So, awake and sober now again I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful with my other post.

Last night at work covering a fire man’s event and we had a small fire. I was about 20ft away from the portable stoves and bored out of my mind and thought “fuck this is boring we need some excitement.” Burn MF by 5 Finger Death Punch starts blasting in my head and one of the stoves explodes flames out in a huge fireball shaped symbol as clear as day. I’ve seen it before just can’t remember where. Then later on my table is switched to one with a few employees that were guests and I have a small lil crush on one of them. As I’m putting her drink on the table I’m thinking “holy fuck she’s beautiful.” At the same time she grabs my arm to say “you’re such a sweetheart” she deathgrips and wouldn’t let go. I felt a strong heat in my lower chakra thingies and she starts turning beet red and her eyes roll into her head and her jaw drops in a long pause…I recognized that look instantly. Me and the other girl next to her is like wtf you ok and she’s out of breath saying I gotta go clean myself and we all started laughing. Later on when the party was over I went to the bathroom and they were talking and I heard her telling her friend “idkwtf happened I touched him and couldn’t let go like a magnet. I felt a huge rush of energy coming from him straight to my (pg13 stuff) and exploded I almost passed out. Why do you think I’ve been keeping away from him all night every time he’s near I start feeling it again like now.” I just had to be a dick and turn the corner and say goodnight. she started turning red again with a giant shit grin and power walked to the bathroom yelling and giggling “Don you’re an ass stop it!!!” Working with her is gonna be interesting from now on. The same thing happened to the matradee when she shook my hand goodnight. She ripped away and was like “wtf…you’ve never done that before. No handshakes for a while.”

I need to do a shit ton more cleaning baths and meditation work cause it seems like something is starting to kick back into effect. I’m gonna try this this week and see if it helps open me up more.


Right on bro! Your not alone , i grew up as an only child ina broken home , labeled as a black sheep. Thruout life has been a rollercoaster, many near deaths , building up thinking I’m getting somewhere then crashes in destruction specially when it comes to relationships. I always had my childhood companion right with me, this all turned around after my experience I went thru a little over a year ago. Now its balanced. we work together helping where most can’t . It’s been hard but I’m complete. The more progress I make in myself the more I can reflect out. Mine has told me many times “ tough loves better then no love man” lol keep your green chakra bright apply that with your abilities and watch your world change around you … you got this!


I just spent about 15-20 minutes meditating and repeating Belial’s enn trying to visualize his sigil. Not the fancy one the simple squiggly one. I started getting dizzy and a weightless feeling and got super hot to the point I was sweating a little so I stopped. The last 20-30 minutes I physically feel doped up trying to stay awake and completely drained of energy within seconds. Is that normal?


A structure of discipline wil becomes a structure… ur human body was never strong enough cause it wasn’t fully completed now ur up a step. Entities feed off of energy and body frequency, everyone can practice 7 chakras you can now go to 8then 9 . Look up Thoth online and research anything from kabala to why and your going thru at this day an age from there had to rebuild everything pAfter my transitions.I found building my own strength By break my lifes history that repeats so it would be a lesson taught rather then a kick in the nuts. Figuratively speaking Your life is now going backwards let time bring it to you making choices using your “ green & white chakra “ it will brighten, use your rest to sense and play for practice every day all day to build the structure. For when u feel alone trust your instinct he trained and guided you to this point now u can teach him. He will remind u he’s there . He’s your raven wing


After a bit try again but not in the water and chant if u want but I don’t have to for what your seeking . Be clear minded , open yours eyes follow what you see, find and creat your own symbolism it’s all around you


Trimac thanks for putting time into my thread

So another night of meditation this time I used the make a mental ball and suck all the black out of me technique. Couldn’t turn it white to absorb it with positive energy so made it disappear to nothing. I broke into a sweat doing it and from where the 3rd eye is make a huge water drop pattern down to my mouth and that whole area was wet but “minty” feeling if that makes any sense. Also it felt like multiple sweat points were rolling across my arms disappearing into my hands and my arms were perfectly horizontal and dry when I finished- odd. I could feel sweat rolling down my back that’s how much effort I put into it. The breathing I used was 2 in- 4 hold- 8 release. After that tried the spirit bomb hand orb thing to try and manifest a moving ball between my palms. After a minute I started feeling energy fish hooks/tentacles dragging through my hands instead of a ball rotating on the skin…very weird.

