Bune delivered within 3 hours (Mind-Blowing)

Yet another Post about the amazing Bune!

I just can not - not praise this spirit, this post is just yet another example of the variety of fields Bune can help you with & help you with FAST. This story is mindblowing and hopefully inspiring for you reading this to work with Bune, especially when facing a similar situation, where you feel helpless.

Yesterday I went about my daily work with Bune and addressed a matter that has been bothering me for quite a while. I own an Amazon Business and they suspended my accounts for payouts now for several weeks due to an account review. This is obviously detrimental to our operation, especially during these times (we are talking about 100% of sales income withheld for now over 2 weeks).
After contacting an agency about it and writing multiple appeal letters nothing seemed to work, and I got really frustrated.

Usually, when working with Bune I ask for an increase in sales or for the boost of specific projects & so on. But I remembered that Bune already helped me in the past where a similar situation took place.

I went along with my usual evocation process (you can read about it here) and asked Bune for help with this specific problem. I visualized the money being released and the confirmation Email as well as trying to feel the emotion of relief and joy this would give me, conceptualizing the reality I wish to manifest. Of course, I offered Bune several things in return - i.e. blood but also this post talking about the success.

And what do you know - out of the blue only 3 hours later I get an Email from Amazon " We have re-evaluated your account and have reinstated your privileges". I did not even contact them in the meantime! Absolutely surreal. Yet another example of the incredible potency of a ritual.

A close friend of mine faced the same problem and I suggested talking to Bune. Guess what happened!
2 days later everything back in action.

So if you have problems with something hindering your business, or not getting a payment or credit and everything related to specific scenarios that require just the right amount of synchronicity, you should definitely get in touch with Bune. Once again an amazing experience and blissful help from this outstandingly generous spirit.

Are you working with Bune yet? If not you definitely should! Feel free to post your experiences below, I am excited to read about them.



Great success!

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Hi please can you help me with the procedure to work with bune?

What specifically do you need help with? Feel free to read through the information post I have linked above. If you have any other specific questions I am happy to help.

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Thanks, i appreciate your kindness, I’m totally new to that kind of magic with bune, but I’m seriously in need of him now, i started a blog 2 times but was hack by harkers and i join cryptocurrency traders but still i was scammed by them and lost lots of money, so if you can help me i will like requested bune.

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Hey, just want to say that you gotta be careful with all the trading schemes out there, especially for crypto. Most (if not all) of them are just trying to scam you out of your money.

If you want to make some more money, figure out what you can give to others, and then find a way to monetize the value that you can provide to other people.


Thanks @shinri of course i stop using there site thats is why i decide to open a site for legit work from site and warned pple from scarm site, with it i will monetize the site, so i want know how to use this bune magic to boost my earning, any help from you also?

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Honestly, the best thing you can do is probably just not worry about it too much. Magick doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be, and there is value in that, but simple magick has its place too.

Trust that you are able to make contact with the spirits, even if you don’t notice anything obviously “magickal.” Sometimes, they will bring you rather dramatic results, and sometimes they will act with more subtlety.

Whatever may happen, remember that the demons are doing what you have asked them to do, and that what you want is what they want.

Perhaps a more mundane piece of advice, remain open to new and unexpected possibilities. At this moment, you are not satisfied with your place in life. Things must change for you to be satisfied. The demons will inspire your mind with insight to guide you to where you want to be.


Thanks, @shinri remain bless

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Wow, such quick results.

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