Hey everybody new to the forum but not to magic started research around 10 years old and jumped into it head first at 12 up until I was 17 and had to take a break due to Christian family giving me an ultimatum. They saw genuine results happening and automatically screamed demon work (they were right lol) so it was family or demon worshipping. I never lost faith in the lhp but a Catholic wife and and 5 kids made it difficult to keep to. Well, my situation has called me back to lhp and it’s a fucked up one which I’m trying to fix and having hell making things work to the point I’m literally being blocked spiritually and I know I am. I have a thread on satanandsuns that’s about 6-7 pages long explaining what’s going on with me on the spiritual side. Not the family stuff cause the situation I’m in is a very touchy one I almost went to jail for (declared truly innocent by all parties involved).

I would’ve posted the thread link but don’t know the forum rules on that. If I can I’ll try to put a link up so anyone interested can help me out cause right now I’m spiritually fucked cause of an angel I pissed off. I go to heaven I’m getting kicked out asap cause I’m finding this asshat, ripping it’s head off and pissing down into it’s carcass for the hell it’s caused me and my family.

Sorry for the language just really aggravated.


Welcome to the forum! :no_mouth: this sounds interesting!


So, blows you gotta be a member of S&S to see my thread…sooo much stuff to repost. I’ll throw the important stuff up after I get out of work tonight


If you are going to make posts in more than one place, it helps to have a backup copy on your computer so you don’t have to rewrite everything again, especially if it is a really long post. (and if it is really long you should probably have a local copy anyway.)


I completely agree just I do everything by phone I don’t own a computer and I’m tech dumb with certain things lol.


Ok so there’s a lot of shit from the other thread I’ll just post what I wrote which is still a lot of stuff

Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:15 am
Since birth I’ve always had a connection with demons, angels, the dead/spirits. My family were always uncomfortable and weirded out because I could sense things or know things I shouldn’t have sometimes heard peoples thoughts even manipulate emotions. I started summoning when I was around 11-12 years old through meditation out of curiosity and it came naturally. It was amazing and I learned so much and could do things even made a friend/guardian(very abusive childhood). He was JACKED like a gorilla, a mouth and fangs like a werewolf, black eyes that shined like metal balls, wore a ragged trench coat, my grandfather’s cowboy boots and 4 enormous black wings like an angel and REFUSED to tell me his name he always said " some secrets must remain secrets just call me L." My wife thought I was crazy until about 4 years ago we heard my second son talking and playing with someone in his room and a second voice with him. My wife calls him and asked who’s he talking to and he said “my new friend his name is L and he said to tell daddy he never left.” She turned pale as a ghost, lit a cig and walked outside lol. Around 16-17 my family made me stop when they found I was doing blood magic/summoning. I’ve always had a connection to the other side but recent events with my marriage and family have brought me back to LHP to get SERIOUS truths uncovered. The problem is it seems like my connection is gone or being blocked. Everything I’ve tried so far like I used to is dead in the water. I meditated last week for help to my situation and Dantalion and Mammon came blasting through like a siren and that was the first time I’ve ever heard of them. So, meditated with hand drawn sigils signed in my own blood to Dantalion and Mammon even chanted their enn and nothing. With Dantalion I feel like gravity starts weighing down on me and I get a piercing migraine and a million faint whispers or humming. With Mammon I can feel energy pulsating like electricity and I start to heat up like I have a fever but comfortable. Then it just stops dead cold in both situations and nothing else. Due to my new current living situation incense, altars and candle are a no go I’m bunking in a devout Christian household.

Any helps appreciated to what the hell might be going on it’s like I have no energy/ability at all.

Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:05 am
I’m not surprised about my wife hearing L. Her, her daughter and my 2 youngest sons are all spiritually open just scared of it. There’s nothing religious in the place I’m at other than the person I share the dwelling with they’re a non-practicing Christian but have set in stone hardcore beliefs. I am STRONGLY adamant against the Christian/Catholic belief system always been LHP. But with my wife being Catholic and it clashing with my beliefs I let it take a back seat for my family.