Now is where the fun begins. I decide to use the tv as a scrying mirror with the room light on. Spent a few getting breathing and focus good and started staring into it. Less than 30-40 seconds everything in the room gets sigil-charged and starts moving. things are swelling then deflating, doors and windows are fragmenting then realigning. I start Belial’s enn and instanly go deaf in my left ear. I keep at it and energy starts absorbing into the tv so I I ask Belial to show himself…nothing. “Belial please give me a sign- anything”…nothing. “Belial show yourself I do not beg.” The tv starts reflecting back normal except somethings off in the reflection. My face is mixed between his and mine. Then it changes again to a very exotic beautiful female who’s face smiles directly at me and morphs into a facial expression of pure ecstasy and orgasm and I can faintly hear her cumming explosively. Then it morphs back to my face smiling and back to the orgasm chick then a skeletal face then all 4 combined then me in a demonic form and then shits back to normal.

What…the fuck…was all that??? Crazy thought but has anything ever referenced him having a female form or possibly a female demon dealing in the area of pleasure/lust?

I’m brain fucked right now and seeing black sprites floating here and there and little black things…extremely calming lol


Part of this crap going on I’ve been praying to the powers that be to get my wife out of her job cause of the damage it’s done to her and our family. But also with meditation asking for the truth to come out and those responsible suffer. Seems like nothing for a while now and then I feel this Friday Belial made contact through the mirror and again last night. But today I got a weird text from my wife so told her to call me. she’s pissed cause she’s out of work next 2-3 weeks cause Friday night she ended up in the hospital from breaking her toe on stage. She also fucked her ankle up from falling and she seriously might need a few plates n screws and if that surgery happens she won’t be able to be a gogo dancer at least for a long while.

I just put 2 n 2 together about the vision I had last night when I’m done being angry I’ll post back what it is.

I wish someone who communes with him fluently could ask him did he do that and if so then is that his way of saying he’ll work with me.


From what I understand, you asked Belial to take your wife out of work because of problems that happened and after that she happened to break her finger and her ankle and with that, she could not continue her work. Right?


Her toe broke and akle damn near shattered. When I recall the dream in my head I realized it wasn’t a sound of pleasure it was wimpering pain and my wife’s face in the reflection. I’m pissed at myself for not being more careful of how I worded things.

Lesson learned


:sweat_smile: you have to specify “with no harm”! Result is result and Belial always gets results! Be careful what you wish for with him! He wouldn’t be gentle!


I was so ecstatic seeing his face I forgot that part. But again with my wife flip flopping I asked her to call me and she did she was at work cause they told her can’t dance no more job and I was like “wth wrong with you you’re gonna permanently cripple yourself” in a gentle loving way not as a dick. We spoke civilly and told her to go ahead and claim me on the taxes so her and the kids have something. We got on the subject of us and the situation and again I hit her in the heart and she started to cry apologizing. I also said " you told me to my face I’m innocent in front of our sons and over then phone multiple times. But then you start flip flopping over shit that’s being said to you from everyone involved that you know is not true cause I don’t even treat you in that manner. Unlike everyone else who needed something from you I never lied to you I’ve always been 100% honest so why the hell would start now? I’m the only person that you refuse to hear out which is making me believe you did this to me which means you never loved me." She was crying said please stop thinking I did this to you and you know how much I fuckin love you I couldn’t hurt you like this etc etc…"

Fast forward to today and she text me this morning flip flopping. Every time I get through to her something karate chops that shit into oblivion and she’s hating me…I know people can be shitheads but I know her inside and out this isn’t her.

I wish something could get in her head and tell me wtf is going on with her AND show her the truth and bitch smack her with it cause this is insane.


I will only say this once:

Witness to a friend. When it comes to strippers, dancers and anything of similar nature do not mess with them, build a family with them, get married to them. When it comes to trying to figure them out it isnt a logical argument they come from a troubled broken life; they are NOT FAMILY MATERIAL.

Ive only seen problems come from people like that. Mayhaps ask the gods to help yourself out now so you can better help the kids out.


We’ve been married 11 years she started dancing 3 years ago.


Your a stronger man than I am I don’t think I could handle it . I’m old fashion tho lol miku is right on how you ask To what u ask for . Sometimes things can go to the extreme.


My whole situation is screwed to hell and I’m tired. But that’s not gonna stop me from getting my mojo back and getting my shit together. I’m meditating every night, trying to charge sigils and sense and hear their presence(mainly Belial). I’m researching my ass off even trying to dig into the origin of him and demons. Trying different cleansing techniques etc…just wish they see the effort I’m putting into this. I’m going right now to find an indigo candle for a specific meditation and Dragon Blood incense to see if that helps with this.

