to combine your heart and consciousness together so you both will build together And rise don’t mean you can’t let him out to play lol this world is hell in different ways and it’s crunch time on the clock and in order to for this world to function is to have black and white to balance. Science proves that, so that being said we both can cast out to what comes our way as time brings it , shape shift there structure to by means of tuff love is better then no love ! Choices and how there made or who makes them for us , that’s choice made right , it’s a method that keeps yourself balanced in a perfected way so that’s mirror back and energy that strengthens you , soul and spirit… a little hint to clear ur thought of past things you mentioned, reincarnation beings going then the structure of discipline to build a structure don’t get a soul cause it’s an entity of some sort , you’ll figure it out but cool part you 2 did it together and that will continue… makes you wonder what I am to be able to take care of that dickhead destroying your world and belail for what he is :cowboy_hat_face:


Hmmm. Well this is my Observation. His problem and Blessings with power seem to both Start and End with Entities. Nothing natural coming from him.


I’ve been in contact with entities since birth and had abilities since then too. I’ve died a few times both self inflicted and by others. I’ve hung myself, slit from elbow to wrist and bled out completely, broken my own neck, drown myself, been drowned by others, beaten and choked to death multiple times by my own mother, shot, stabbed, run over, thrown out windows multiple floors up, thrown myself on a grenade, beaten in the head with pipes and baseball bats, etc and I’m sitting here mentally and physically intact with no medical aid from any of those events sending this message so no it didn’t start with entities. Yes I was given a few magical “upgrades” from L from his boss but nothing I didn’t already have just enhanced. The problems started when I told an angel to literally go fuck itself or I’ll drag it to hell myself by it’s throat for killing my best friend’s mom over what it considered “miscommunication”.

Please don’t take what I said in a disrespectful manor it was a long night I’ve had a few and just stressed. I speak from the heart I’m genuinely not a dick. I’ve always been different mentally/physically and been able to do unexplainable shit people will never be able to wrap their heads around even idk how I’ve done a bunch of it but shit happens. I’ve learned the hard way fight or flight can turn the tables and I’m a stubborn sob I don’t run ever no matter how dangerous a situation gets especially if I have to protect someone/something. Unfortunately I revel in chaos and fear doesn’t make me scared it puts me into an exciting unquenchable lust I can’t explain. When life’s normal I’m the guy mowing his lawn listening to metal with a smile, maintaining a reef tank explaining osmotic balance and N/P ratios for coral to my kids or baking pastries for my family…I’m a fuckin weirdo lol