Like I said I’ve never heard of either demon until last week when I was meditating. I asked for help bringing out truth on me/my family’s situation and to have proof of a manipulation taking place that’s destroying my family. After a few minutes I literally felt like I was being slowly sucked down to the floor and heard multiple whispers repeating his name. The louder it got the stronger the migraine.

About 2 days later I meditated again asking for help to build wealth to protect my family and I financially and to figure a way to build a comfortable steady cash flow so I can balance time with family and work. When I meditated this time everything got dead silent. But I started hearing a coin being flicked and cought and something literally said “think you got the balls to work with my boss Mammon?”

Yeah I know sounds retarded and BS and I’m even questioning my own damn sanity at this point I just know this does work I was deep into it for 6-7 years.

Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:43 am
So feeling lazy, starving and not wanting to cook I went to the local market listening to some Lamb of God. I figured let me call out to Satan himself and see if I get a response at all about who can help me with my situation all around- screwed up/no energy and can help fix it, my dire situation with my family for the truth to surface and those guilty get justice. Also develop my psychic self and cleansing. While I’m in the store I get an INSANE craving for beef and green tea which I love and found a prepared meal of rice beef and yuca. I go to smell it and an image flashed of some giant hunky blonde looking mean as fuck. I smell the food again and see a sigil. So, I bought the meal and headed home. A lil digging and the sigil belongs to Azazel.

About 2 hours ago (12:30am) I decided to find an enn loop and came across this one(at bottom) and tried to call out to him very respectfully and humbly and explained my situation and what I’m looking for through meditation. I did the enn 2 times for an hour and something weird happend. During the meditation my thumbs started twitching and I felt a flame in my core. For the past hour and a half afterwards I’ve been slightly disoriented and my eyes feel like they’re on fire. I can barely see through my glasses or focus and when I do in the center of my forehead I feel a pressure and get dizzy…wtf…either I’m doing this right or something’s really wrong with me.

Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:08 am
Decided to do some meditation and followed this chakra vid. Idk if I did anything to my 3rd eye but during the activating chakra and seeing their colors perfectly fine when I got to the 3rd eye It wouldn’t light up purple it stayed black/dark like it wasn’t there. When I got to the crown it wouldn’t produce violet but it lit up pure white for me like the PURIST white I’ve ever seen. When the instructions said back to 3rd eye some weird shit did happen. I started to see tiny faint purple bursts like solar flares on the sun. Then it started kaleidoscoping dark faint rainbows through broken glass fragments. But, something started happening I started getting dim black n white images of tiny faces then eyes staring back at me. It was like looking into gentle rippling water. Then shit got real weird/interesting for a few seconds cause I mentally said to myself “I’m the only one in here” and a dark red orange human eye opened and floated around to my right for a few seconds. I mentally thought “I’m not alone am I?” And then 2 of the same eyes opened like they were looking right at me and my hands started heating up like fire, ice and electricity all combined!!!

And then I lose focus, 3rd eye still barely faintly kaleidoscoping rainbows through broken glass effect goes black again and back to normal. All other chakra still lit up as I went over them crown still glowing white instead of violet so I stopped…wtf just happened lol

Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:25 am
I’ve been using 2 of the links you sent me to for 3rd eye stuff but hit a snag doing it. I’ve also been studying up on EA Koetting (seen his name in a dream when calling out to Lord Satan) and VK Jehannum and realized some of what Koetting talks about especially Aleister Crowley and it gave me flashbacks to techniques I used when I was a kid and it all worked!!! God I felt stupid cause getting back to basics is something I struggle with so hard when stuff comes naturally. I used to be able to put myself into “theta gamma” at will even when flight-or-fight kicked. Idk what the hell I was doing L told me just to call it “bridging the gap.” My science teacher in high school taught me how to do it at will when I discovered Reiki and Dim Mak. wtf he taught me I can’t remember except having an EXTREMELY precise breathing rhythm and reverse focusing. My teacher explained it as instead of a singular point of vision, empty the mind, blur your eyes and make everything in your field of view a giant singular focal point. I can’t remember the rest it’s driving me nuts lol.