On a side note I’m sitting outside vaping enjoying the odd 50-60+ degree weather here in Jersey and notice something’s different about everything I literally can’t explain it. Also seeing little black and grey orbs, streaks sometimes a very small flash here and there out of my peripheral vision. Even the air is different…idk


Fun isn’t it! Everything u touch or stair thru little symbols will appear and change like a story . Granite and different rocks show the store line better to see. Does with me anyways lol it’s been warm up here on the border Maine works been picking up so haven’t much time on here but will try when I can .


Haven’t posted cause I was in the hospital Wednesday night with herniated discs. I just finished doing Belial’s gateway symbols and feel kinda weird. I did something a little different I put the Dukante sigil in the open space inside his Goetia sigil. Within seconds I was able to charge his sigil instead of 10-15 minutes and it was showing both sigils connecting their energies together(hard to explain) and the sigil’s glowing perimeter looked smeared giving the drawing a slight 3d look. Everything around me went distorted in a hazy way like thick fog. Then I started repeatedly switching between his enn, “itz ra cha Belial” and “alash tad alash tal ashtu” in my head. I started feeling a minty-charged feeling in my skin and a little dizzy. Out of my right peripheral I saw 2 purple and black orbs with very faint white insides flashing in and out with purple-ish lightning around them. My mom’s dog in the other room started huffing/puffing repeatedly when they appeared and her birds stopped chirping and instantly went to sleep. As soon as a finished the dog stopped.

My eyesight is a little hazy and I feel like I can hear energy…fuckin weird


I feel my 3rd eye!!!

I was reading stuff about witches and realized my 3rd nipple is a “witch mark”…uh ok, on my hand I have the psychic cross under my middle finger(Saturn), ring finger (Sun) and I also have the healer’s mark 8 lines total…whatever that stuff means. But anyway the 3rd eye I felt it after doing this dude’s meditation technique and still slightly feel it an hour later no where near pronounced. When he stopped the meditation I opened my eyes and was instantly in what seemed like TGS but completely different. The room around me was alive with sparkles like everything was lightly coated in diamond dust. I saw very faint waves of stuff floating around like white/grey energy streams and felt very gentle things brushing my face like a women’s fingernails…I FUCKIN LOVED IT!!! Link at bottom

But I need a super huge favor from someone who can communicate clearly with Belial since I can’t(yet) about his gateway symbols he gave to Lady Eva specifically the spiral one. When doing the meditation I couldn’t get the energy to focus in the 3rd eye area it was severely erratic. Intuition told me channel it in a reverse spiral just like his and I did. Instantly the energy went from rainbow to a pure gold and it circled around what looked like a black sun as clear as day. The moment I did that it felt like my soul/spirit and mind tried to jump out of my body and the spiral disappeared. I made the gold spiral again and it did it again but harder. If anyone watched the anime Bleach imagine the effect of soul pressure when the captain’s released their full power. Instead of the pressure slamming into you imagine the same thing but in reverse coming out of your body. So, if you can ask Belial does the spiral symbol have anything to do with the 3rd eye?


2 negatives make a positive… now your starting to see the power of gold! Fucking awesome lol


After all that I did a cleansing bath 1 cup kosher sea salt, 1 cup epsom salt and around 1/3 ounce frankinsense oil aroma therapy oil. I read frankinsense basically supercharges spells/rituals/intent so figured “wtf why not”. Then I cleared my mind and did a prayer humbly asking my ancestors/bloodline, great grandma who was a full blood Cherokee from a tribe(get that shaman power going lol), all demons/entities and the universe itself to “remove all curse/hex/- energies and only leave + energy. Redirect that shit back to where it came from 1,000 fold and make whoever receives it feel all the pain, suffering and heartache they caused me/my wife and kids 1,000 fold on top of that. If any of the negative is from me redirect it into the earth so its recycled back to + energy so other life can live and grow peacefully.” I poured all my energy into that prayer then closed it out and did the same visualizing blinding white light shooting out my hands filling the bath water until the room was so bright it was blinding.

I hope doing this stuff right.

After the bath I felt something slightly change inside me like some confidence crept back in. BUT the biggest change was my thought process I felt focused, calm yet energetic, CLARITY and CLEAR-HEADED in my thoughts and processing and started rambling to Belial and throwing a bunch of theory at him one being the possability he’s really THE actual “God” but in hiding/playing a guise like God in Supernatural based on everything I’ve read so far…my analytical thinking has kicked back in lol