How working with Bune can change your life

Good Day fellow forum members!

This post is dedicated to the mighty Duke Bune.

I publicly wish to thank this amazing spirit for the guidance, help, protection, happieness and life-altering synchronicity I have been blessed with, whilst also encouraging you whos reading this to start to work with Duke Bune.

Bune is well known to be a great companion for financial gain & business development (as well as nechromancy). Without a doubt you could add hundreds of other categories to this list, like life optimization, protection and so on. Bune can really help you to turn your life upside down if you bring the work ethic, dedication, and respect.

There is literally no limit to the results that Bune can help you to achieve, but these results, of course, depend on your own actions. If you just sit around and wait for blessings to fall from the sky, likewise nothing will happen. It is rather offensive, from my personal view, to behave this way. What would you say to somebody asking you for results whos not willing to do anything in return?

You will get what you give. This statement also goes hand in hand with my personal belief to give something back to the spirits you are working with on a daily basis. Creating an altar for the spirit that is regularly filled with new offerings is an act of respect and class. Connecting with the spirit regularly manifesting the energies into your self is also something I find as highly effective and rewarding. Giving something to the spirit (daily), that is personal is also very appreciated from my experience. Or just verbalizing and showing your thankfulness for the received help on a regular basis.

Bune will help you wherever you are in your life. If you are just in need of a quick cash fix Bune can and will definitely help you. If you are interested in long term development or a great project, like financial freedom or building a lucrative business, Bune will also help you, just remember that you get what you give.

Bune is very calm and friendly. There is no reason ever to be shy about contacting Bune, of course as long as it is in a respectful manner (!). Respect is the most important factor when approaching any spirit. You are talking to powers, energies and entities that hold the keys to your desires, limitless power, knowledge and so much more we probably can not even comprehend in our current state.

Money creates freedom of choice, and goes hand in hand with pursuing a path of self-improvement and growth. If I have sparked your interest in working with Duke Bune here is a list of offerings I personally like to give:

  1. Blood (Use a lancet to prick your finger, put the blood on Bunes Sigil) - This is a personal and very effective offering
  2. Candles (I prefer to use green ones - you can carve Bunes name and or sigil into the candle)
  3. Rum
  4. Cigars
  5. Sandalwood
  6. Dates
  7. Oranges
  8. Parfumes or fragrances
  9. Honey
  10. Citrus Essential Oils
  11. Everything you personally create with the thought to dedicate it to Bune (Drawings, Songs etc.)


Try to meditate 5-10 minutes (or more) before contacting a spirit to clear your mind and slow down your train of thought. You can continue by chanting the ENN and gazing into Bune’s beautiful sigil.

I personally wish you the best of success for manifesting what you desire with Duke Bune.

Hail Mighty Bune - Ave Duke Bune


I totally agree. Bune really reduced my work aversion so that has helped.

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I agree. I have been neglecting to talk to my friend. Got sucked into mundane life again.

What should I decorate her alter with? Any crystals, incense, metals, or anything else in particular she would like ?

(Bune can show as Male or Female and SHE came to me as female)


Yes, totally! Many people report a different appearance so this is common.
For the decoration - Sandalwood incense is what I prefer to use, Gold is also a great addition to a pleasingly decorated altar.


I recently made a post about bune. I just wanted to add I met bune in my dreams as he would never appear otherwise. I saw a white male.


I always see her as a white female with long black hair. I have heard other ppl saying she could appear as male or female.


I’m going to get those offerings

Thank you

Reviving this old thread whilst I wait on results…

I petitioned Bune and didn’t “see” any figure even when I meditated on it, but I had a rush of euphoria and a feeling of energetic action, like a wind. Has anyone else had non visual experiences with her? (I sensed a ‘her’, personally)


Bumpin’ and ponderin’.
I’ve felt drawn to working with Bune the past few days. So I’ve been reading and researching. It seems like a lot of people on this thread have worked with Bune regarding financial and career goals. Well not to say extra dough isn’t welcome, It’s not my priority right now. Was looking for any experiences people might have had in other areas with Bune. ( I’m feeling her as a her) Was thinking she might be good to work with as far as personal development, and possibly strengthening divination skills?
Also had the thought today that she might be willing to work with me on causing financial harm to a target. I haven’t seen too much in regards to her being interested in baneful magic, but thought this would be the place to ask!

Bune’s other area of expertise, besides financial, is in necromancy. She can summon the dead, and help one connect to their ancestors.