The 3rd eye stuff I think I’m making progress it’s still broken looking BUT I’m starting to see faint purple in it instead of psychedelic rainbows. My crown chakra is still blinding white I’m not worried though. Unfortunately it feels like a black hole is in the middle of my brain every time I meditate. Today it hasn’t went away which I’m probably coming down with a head cold but it feels like something is blocking me spiritually and physically now. Every time I try to meditate and there is progress now it feels like something literally punched me in the center of my brain to throw me off. Idkwtf is going

Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:03 am
Ok so I’m seriously weirded out and pissed off. I came home from work around 12:30am, ate like I always do and decided to read up on more stuff and start meditating to reach a trance state. As soon as I start seeing the “static” Koetting talks about and feeling the trance state a huge voice deeply says “STOP!!! You will not be allowed.” Knocked me right out of trance…OMMFG I’m so pissed. I thought I was crazy for a sec then my 13 year old super clairvoyant nephew half asleep in the room over comes and asks who’s telling you to stop doing something?

So I know I’m not crazy something is literally blocking me from making contact with demons/spirits. This crap especially when I need serious help and guidance in the mojo department to fix a few situations so certain things are back in order and other things progressing is definitely heartbreaking.

Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:22 am
I think I might have an idea as to what’s going on and since I’m being blocked I need Akelta(high unlikely no offense) or someone who can speak to Lucifer directly about a specific angel that used to speak to me when I was a kid and right before I met my wife. I recognized that voice as clear as day and this angel is a force to be reckoned with and extremely ruthless when pissed off I know from experience. Me and it had a serious disagreement with each other after it did something I politely asked it not to do and it was the first time I seen it’s cruelty from something it did. So when I told it to leave me and my family I don’t need heaven if it’s stewards can kill due to miscommunication the angel said “I’m gonna make your life a living hell and when the moment’s right take everything that matters most when you need them the most. Even Hell won’t save you.” Since that moment my life’s been a downward spiral into a personal hell with my wife, finances, failed business attempts which I METICULOUSLY planned down to the penny not to fail. 2 of my sons being born disabled which docs said them having their disabilities was damn near impossible and literally said you had to of pissed off someone “upstairs”. I remember that damn thing like it was yesterday breathing down my neck. Skin faintly glittered like diamond, eyes looked completely liquid gold, weird symbol/marking on its forehead, silverish white super long hair and 7 wings and it would never tell me it’s name. I always read the most any had was 6 due them being seraphim. This fucknut had 7 as clear as day my stepdaughter seen it with me and it scared the living shit out of her she had nightmares for weeks cause it wasn’t a “normal” angel.

And so…that’s where I’m at waiting for my last post on S&S to show and I’ll put that up cause I might have hit a breakthrough this weekend.

Sorry for it being long


This is an interesting story. @DemonMonk and @Kulina8, you guys would be better suited at helping this man with his angel problem than I.

Slava Bogum.


I’m super tied up right now but I’ll take a look at this in a couple hours after I’m home


:broken_heart: no one has the right to inflict harm on newborns! I am sorry you had to go through this! Since you categorised him as an angel! Have you tried to call the archangels to help you with this? Atleast their protection is valid! And may I suggest to keep a sigil or seal of Raphael with your kids for healing? If you are blocked atleast Raphael could provide some healing for your kids!
I am a newbie so take this with grain of salt!


I’ve been separated from my wife and kids 6 months now voluntarily due to accusations my stepdaughter made from nowhere. Both dyfs and the county prosecutor’s head detective know I didn’t do it and they’re trying to close the case since October but something isn’t allowing that to happen and they’re baffled. They were even told they’re NOT ALLOWED to tell my wife I’m innocent or help me prove it just close it asap. Every time they go to close it new shit pops up on my stepdaughters end or they can’t get into contact with my wife. When my wife brought this up to me she looked me dead in the face and said " I know you’re not capable of doing anything to harm any of our kids. I truly know every fiber of you and wouldn’t still be in love or care the way I do for you but something is forcing me to do this I can’t explain it and its KILLING me but I gotta do what’s right for her." Everytime we talk she emotionally and mentally changes on guilty or innocent and I mean The Shining flip flops where she’s got a heart then the next time full out rage. She’s even cried saying she knows I’m innocent but she doesn’t know what to do cause it’s her kid.

