Ty much appreciated


So this issue of me being cut off magically/spiritually sucks. But, I just realized something while reading that I’ve been dismissing for weeks as just my eyes playing tricks. I tunnel vision hardcore when I read. The world around me goes white, everything in the background gets white auras and then tv static/rain kicks in…TGS state? If that’s the case and what’shappening then I’m damn near doing it 1/4 of my day without realizing it until now. This is completely different from what I’ve done back in the day to contact stuff. Sometimes the world disappears into an empty white void where nothing exists except the sound of my heartbeat and breath.

When I first started trying to get into TGS a few weeks ago while focusing on Dantalion and Azazel sigils no static happens except everything around the sigil turned a hazy white. The sigil hops from 2d-3d-2d repeatedly while disappearing and reappearing then shit got cool for a bit then fizzled. Since then absolutely nothing cause of some shit stain with wings…my point is have I been getting into TGS without realizing it until now and did I charge the sigils?


:no_mouth: hell yeah! That’s the signs of an altered state of consciousness! Clear your mind and force on love and positive thoughts to manifest in your life! Manifest your reality as you want it! This would help you understand how!


Yes and yes. You’re getting into TGS and activating the sigil.




Sweet shit!!!

I’m actually in the process of setting up a cleansing bath in a few with a pound of sea salt and sage just don’t know how much herb to add since I only have dry stuff.


Add some music to mix and meditate clear mindedly , touch base with your true self.everyone has a shadow but a few go thru a life of discipline to build a structure for responsibility. Don’t no what kind of music you like but here’s one from me to you…


I’m a fuckin metalhead at heart thanks!!!

So, every time I come across Belial’s name my skin crawls in a good way like someone touching me in a loving manor…weird. A few times the TGS thing instantly kicked in reading his name or enn and if I stopped it something pinched me or I’d feel a pin prick. Does that mean something?

When I got back into this to fix my situation something was showing me dantalion and azazel sigils and things related to them but since I’m having severe problems connecting with anything a few times I’ve called out to satan to send me someone that can help me…Belial??? He’s the king of fuckin shit up take no prisoners salt the earth and kill the bloodline. I’m puzzled so I’m gonna try to contact him. Fuck it I seriously don’t have much left to lose lol


Let your guides take you, become your own master and then he will answer to you


:rofl: Belial is awesome! He will kick you to pull your shit together! tough love kinda guy! And if he sees someone messing with you, I have heard he will kick them too… here is a funny story!


I just read his enn mentally and I’m feeling like I’m gonna pass out. I feel like I’m about to fly out the roof and punch a planet to pieces!!!


If he gives tingle that sooth then manifest and train your dragon. Balance is key . If you unbalance shifting takes place.bending is perfection


I recognize this energy it’s all too familiar to my old companion “L” when I was a kid. When I get into fight mode to kick ass I’m filled with this exact energy or when threatened I feel it pulsing in my core which L called it an “enhancement to fuck the world up” thanks to his boss. If L was Belial in disguise or one of his boys(just a thought slim chance though) Idfk honestly what to say or do in this moment cause anything invocation/evocation doesn’t work right now


Ask Belial to pull you to the astral and have a talk? You can just write him a letter! That’s how I communicate with entities since I am still new


That song I sent you is about the man with the top hat that cast shadows. ever wonder where your imaginary friends went?


He was told by his boss to go to my second son and protect him for “what’s to come” and “daddy L never left he said always keep fighting mommy’s special and he’s gonna protect me now” those words came out my sons mouth in front of my wife…this was right before all this shit went south with my family/wife. Freaky


L is a number 4 part of a secrete doctrine of as above so below , you did request for somebody to assist you at your darkest hour…


L’s been with me since I can remember (6-7 years old I’m 33). He’s the reason I got into demons and magic. Taught me some pretty crazy stuff and gifted me a few times from his boss so he’s not something recent in my life.

“L is a number 4 part of a secrete doctrine of as above so below” what does that mean?


I finished the se salt cleansing bath meditating the whole black muck out positive energy in and funky shits going on. Feels like heat swirling around my skin and I’m jittery like I took pre-workout for the gym even my veins were almost glowing through my skin…too much for one night


He has and always will . He’s apart of your soul,family name , genetics , DNA . Mine was named marlin then later in life discovered he was zozo who’s also a #4 . My life changed when I discover his true identity ,he is also Thoth protector, gates keeper and sits beside the throne … these entities can come in shape any form. Your an angel/demon that has reincarnated cause of the calendar cycle… L has been in ur life for a reason and you will figure that out it’d u seek ,its not my place to say because of my respect and honour i have for what these entities do and have done for me and who they are. just remember to hold fast to your light with in your heart