We were cursed/hexed right before we got married and multiple times since and our teeth are proof of it and were told we were by multiple Santeria people. We’re semi hygiene freaks especially with teeth lol. We felt it as clear as day but everytime we make plans to get cleansed her mind’s wiped of it the next day until something crazy happens. We’re good for a bit, weird shit starts happening, a tooth damn near explodes needing oral surgery and BAM we’re in hell and she goes on a drug, sex and alcohol binge blocking out me and the kids until I almost kill myself trying to stop her every 3-4 years like clockwork. She’s literally a puppet when it happens you can see it and mentally breaks down crying hysterically and tries to kill herself apologizing and begging me for forgiveness. she can’t control it knows it’s wrong but something is literally forcing her. Last year(year 3 of cycle) I had 3 teeth explode from the inside out needing extraction and this shit happens. This is now year 4 and when all hell breaks loose. Something is seriously wrong I know it.


:pray: sending you positive thoughts! Don’t give up! You will break through eventually!


I believe I can help with this situation and troubles, at least something for u to work with . I read this a few hrs ago, u have quite an abundance going on like clock work one thing to next. the worst of it is your kids being affected in harmful ways. The whole situation has its patterns but has its potential flip in directions to… to know what we’re deal with,is it ok if I ask you a few questions?


Ask away. And like clockwork tooth 3 just blew out in my sleep that’s why I’m up answering this post. Felt like I got cracked in the jaw with a hammer a few minutes ago fml…


Take it you don’t usually dream when you sleep… alright … here goes lol… I’m not able to give you a quick fix solution to these problems but, what I can do is give you an outsider point of view in the patterns they will help you solve these issues yourself as well as boost your spirits and light back where they should be


The next couple msgs that I send read them out loud,I do want to make this clear tho ,everything I and the time spent is my will, in my attemp to help u! This deity is not to rebell agest anyone due to this from what read I noticed patterns of repeat with this deity and also the result of the reflection leaving you destroyed as well. Your in counters with him seem like he knows what you act is before you do like everything,where your heart goes to as family , and your mastery of your self. Gives him an advantage to control ur emotional out put but he’s not feeding on negativity if he would got some results. Your younger children are neutrals anyways so the odds of contact are higher. All the things you tried just made it worse on you mentally but it actually went to your love ones . In result crushing you even more cause

your the dominant protector of the household and also male your wife and daughter on the other hand has been taken the main concern is your wife and that’s the questions I wanted to ask because your born gifted naturally with abilities ,star born. Your protected by your shadow for good reason. .the last 4 years of fight holding fast to what you love on the inside the same you see the world. This isn’t an bad angelic angel nor a demon, to intelligent for plus loves to torment cause of your view point with darkness, to me it’s a 5 dementional being ,can shapeshifte , twist your fate , an cause to to strip yourself .you can turn this all around by changing your steps into math. Make every choice every approche using 2 negatives to make a positive. Start becoming a grounded soul like a mirror take the time that you have to make that structure and reverse the energy , reverse thing back the way they were but better! Work from inside to regroup your intuition and higher selves. You have 3 btw lol if haven’t noticed the change already think what time you received this text, and what that means


Make time your best friend like it was when you were younger back in the good dark days. Release your demon with nothing then the balance needed to shift harm away from your loved one and take it so they don’t have to. Your action is a negative for the shift is also a negative but the reasons comes from your heart ,that’s the positive as a result . Manifest that pattern into day life steps and I promise you you’ll get your crown back


Huh, sounds very familiar. For me it was every 2 years since the end of the last crisis. And the length each time was double the amount of time from the last time: 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.


It’s just maddening cause we both felt something get seriously wrong around us the last week of July like the calm before a storm. I flat out told her some shits about to go down like never before and it’s gonna tear us apart this time and I can feel it in my core. She felt it too but kept trying to reassure me we’ll get through it like we always do and I said “but at what cost this time cause last time we came close to losing everything and me in a pine box.” She hugged me and started crying.


Since I’m not a full member I can’t message anyone but I was told to ask Sha to do a godform scan. Is there another way to contact her?


Go to the godform scanning thread and use the “@.” For example, @Donaldf973 (only use Sha’s name, of course)